Placing your trust in politicians and the political system will inevitably lead you into more poverty, more frustration, and more taxes. The system is designed that way.

Whether it is the great public orator and Conservative MP Enoch Powell, or former UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, Donald Trump, Nigel Farage, or Dutch Party For Freedom leader Geert Wilders; politicians in the west have been promising European populations low immigration and ethnically homogenous countries for decades, and let’s be honest; things have got significantly worse!

British people voted to leave the European Union with the aim of giving the government back the power to control the borders and put British people first when making political decisions. Again, let’s be honest, things have got even worse!

You can blame the lefties, you can blame spineless politicians who are afraid to offend certain communities, but this political game has been going on for a very long time.

Political Prostitutes For Big Money

Politicians across the political spectrum have been owned by the money lenders for a long time. The quicker that you come to realise this, the easier it will be to understand what is coming next.

A great starter guide to understanding how politics and big money goes hand in hand is a book by George Monbiot, titled Captive State: The Corporate Takeover Of Britain. Monbiot, G. (2001). The captive state. Pan Macmillan.

Another great resource is a book by Greg Palast titled, The Best Democracy Money Can Buy, in reference to the American political system. Palast, G. (2004). The best democracy money can buy : an investigative reporter exposes the truth about globalization, corporate cons, and high-finance fraudsters. New York: Plume.

Our politicians have been brought and controlled by the money lenders and therefore it should come as no surprise that promise after promise, pledge after pledge, and manifesto after manifesto is broken. The aim is to keep the public in a state of heightened anxiety, and highly emotionally imbalance, while each political party points the finger at the other.

Business Bankrupt Britain

While the financially controlled mainstream media screams in your ears about waves of immigrants crossing the shores or borders, waves of British businesses are going under. Number of companies going bust hits 30-year high.

The local UK chippie is set to become extinct as high interest rates and food prices drives them out of business. End in sight for British chippies as Half are predicted to close in three years.

British haulage firms are going under at a disturbing rate. Record level of British haulage businesses going bust ‘at a rate unheard of’

These economic cycles are not a result of natural market conditions. They are carefully planned dismantling of local and national economies by the money lenders which has been going on for many years.

In my post A Hurricane Of Economic Exploitation Is Heading To The UK I gave examples of major businesses that are taking advantage of inflation and high food prices.

Remember what I said earlier, the system is designed to keep you poor, and to understand how it does that every person on the planet from the time that you are able to read should understand how the money system works. A great start is the book by Ellen Hodgson Brown, (2012). Web of debt : the shocking truth about our money system and how we can break free. Baton Rouge, La.: Third Millennium Press

A Future Of Prosperous Poverty

‌If you want a glimpse of the future keep an eye on the farmers protests in the EU, India, and all over the world. Ministers urge EU to increase subsidies as farmers protest in Brussels and India halts farmers’ march with smoke bombs and drones. The money lenders are deliberately targeting local farmers from all over the world so that countries will not have the means to control their own food production.

Spiritual Slavery

Science has come to accept that there is a spiritual aspect of human evolution that is innate in all of us. Scientists Think They Just Found The Brain’s Spirituality Network. Make of that what you will. I’ve made my thoughts clear in my post Israel: The Land Of Myths, Magic, and Mayhem.

What I am concerned with is the way that the money lenders have twisted spiritual beliefs to manipulate billions of Christians around the world into thinking that modern Israel, a colonial political construct, is somehow a fulfilment of biblical prophecy.

The money lenders have done their homework meticulously as they have an army of potentially 2.38 billion Christians ready and willing to do their bidding. This means that approximately 25 per cent of the world population will follow modern Israel, even if it means World War III.

There are around 1.8 billion Muslims, 1.2 billion Hindus, 26 million Sikhs, and 15.7 million Jews. I have not done an exhaustive list of all spiritual beliefs, but you get where I am going with this. Over half of the world’s population have a spiritual belief, so when the money lenders divide humans using these beliefs, as well as class, race, gender, sexuality etc. You can see the formidable enemy that we are up against.

The money lenders have turned spirituality into an ugly, divisive, ideological battlefield, and I fear that humanity is doomed because of this. We have become slaves to ideology, slaves to religion and dogma, and as a result we are heading towards a world that has been made in the image of the money lenders.

Our world is heading towards another world war. With Israel’s actions in Gaza towards the Palestinians, and Russia’s conflict with the Ukraine, the chess pieces are being put in place to steer humanity towards a future entirely controlled by global corporations.

You can be assured that the Putins, the Sunaks, the Bidens, the Trumps, nor the Jinpings will be on the front lines of World War III. The sons and daughters of politicians will not be serving on the frontlines, or dying in the trenches. It will be the ordinary working classes that will shed their blood.

Our obsession with looking for political and religious saviours will be our undoing, and before we find out that it is too late, we will own nothing, and be happy!

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