The Census is out again reminding the gullible white masses that Britain is becoming less white, less Christian, and less British. When will the masses learn?

Well, it is that time of the year when the corporate-controlled mainstream media decides to bring goodwill to the white masses by reminding them that Britain is increasingly less white, less British. and less Christian. Merry Christmas my native Britons!

Yes, it’s Census day! A day when we all can sit back and pay each other on the back for living in a consensual multicultural society. At least that is the impression the mainstream media would like to present; but the ugly underbelly of racism can be detected by the most observant of readers.

White Supremacy Undercover

The BBC article is titled, Less than half of England and Wales population Christian, Census 2021 shows

The Daily Telegraph article is straight to the point, Dramatic decline in English identity – but census organisers say there is a good reason behind it

Ask yourself this question, which audiences are these headlines aimed at? The BBC and The Telegraph headlines are clearly aimed at white readers who will be concerned that their national identity is being undermined.

For many years the mainstream media in Britain has been hiding racism behind headlines such as these and I have called out the so called immigration debate for what it is; blatant racist propaganda disguised as informational statistics. How immigration in the UK is linked to corrupt British foreign policy overseas, Why the immigration debate in Britain remains racist, The Immigration Debate Will Never Be Honest, and Britain’s Foreign Policy Is The Main Cause Of Immigration. In the articles that I have highlighted I have identified British foreign policy as the main cause of immigration and refugees.

Successive British governments have sold arms to repressive regimes all around the world and contributed to the mass exodus from these war-torn countries into Britain. All the information and sources are in the articles highlighted above.

In terms of taking in refugees Britain does not even make the top ten list of countries as highlighted in the United Nations report, Top 10 Refugee Hosting Countries in 2015

The mainstream media are aware of all this and continues to mislead the general public about the causes of immigration. This in my view is what make them accessories to racism and white supremacist beliefs.

Christianity Is An Immigrant Faith

Latest scientific depiction of Jesus Christ by expert medical artist, Richard Neave.

The decline of Christianity in Britain should not come as a shock to those who know and understand genuine history. As Britain has never really been a Christian country in the sense that it followed the principles of Yeshua (better known in western tradition as Jesus). The British empire was not built on the principles of the ten commandments, nor was it sustained by following the main teachings of Yeshua, which was the fellowship of all humans.

Yeshua was a Jewish citizen living in Palestine, so his real appearance would probably shock many European Christians today. The truth is, Yeshua would be considered an immigrant in the western world if he were alive today. This means that Christianity is founded by what would be considered an immigrant by western standards, which questions the common belief that Britain is a Christian country, unless of course Britons accept that British values are founded on the teachings of a Jewish Palestinian, whose skin tone would be closer to the Arab/African.

In my article Is this the end for Colonial Christianity? I outline reasons why Christianity in Britain and the western world has become a bastardised corruption of empire building and white supremacy.

In fact, the real root of British values may lie in the following two headlines by the Daily Telegraph, Satanism and devil worship is on the rise, according to census data, and the Guardian, Shamanism, pagans and wiccans: trends from the England and Wales census.

Dreaming Of A White Christmas

So, if the mainstream media’s interpretation of the Census statistics has made you feel like a stranger in your own land, surrounded by people who do not speak your language, or practice your faith. This can all be restored to you if you follow the ninth commandment to not lie about immigration, and to start confronting the injustices carried out by the British government overseas.

You can choose to be a sheep, or you can choose genuine change through honest debate.

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