Support Not Separation will be outside the Old Bailey when the trial of Constance Marten resumes Monday 25 & Tues 26 March 2024.  On Friday 15 March we demonstrated outside to show our support for Ms Marten, as mothers who’ve been through the family courts.  Our statement of support is here.

Our placards said:

·         Mothers support Constance Marten

·         Children need their mothers, mothers need their children

·         Mothers need support, not prosecution

·         Since when are social workers better mothers than mothers 

·         End sexist racist history of stealing children

·         Family courts stop stealing our children

·         Wouldn’t you run away to protect your child?

·         Hands off our children

·         Child removal – a profitable industry

·         Mothers face sexism, racism, class bias in family courts

Support Not Separation has been campaigning for many years to stop the brutal and arbitrary removal of children from their mothers, and end the profiteering by the privatised child removal industry.  The bond between mother and child must be recognised and protected. Many of us have been through the family courts, had children removed and fought to get them back and/or are fighting to stop violent fathers, backed by social workers and the family courts, having unsupervised contact with or even custody of their children.  We picket every month outside the central family court in London and hold monthly self-help meetings for mothers facing unwarranted child removal. 

More information @NotSeparation

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