White Privilege Will Not Save You From What’s Coming Next!

The video above will shatter your ideology of race, racism, and race conflict. No one will be able to hide behind white privilege, or European ancestry, once the inevitable conclusion is reached that we are all being targeted.

When I discussed the disturbing article by Eric Wagner, The Gates Foundation’s Vaccination Activism back in May 2020, in The Covid 19 Conspiracy: A War Against critical and independent thinking, I never believed that I would realise how duped I was.

Race, racism, and race conflict, was part of my mindset and understanding of life, political reality, and understanding of how the world worked. However, evidence began to surface that challenged my understanding of everything that I was previously taught.

I began to follow the money, and the trail led me to a path that I never thought I would be on. In June 2020 I realised that corporations had infiltrated the black civil rights movement. The Corporate Commodification of the Black Civil Rights Movement

I realised that many of the activist movements that we see today are funded by corporate companies. so called anti-racist and environmental groups, that never seem to expose the global greed of corporations. They never seem to challenge western imperialism. They never seem to reverse the tide of international corruption. It just never sat right with me.

I was duped by well off, black politicians, black activists, and anti-racist campaigners, who told me that racism was on every street corner, in every institution, and was like a cancer in society. They say all of this to working class black people, while they live in comfortable houses, earn good salaries, and buy mansions in California off the blood of George Floyd. GLEN FORD: Black Lives Matter Founder Launches Huge Project to Shrink Black Lives, 2019

Racism, has become a capitalist venture. The race industry is a multi-million dollar industry. Few are interested in justice or equality, and many are interested in lining their own pockets.

The same can be said for the white nationalist movements as well. Poor whites are being exploited by wealthy, well educated, white nationalists, such as former UKIP and Brexit Party leader, Nigel Farage. Eton educated, champion of Brexit, and current Prime Minister, Boris Johnson; and millionaire former US President, Donald Trump. They all live comfortably, and tell the poor white working class, that they represent them.

When I wrote Corporate Crimes Against Humanity Are Worse Than The Crimes of The Nazis I was highlighting how corporations had no problem profiting off the millions of Europeans lives taken over two world wars.

It does not matter whether you think black lives matter, or white lives matter; or even all lives matter, it only matters that they do not think any of our lives matter at all!

Watch the video and take heed of Dr Stephen Karanja’s words:

When they are through with Africa, they’re coming for you

Dr Stephen Karanaja

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