We’re grateful for the over 6000 signatures we’ve received on our Statement of Solidarity. Each day the situation escalates and more lives are lost. We urge you to visit and share our new web page. It includes our Solidarity Statement as well as links to resources, our Call to Action, and a list of all signatories, all of which are regularly updated.

We are planning on taking more direct action to influence our government leaders and we need your help. Please respond to this email (cat@tikkun.org) if you would like to volunteer your time.

The West Bank

Cat recently received this message from a friend in the West Bank. “This night we were detained by masked settlers wearing military uniforms. Under gun control they took our phones and forced us to condemn the terror attackers on October 7th. They said that we are living in Israeli land and we should say it and he filmed us with his phone. I was translating from Hebrew and my community members repeated after me. They said that tomorrow we want to come back and see Israeli flags stand on the top of your houses. When I asked how we could get those flags, he said I don’t care, you should buy it and put it up. If not, you will pay the price.”

This is one of many urgent calls we have received from friends and colleagues working and living in the West Bank. While we are calling for a ceasefire in Gaza, we need to take action immediately to stop the under-reported arrests, assaults, and killings of Palestinians and dispossession of their land in the West Bank.

It is of utmost importance to write/call your congressional members, government leaders, and media. We encourage you to speak out daily. You can use this link to access their contact information and a sample script. We invite you to use our sample script which includes both a call for a ceasefire and addresses the violence in the West Bank.

We know these are incredibly overwhelming times. Please take care of yourself and know you are not alone. Thank you for helping to build a world where peoples who are pit against each other can unite. We envision a future where we can all live with justice, peace, security, and hope.

In solidarity,

Palestinian-Jewish Solidarity team

 If you’d like to join us for Shabbat morning services, Saturday Nov 4th, where we’ll discuss this ongoing crisis, mourn, and be in community, click here to learn more. (You don’t have to be Jewish to join us.)

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