About Us

Minority Perspective is an Internet based news service for black and minority ethnic communities in the UK. This is a unique news service that caters for politically conscious activists, as well as  grassroots community groups and organisations that believe in the old ethos of The Black civil rights movement; which is that racism, international exploitation and war are all part of the same imperialist design which needs to be opposed and defeated.

This is a website dedicated to the promotion of black and minority ethnic voices within various fields such as health, music,  entertainment, education, sport etc., as well as relevant activities that readers wish to promote on the website.

The world is becoming increasingly troublesome, with wars, famine, rising crime, rising racism etc., and unfortunately the corporate-owned are economically compromised when it comes to exposing the truth behind many social and international issues that effects all of us.

Minority Perspective began in March 2010 with the idea that social media and new technology can be used to empower individuals and communities locally, nationally and on a global level.

The lack of Black voices in the mainstream media has meant that issues affecting Black and minority ethnic communities are reported through the lens of ‘white media’, but technology and social media now means that recording events and writing a short post about an issue that has happened to you is now within your hands via your smart phone. This is where Minority Perspective becomes that platform for your voice!

Please note that Minority Perspective is not responsible for the content of external websites. Also note that views expressed by members of the public, or articles written by members of the public, organisations or groups are not the views of Minority Perspective.


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