On his explosive Infowars appearance Ye said that he loves Hitler and the Nazis but is this the whole picture or are we being distracted?

There is an old English saying which goes hearing the truth straight from the horses’s mouth. Which means going to the direct source.

I urge readers to listen to the full Infowar episode here, https://theinfowar.tv/watch?id=63891b1317ee1975b0dbf7e1.

Straight From The Horse’s Mouth

I don’t understand why the media chose to focus on Ye’s often bizarre comments during this broadcast. He made it clear that he loved everyone. He also made it clear that he had problems with certain Jewish individuals who he claims froze his accounts and have attempted to take his children away from him. Over 95 percent of his speech was about his Christian beliefs, and his opposition to pornography, and paedophilia.

A very interesting part of the video was watching Hungarian Jewish billionaire, George Soros, explain on American television news magazine broadcast, 60 Minutes, how the Nazi occupation of Germany was a positive time in his life. He described the incredible suffering around him as an exhilarating experience when he was aged 14. Soros accompanied his fake grandfather who passed him off as a Christian so that he could escape persecution, where he profited from the confiscated property of Jews who were heading to the death camps.

When asked how he felt about this he admits to feeling no guilt. I am no expert in psychology or psychiatry, but you have to watch it and listen to his words to believe your eyes and ears. It is like listening to the documentaries on psychopaths such as Ted Bundy, or Jeffrey Dahmer. He compares his experience to the free market where you either win or lose. This aspect of the show did not make the news.

Another interesting aspect of the show is when it was shown how the industrial revolution was fuelled by child abuse. Orphan children was sold off on trains, something I was never taught in school. I wonder if you were?

The Balenciaga scandal is not something the mainstream media has spoken about much. This is a fashion company that thought it would be acceptable to use young children in an ad campaign, holding teddy bears with bondage attire! The story talks about the fashion world’s links in promoting child abuse and the sales of perverted fashion accessories that depict the abuse of babies. The mainstream media has chosen to leave that disturbing aspect of the show out of their report.

Finally, Laura Elizabeth Loomer, a Jewish Republican nominee who represented Florida in the 2020 United States House of Representatives election; and a fierce critic of censorship, defended Ye’s right to free speech. She defended the right of an individual to criticise Israel, and believes that it dangerous to de-platform people just because they offend you. Again, the mainstream media would have us believe that all Jews agree on the definition of anti-semitism.

Unplugging Yourself From The Mainstream Media Narrative

Question everything. In my article Dissecting The Truth In A World Of Misinformation, I pointed out how the media is owned by a handful of corporations. What we have been taught in schools, colleges, and universities, is not the whole picture that we are being shown.

Everything that we have been taught about World War II was a blatant lie. 27 Million Died in Russia Because Wall Street Built Up Hitler’s Wehrmacht to Knock Out Soviet Union

When you realise that you have been lied to over the years, you must ask the question; how many more things have they lied about?

In my article Corporate Crimes Against Humanity Are Worse Than The Crimes of The Nazis, I highlight how corporations have indiscriminately massacred humans of all races.

If you consider yourself to be far-right, or far-left, regardless of race, sexuality, or gender, it is time to unplug yourself from the mainstream media narrative and start to think for yourself. We must identify the common enemies of humanity and work together to bring them to justice.

Ye did say that he loves Hitler and the Nazis; but he also said many other things which you have to listen to before you judge him. Let’s stop making the mainstream media control our emotional reactions to contentious issues. Let’s all become our own fact checkers.

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