Not All Americans Celebrate the Birth of a Racist Slave Owning USA Homicidal at Home and Genocidal Abroad

Prominently placed statues of famous racists are no longer acceptable, just as policemen shooting African Americans has finally become unacceptable. Why not dispense with the far out illusion of a racist colonial, capitalist USA being worth celebrating? Meanwhile left undone is the protecting of non-American Black lives from killer American GIs invading and bombing their […]

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Political correctness does not bring equality

With the LGBT marches in London and New York bringing attention to racism within that movement and the sacking of Labour MP, Rebecca Long-Bailey for anti-semitism, despite the fact that Israel has itself been accused of racism towards its own Ethiopian-Jewish community, it can be argued that political correctness is dangerous for democracy and free […]

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Covid-19 report will not address the roots of racism

The coronavirus report by Public Health England looking into the reasons why people from BAME backgrounds were four times more likely to die from Covid-19 than the general population, would have arguably been disappointing to fallen NHS heroes, Milton Hanson and Rosie Purves, who witnessed the brutality of racism in the NHS first hand.

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