Accounting firm PwC’s announcement that it will drop its strict recruitment criteria to promote diversity within its workforce is an insult to both black and white people.

If ever there was an example of how moronic the race relations industry has become, accounting firm, PwC’s announcement was a good example. PwC will reduce the criteria for hiring graduates, to promote diversity within its workforce,

PwC’s recruitment standards are very high. Previously, only graduates with a first, or 2:1 degree were considered for employment. Now, all that will change to promote workplace diversity. In other words, the standards are being lowered to accommodate black graduates. How do I know this? The BBC article, PwC says graduates do not need a 2:1 degree to work at the firm cites Stephanie Ahemor, 32. A black graduate who said she struggled to get work after gaining a 2:2 degree.

Stephanie said that the major firms excludes many people from different backgrounds due to their focus on high grades. She now has a job with the Home Office.

Are Black People Undermining Racial Equality

I do not want to undermine, or dismiss Stephanie’s struggle. I agree that your grade alone should not the be the only factor that defines you, but nonetheless, I know black people who do have first class degrees and 2:1 degrees. Racial equality is about the equality of opportunity, and not the downgrading of standards to suit a particular group.

What PwC, Stephanie, and other firms are now doing is undermining racial equality, and insulting the intelligence of black people, as well as people from working class backgrounds.

Society should always strive towards high standards, and those that meet those standards should be rewarded accordingly.

Policies such as this will not promote a harmonious, and diverse workforce, it will promote envy, racial disharmony, and the lowering of excellence when it comes to academic achievement.

If PwC and other firms want to genuinely promote diversity in their workforce, I suggest that they hire the best individuals fro the job, based on their high standards. This is the race equality that society needs, and the civil rights movement strived for.

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