Author: Jay Janson


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Whoops! Coming End of US Wars for Wall St. – Demonstrators Indicting Not Protesting

Former Veterans For Peace Director Elliot Adams and the Coalition to Ground the Drones indict military and personnel of Hancock, NY Drone Air Force Base along w... Read more.
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Syria Savaged by US UK France Israel Turkey Arabia Qatar al Qaeda & Media for Whom? – in Historical Context

Death, destruction in Syria, arranged by armed insurrection sustained covertly by foreign powers including the US, NATO nations, Israel, Arabia, Qatar, al Qaeda... Read more.
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Media Ignore Anniversary of King Assassination Court Nuremberg Prosecution for Promoting Wars

Watch the video above of the American Military desecrating Martin Luther King’s legacy by saying that he would have supported the imperialist wars in Afgh... Read more.
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Photo Trayvon Yes! Photos 9 Afghan Children Massacred No! No Interest – Change Coming

Quite inhuman that Americans show no interest in those nine little children shot to death by a US soldier this month. A rising number of citizens realize how th... Read more.
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McCain’s Call to “Bomb Iran & Syria” In War Championing US Not Prosecutable?

Which side of the fence is the reader on? The side of McCain, hailed by media as a hero bomber, and all those elected and would-be-elected politicians calling f... Read more.
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Americans are Punks: Ten Years Murdering Afghanis as before Iraqis, Vietnamese and Koreans

As Americans are getting up to go to work……….As they go about their daily routines, showering, breakfasting, lunching, snacking, taking their coffee break... Read more.