The BRICS economies of South Africa, China, Russia, India, and Brazil appear to be challenging the western economic order and there is a growing campaign for the west to pay reparations for the African Slave Trade, but real activists and revolutionaries must be extremely cautious and observant.

For many people of colour who live in the west the rise of the BRICS economies is long overdue. After centuries of European colonialism and economic exploitation, it appears that the former colonised peoples are finally turning the tables on their masters.

BRICS is set to overtake the economies of the G7 by 2050. How BRICS was born, how it overtook G7, and where it is headed. On Thursday, six new countries have been approved to join BRICS. They are Argentina, Egypt, Ethiopia, Iran, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. This means that BRICS now control 80 percent of the global oil production. After expansion, BRICS to control 80 pc of global oil production

It also means that BRICS can challenge the unrivalled currency of the American dollar which will pave the way for countries to pursue their own economic path without western interference it seems.

Building Back Better Or Building Another Orwellian Deception?

It is easy to become seduced by this seemingly concerted uprising against the western world economic order, but we must recall that Black Lives Matter was funded by the Ford Foundation and the Open Society Foundation. We Need An Alternative To Black Lives Matter.

Regular readers will probably remember my guide on how to recognise the signs that you are being manipulated. Why I Believe The Distracted Masses Will Never Wake From Their Deep Sleep

These were:

  • Do they identify with the United Nations and other global institutions?
  • Have they attended Bilderberg or World Economic Forum meetings?
  • Do they support NATO?
  • Do they support the central banking system of debt-based economy, such as the IMF, or the World Bank etc?

I find it interesting that the acronym for BRICS was thought up by a Goldman Sachs economist, Jim O’Neil, in 2001. I also find it very interesting that the original four members of BRICS excluding South Africa at the time, met in New York City, in 2006, to discuss reforming global financial institutions, and a greater say in global affairs. BRICS

I find it equally interesting that BRICS is in favour of reforming the corrupt corporate funded United Nations. At BRICS summit, UN chief calls for reform of UN Security Council, World Bank, IMF. These global institutions, are the mouthpieces of the global Corporatocracy, and the fact that BRICS wants a more equal say in this cartel, for me, speaks volumes.

This is not an uprising, or revolution in any way, shape, or form. It is a reorganisation of the global financial cartel, to allow nations of colour to have a say at the corrupt round table of global governance.

Land And Natural Resources Emancipation More Revolutionary Than Economic Reparations For Slavery

This leads me on to my last thought on developing issues in the BRICS world. With the descendants of William Gladstone apologising for their ancestor’s role in slavery Gladstone family urged to pay slavery reparations to Jamaica, and United Nations judge, Patrick Robinson, calling for the UK to recognise the atrocities of the slave trade and pay reparations to the tune of £18.8 trillion, I believe the next great illusion is yet to come. The illusion of reparations. UK cannot ignore calls for slavery reparations, says leading UN judge

I’ll be totally frank with readers, no matter what race you are, and your position on this issue. For me, economic reparations is futile. The only revolutionary act would be for the African continent to reclaim back all the land and natural resources that they own. That is where the wealth is! Not paper notes that can mysteriously disappear in Swiss accounts belonging to corrupt African elites who are educated in the west.

Let me put this in perspective. Africa has sold off 35 million hectares of land in the last 20 years. Inside the great African land rush. If you want an image of this land grab take into consideration that the UK has 24,871,756 in total land area. So, in effect foreign owners control a land mass greater than the size of the UK in Africa! How much farmland is there in the UK? Please tell me how £18.8 trillion is going to address this injustice, unless the land is brought back?

The resources of Africa has for centuries been controlled by western powers. The deceptive myth that African countries were given independence has been debunked substantially. The Violence of Colonialism and the Exploitation of Africa. The Myth of Independence.

Recognising The Enemies Of Humanity

What many Europeans do not understand is that the same financial forces that enslaved Africans, stole their resources, and got rich off two European World Wars, are the same forces today who are denying European nations their right to self determination. The national resources and land of a nation is its wealth, and if you take that, you take their sovereignty and their ability to develop.

The fight against colonialism is no longer just an issue for people of colour. It is now a global issue as the whole world is being colonised by the global Corporatocracy.

European people can continue to be fooled by populist leaders who spew stories about the black and brown hordes at the gates coming in to take your jobs, rape your women, and undermine your culture; but until we all realise that our world is being colonised the future is bleak.

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