I heard the chief monarch of a thieving raping genocidal empire is finally dying. May her pain be excruciating.” (Dr Uju Anya). You can call the comment insensitive, you can call it sick, but African victims of oppression have a right to free speech as much as Jewish victims who confronted their Nazi oppressors decades later.

Linguistics Professor Uju Anya, of Carnegie Mellon University, has caused uproar by mocking the death of Queen Elizabeth.

How We Know African Lives Really Don’t Matter

I’m not going to argue about the rights and wrongs of mocking the death of a human being. I will say for those who are offended by Professor Anya’s position, that when Osama Bin Laden was killed many Americans, and Europeans in general celebrated his death. The New York Times headline read Celebrating a Death: Ugly, Maybe, but Only Human.

Voice of America headline read Europe Welcomes bin Laden’s Death. The reaction to the death of African-Libyan leader, Colonel Gaddafi, was the same. The Reuters headline read, West celebrates Gaddafi’s end, hails own role.

When it comes to Nazi criminals who have escaped justice no stone is unturned. The individual could be 100 years old, with one foot in the grave, but justice must still be served, and rightly so. Germans are right to pursue 100-year-old former-Nazi war criminals

What stands out about the examples I have chosen is that that the murdered individuals are not European. Is Professor Anya not entitled to the same celebration regarding the death of her oppressor? Do Africans have a right to celebrate the Queen’s death in light of the brutal colonial legacy which her family amassed huge amounts of wealth from?

The Deception of The Rebels

An interesting aspect that has come out Professor Anya’s comments is the lack of rebellious voices in the western world. Specifically those who claim to represent justice and equality. The LGTBQ community closed clubs as a mark of respect. Trade Unions chose to ignore the cost of living crises facing thousands of their workers, and called for a temporary end to strikes out of respect.

Where are the same cancel culture warriors now? Where are Extinction Rebellion who claims to confront power? When it comes down to it, they are all falling in line and saluting the empire. This is hypocrisy, and shows African lives and the African Holocaust does not matter.

Africans cannot hunt down their colonial oppressors in the way that Nazi criminals are hunted. Apparently, they cannot celebrate the death of their oppressors in the same way that Europeans can celebrate the death of black and brown leaders.

The head of the British empire may be dead, but the empire itself remains strong, and until all oppressed people around the world rise up and hunt down the oppressors of humanity, gloating in the death of the monarch serves no real purpose.

White Britons Have The Choice To Remain Peasants Or Free people

For white Britons, I have this short message. You have the choice to remain peasants; paying taxes to a monarchy that stole the land of your ancestors, and continue to parasitically suck the economic life from your hard-earned wages, or you can choose to be free people, and side with the oppressed of the world. The choice is simple. By all means keep the Queen, but can we have our land back?

So, it is up to you if as a white working class person, you choose to vote Brexit to keep immigrants out, and sing Rule Britannia at the top of your lungs, in your bedsit, struggling to pay soaring energy bills, and keep up with the cost of living. The 25,000 landowners who belong to the aristocracy and corporations who own over half of the country will be singing along with you in their mansions. Half of England is owned by less than 1% of the population

There is a reason why we are referred to as the dumb masses, and there is a reason why the ruling classes across the world has kept us divided. On that note you can decide whether Professor Anya’s comments is offensive.

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