House repossessions have doubled since the end of 2022, supermarkets have made abundant profits off soaring food prices, water companies have passed on a £10 billion sewage bill onto consumers, yet still the Home Secretary Suella Braverman talks about a hurricane of immigration heading to the UK.

British Home Secretary, Suella Braverman wooed many of her Conservative party colleagues, and indeed I believe large sections of the gullible British public with her passionate speech on the impending hurricane of immigrants heading to Britain. Finally, many of you are probably thinking, we are going to settle the immigration debate once and for all!

British people have for many decades been promised a land of milk and honey by successive British politicians. If only we could get rid of those damned immigrants!

If we could stop the boats and control our borders then the banks would not repossess homes, supermarkets would not be making millions while many British families go hungry, and the water companies would not charge us for their mess. Do you see how distracted we have become?

The Hurricane Of Economic Exploitation

According to an article on This Is Money website, between October and December 2022 the banks took 733 homes into possession. House repossessions more than double over a year, official figures show, as banks take back properties due to missed mortgage payments

These are the same banks that were bailed out by taxpayers! Yet, Braverman wants you to focus on immigrants.

Supermarkets have made billions in profits while British families are struggling to make ends meet, but Braverman would rather you focus on immigrants. Tesco boss says food inflation will continue to ease as retailer’s profits soar

Water companies, who have been responsible for pollution are now passing on that cost to us with a massive £10 billion bill! Water companies criticised for passing £10bn sewage bill on to customers, but Braverman, with a straight face wants to tell us that immigrants are the main problem.

The UK debt now exceeds its national income. Simply put, we owe more than we earn. UK government debt rises above 100% of GDP for first time since 1961.Who do we owe the debt to? The mainstream media and UK politicians are eerily silent on this topic. Just as the average house owner has their home repossessed when they can no longer meet payments, what happens when a country is repossessed? Who owns the assets?

These are vital questions for any functioning democracy but there is a lack of public debate on these issues.

A fantastic starting point to understanding how the economic system works is Ellen Hodgson Brown’s book, (2012). Web of debt : the shocking truth about our money system and how we can break free. Baton Rouge, La.: Third Millennium Press. Believe me, for those of you who know little about the history of money, you will never be the same again! Nor will you look at political leaders and bankers the same again.

You can also visit the following website which is another great source to understanding why public debt is out of control.

The Real Causes Of Immigration

Once you begin to decipher and expand your knowledge on how the economic system works you will begin to realise that most of the troubles in this world is caused by economic exploitation. Economic exploitation are the reasons for wars and conflict, for poverty and hunger, and for the growing issue effecting Europe and countries across the world today, immigration.

So next time you listen to a politician talking about the dangers of immigration, remember, they are not on your side. Not really.

You will not see Braverman, GB News, Nigel Farage, or any so called right-wing politician discussing the topics raised in the book by Ellen Hodgson Brown.

Another great post to read is Corporate Crimes Against Humanity Are Worse Than The Crimes of The Nazis

Another great resource is

Knowledge is the beginning of all understanding and hopefully a global awakening to the true enemies of humanity.

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