International American historian and scholar, Jay Janson, has written a book which has been serialised on, about the role that American corporations played in World War II, and the Jewish Holocaust that will change your outlook on war, and the history that you have been taught in school forever.

For over ten years Jay Janson, archival historian, activist, musician, and writer, has been educating myself, and my readers about the crimes committed by successive U.S. governments, and the crimes that has been committed by American corporations, and the financial sector all over the world, and in particularly, their role in financing World War II, and the Jewish Holocaust.

His dedication to international justice, and the ethos of Reverend Martin Luther King, in the fight against his own government’s evil wars, places him in my opinion, as one of the most outspoken, and outstanding intellectual critics of our time.

Genuine History Provokes Genuine Change

Over the years reading Jay’s posts have provided me with a greater understanding of history from the perspective of how corporations have shaped world events, particularly, through major wars and conflicts.

It has provided me with an enlightened view of history that understands now that history is much more than just about class struggles, and race, it is about the actions of the powerful, and how they have shaped the world that we now live in.

It inspired me to write the post Corporate Crimes Against Humanity Are Worse Than The Crimes of The Nazis

We have often been told that those who do not learn from the mistakes of history are doomed to repeat it. I would say that a people who do not understand their history, and the influences that the powerful has had on it, are doomed to servitude.

Whatever your political persuasion, religious inclination, or sexuality etc, please read these historical facts where hopefully we can all recognise the true danger to humanity today is not global warming, or racism, or inequality, mass immigration, or woke culture etc. It is corporations!

Read the chapters here:

Chapter 14 is now available to read.

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