Who would believe that one day ancient fairytales would lead the nations of the world into possibly World War III? The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is rooted in colonialism and greed, not religion or faith.

What I am about to discuss will clearly offend millions of people who follow religion. My intentions is not to cause conflict or division, nor mock the beliefs that billions of people hold sacred. However, in my opinion human reason must always triumph over ignorance and unfounded ideological systems of belief.

Separating Fairytales From Fact

Most scholars will agree with some of the historical basis for the stories related to the old testament based on scrolls and writings found; but there is a universal agreement amongst rational scientists, historians, and archaeologists, that although these scrolls support the historical existence of the ancient Israelites, the evidence does not support the alleged supernatural events in the bible.

Justifying the slaughter of millions of people on the basis that a supernatural being promised your people a piece of real estate is not a rational basis for law or modern day scientific reasoning. On that basis Israel does not have any justification in a world based on reason and rational thought.

The Collins Dictionary describes a fairytale as follows: “A fairy tale is a story for children involving magical events and imaginary creatures.” https://www.collinsdictionary.com/dictionary/english/fairy-tale

To my knowledge science have not yet provided the existence of magical events and imaginary creatures, so my question is why are we as human beings following myths and legends to the point of our extinction?

Where is the scientific community in this debate? The silence of rational people regarding these events amazes me!

If I was to announce tomorrow that a supernatural being told me that Scotland and Ireland belonged to African people, the laughter from many people would be deafening. If I had followers and we raged war on Scottish and Irish people, not only would I be arrested and tried as a war criminal, my lawyer would recommend that I have a psychological examination.

This is what would happen in a sane society governed by science and reasoning. Yet, it is rational thought that can uncover the real reasons for modern Israel’s existence.

Israel: A Land Flowing With Oil and Gas

Modern Israel is a colonial creation. It was created with the assistance of the British Empire to contain Arab Nationalism, and control the considerable oil and gas resources in that region.

In the following book Abrahams, E. (1994). The New Warlords. Theodor Herzel, commonly referred to as the father of Zionism said: ‘For Europe we shall create there in Palestine an outpost against Asia, we shall be the vanguard of the civilised world against barbarism.’ (p.10)

British Colonial Governor of Palestine, Sir Ronald Storr, said in the 1930s: ‘A Jewish state…could be for England “a little loyal Jewish Ulster” in a sea of potentially hostile Arabism.’ (P.10)

In 1962, South African Prime Minister, Hendrik Verwoerd said, ‘The Jews took Israel from the Arabs after the Arabs had lived there for a thousand years. In that I agree with them. Israel like South Africa is an Apartheid state.’ (p. 61 & 62)

Religion or faith does not come into it, this was a blatant colonial land grab which has led to the massacre that we are witnessing today.

I strongly recommend that readers carry out their own research by examining the book and sources that I have looked at. Policy of Deceit: Britain’s Treachery Over Palestine Laid Bare, Video: “Wiping Gaza Off The Map”: Big Money Agenda. Confiscating Palestine’s Maritime Natural Gas Reserves.

When you follow the money you begin to realise that religion and faith have been used to continue the plan of the financial elite to control the resources of every nation. Modern Israel has been created to continue that plan and deceive the billions of people in the world who have a faith.

There are thousands of religious Jews around the world who are opposed to the state of Israel, however the mainstream corporate led media will never make you aware of this. One such example is https://www.nkusa.org/index.cfm: Jews United Against Zionism.

Reason Over Religion

I understand that my following comments will offend many people, but in the interests of humanity and our survival I must speak.

We are currently living in a world where religion has overtaken reason. No supernatural being can give testimony in a human court of law, therefore the law and society should be based on human values in my view.

Every culture has its own myths, legends and folklore which has become an integral part of how that society develops, but the line must be drawn when individuals or groups attempt to influence politics and society based on unfounded legends and folklore.

If you cannot prove it in a court of law, then like the fairytales we tell our children, it should remain as stories, and nothing else.

Reason and rationality should be the only concepts that governs human society, everything else should be privately practised and barred from public institutions. These are just my private thoughts, and mine alone, based on the devastation that faith and religious ideology has brought on humanity.

Like always, I welcome debate and I am forever open to criticism.

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