Ms Manju Malhotra, Chief Executive Officer
Iain Mackenzie, Bristol Store Director
Dickson Pearson Guanda Poon, Director
Dickson Poon, Director
Graham John Edgerton, Director
Michelle Russell, Chief Executive
Heather Bailey, QPM, Chairperson

Dear Sir, Madam,
RE: by Security Officer at Harvey Nichols Department Store Bristol

This is a formal complaint about the behaviour of an SIA registered security guard who was seen kicking and stamping on a Black Child at your store in Bristol.
Please see the video attached for context.

I am extremely aggrieved and distressed at the attack on a child by your security staff on what appears to be a stairwell in your department store in Bristol.  No matter what it is alleged the young Black child did; it is wholly inappropriate and criminal for your security guard to assault a child in this way.  
This type of behaviour is intolerable and extremely distressing given that she was not only on her own unsupported but with two men who are much bigger than her.

We expect you both as CEO and CE to urgently hold this security guard to account with the appropriate action being taken.   As you can see, the video depicts a vicious and relentless attack on the young Black child.  The intent and seriousness of his sustained assault is clearly demonstrated by his repeated and vicious kicking of the victim.
What is equally disturbing is that the security guard was allowed to come into work at your store on the next day;  a seemingly appalling response by the store’s management, which has arguably sent a message of tacit approval that the assault of a young child is acceptable.
It is the expressed view of the Black Community, in light of this unforgivable attack and the incontrovertible evidence, that Harvey Nichols, with whom the Black Community spend their money, to deal with this in an effective manner especially given the Equality Act 2010.  I refer to this statute because I doubt if the child were of another race that he would feel it okay to openly assault a child in this way.  The other Security Guard also needs to be fired as he did not step in to prevent the assault.
I do intend to lodge a complaint with the SIA via the Home Office because this is not the way a security guard should behave.  Surely they are trained to de-escalate rather than escalate.  He did not follow any training he received it would seem.
I will take this further and alert the media if the appropriate action is not taken.  No matter what the child did, the appropriate action was to contact a parent or the relevant authorities, not for two burly security guards to corner her in a stairwell given the violence against women in society generally.
I await for your response to my complaint and the actions you intend to take given the video evidence attached.
Yours faithfully


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