If you believe that on July the 4th your circumstances will improve under a Keir Starmer government you are better off not reading any further because more financial pain is coming.

The pantomime and theatrics of a British general election has begun. A rain-soaked Rishi Sunak battled the downpour to tell the nation outside of number 10 Downing Street that he would be calling a general election on July 4th.

The camera angle, the atmospheric backdrop, on a dark and dreary day, with the rain pelting on his soaked through jacket looked like something from a cinematic motion picture. The cheerleading mainstream media was excited like schoolchildren before the summer holidays. Finally, change is coming to Britain! Is the mantra that we are being sold.

Labour In Bed With Big Business

All political parties court big business to win office, and Keir Starmer’s Labour is no different in this sense. Labour is the ‘party of business’ declares Keir Starmer (and every leader before him).

Starmer has made many u-turns before the general election, most notably, he’s pledge to put a cap on bankers’ bonuses. All Keir Starmer’s Labour U-turns in one place.

This is not me having a go at Keir Starmer, or the Labour Party. This is me letting you know that you will be deceived and duped again and again until reality hits you!

The only changes that we are guaranteed to see is more poverty and a bigger gap between the rich and the poor.

The Changes The Media Wont Show You

Our economy and the global economy in general is not geared towards economic growth for the people, but rather, the economic growth of the financial elite at the expense of the people.

When I wrote the post Politicians, And The Political Economy of Poverty I argued how politics is a game, and politicians are merely the pawns of the financial elite. If change is to come you can be certain that it has been approved by bankers. It is no coincidence that investors are backing Labour under Starmer. A Labour Government Would Be Best for UK Markets, Investors Say.

When I wrote the post Economic Exploitation Is More Damaging To UK Citizens than Immigration, I mentioned a Goldman Sachs report which said that 300 million jobs worldwide could be affected by AI, and two-thirds of jobs in the U.S. and Europe will be affected by AI.

Planned poverty is coming and a general election is not going to save you from this.

A New Peasants Uprising Needed For Genuine Change

Real change comes not from changing political parties, it comes from ordinary people standing up to the financial powers that run the world.

You, and you alone can choose to be distracted by the mainstream media’s focus on immigration. Of course this is an important issue for all people around the world. However, if we are not prepared to tackle the root causes of war, economic exploitation, and racism, then the enemies of humanity will indeed reshape the world in the image that they have always sought.

My advice is don’t vote for change, be that change! Talk to the people in your community and organise. Only a genuine people’s movement can challenge and topple the financial fortress of the elite.

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