About Us

Minority Perspective is an internet based news service for black and minority ethnic communities in the Midlands and the UK. This is a unique news service that allows any member of the community to write an article and get it published on this website.

This is a website dedicated to the promotion of black and minority ethnic voices within various fields such as health, music,  entertainment, education, sport etc., as well as relevant activities that community members wish to promote on the website.

The world is becoming increasingly troublesome, with wars, famine, rising crime, rising racism etc., and unfortunately the corporate-owned mainstream media has fail to inform and educate the public about vital issues. Social media has become popular among the masses with more and more individuals creating blogs, using facebook and twitter to spread news stories now.

Minority Perspective is a news service where YOU are the journalist; YOU, are the investigative reporter on a topic that may be of interest to your community. YOU are the media.

Please note that Minority Perspective is not responsible for the content of external websites. Also note that views expressed by members of the public, or articles written by members of the public, organisations or groups are not the views of Minority Perspective.


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