People are losing their homes, their jobs, and the means to feed their families, but it is astounding that the media have only to mention immigration and the herd-like mentality kicks in.

A few months ago my I watched a couple of fascinating documentaries. The first was titled, How the entire world is owned by one single corporation. The second was much more disturbing and thought provoking, and is titled, FALL OF THE CABAL – Discover the criminal network that terrorises humanity.

I recommend that readers thoroughly watch both documentaries with an open mind.

The first documentary basically suggests that the world is owned by a single corporation through a collective of elite covert investors who have the controlling shares of all the major corporations on the planet. So, whether you purchase a house, go on holiday, buy a coca-cola, or an ice-cream, these investors are getting paid.

These investors control the banks, the media, and politicians across the world, and therefore they control what we see and hear. They shape our thoughts and our understanding of the world, and events which unfold on a daily basis.

The second documentary is a lot more disturbing, and goes into the history of the financial elite that now pulls the strings on global affairs. It covers corruption at the top levels of global organisations such as the United Nations, The World Health Organisation, and the World Economic Forum. It delves deeply into the dark dungeons of elite paedophile rings involving powerful rich people.

I must admit, I found some sections of this documentary hard to watch. It was disturbing; nonetheless, the painstaking research that has gone into these documentaries and the information they have to offer, is priceless in my opinion.

The Spellbinding Mystery Of Immigration

This brings me back to the beginning of what I am trying to convey. People are losing their homes and are struggling to feed their families. The banks, supermarkets, energy companies, and arms industries are getting rich off the backs of the general public, yet whenever a politician, or the mainstream media mentions immigration, the masses seem to go off in a trance-like stupor, and are suddenly unable to use their rational thinking capacity.

It’s almost as if invoking the immigration word has become a powerful binding spell which renders ordinary, mostly European people, helpless and compliant.

The Great British Invasion Of Inflation

If British people really want to pinpoint where things went wrong for the country, perhaps they need to look at the 1694 Bank Of England Act, which tied every British government then, and thereafter, to loaning credit by central banks at interest. This essentially means that Britain arguably lost its financial sovereignty hundreds of years ago, as did the west, and much of the world.

One of modern America’s founders, Thomas Jefferson, referred to bankers as “…more dangerous than standing armies…”. Thomas Jefferson in a letter to John Taylor condemns the system of banking as “a blot” on the constitution, as corrupt, and that long-term government debt was “swindling” future generations (1816)

Andrew Jackson, the seventh president of the United States between 1829 and 1837, referred to bankers as “…a den of vipers and thieves”, in his political battle with the banking community. Andrew Jackson 

In the late 1970s, under a Labour government Britain was in a financial crises and had to ask the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for a loan. The IMF loan came with preconditions. This meant that there had to be cuts to government spending, which usually means public services etc.

Coincidentally, three years later Britain’s first female Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, won a landslide victory for the Conservative Party and began selling off British assets to the highest bidder. UK – IMF Crisis of 1976.

The British Empire Of The Elite

I always find it fascinating when the British working class sing their hearts out at patriotic hymns in remembrance of Britain’s great imperial past. The history of the British empire is in complete contrast to the history of the British working class who have always been subjugated and suppressed by the British elite.

The Peterloo Massacre in 1819 is a reminder of the relations between the British elite and the British working class. Simply because working men wanted the vote and came out in peaceful protest to voice their concerns, the ruling powers responded with brutality, which resulted in the deaths of between 10 and 20 people. The Peterloo Massacre

In my post Uncritical Race Theory I mentioned that In 2015, British taxpayers finished paying off a loan to the former British slave owners. As a descendant of slaves I found that morally repugnant, but I wonder how a British working class person feels; that their hard earned labour was being extorted off in loan repayments to former slave owners? Are you okay with that?

Economist Utsa Patnaik said that for “…around 200 years, the East India Company and the British Raj siphoned out at least £9.2 trillion (or $44.6 trillion; since the exchange rate was $4.8 per pound sterling during much of the colonial period).”

How has the British working class benefited from the profits of the empire, I ask? If you don’t mind being a mindless, loyal, peasant, then so be it. Just stop reading and send your sons and daughters to the front line to sacrifice their lives on the battlefields of capitalism’s wars. You can rest assure that the politicians, and the rich, will not be sending their children to the frontline.

When I wrote Corporate Crimes Against Humanity Are Worse Than The Crimes of The Nazis, I had it in mind that European readers would begin to understand that modern history has never really been about races, and clashes of civilisations, or cultures. It is about the infiltration of greed-led finance into the political system of every single country in the world.

If you can read A Stunning Critique Of The Role American Corporations Played in World War II And The Jewish and retain your blind patriotism, then you are already lost.

Dangling The Nationalist Carrot

European populations are at this time feeling manipulated by their governments. Uncontrolled immigration. An aggressive woke agenda pushed by corporations, the mainstream media, and now upon children in schools. It is not good time to be a white male, or even white.

Yet, the nationalists who promise you that they will control the borders, reverse the woke agenda, and reinstall Christian values (whatever that means), are also deceiving the European masses.

Reverend Martin Luther King uncovered the Holy Grail of political revolution when he identified the triple evils. Racism, economic exploitation, and war. European nations will never free themselves of their economic bondage to the financial elite until they are willing to tackle these global evils.

Economic exploitation and war leads to refugees and mass migration. It is so simple! Yet, so called nationalists never mention these simple facts. Why? Could it be because they are part of the same manipulative cabal causing divisions in society without ever offering a genuine solution? I am convinced that this is the case.

Remain and leave voters of so called Brexit should consider that almost half of the Remain campaign’s funding came from two billionaires and five American financial firms Was Brexit a Working-Class Revolt?

The author of the above source, Kim Moody, also said that nearly £18 million of the leave campaign funds came from Britain’s billionaires and millionaires. I’m asking a simple question. If Britain’s politicians are seen as out of touch with the common people, then why do common people believe that millionaires and billionaires are in touch with them?

A genuine guide to identify whether you are being manipulated by a nationalist movement or so called patriotic charismatic figure is as follows:

  • Do they identify with the United Nations and other global institutions?
  • Have they attended Bilderberg or World Economic Forum meetings?
  • Do they support NATO?
  • Do they support the central banking system of debt-based economy, such as the IMF, or the World Bank etc?

It’s not an exhaustive list, but it’s a start, and I have not come across a single nationalist leader or political group that has past this list in the west, or even the rest of the world. If any reader can enlighten us it would be greatly welcomed.

Until then I strongly believe that a global government will be installed because, like the sheep in the main picture, we are all heading to the same slaughterhouse divided, confused, afraid, and bewildered.

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