I’m tired of seeing homelessness

All over the world

I’m tired of unnecessary wars in the world

I’m tired of seeing poverty

In a world of abundance

I’m tired of hearing the children crying

In a world  flowing with milk

I’m tired of the hopelessness

In a world blessed with hope

I’m tired of seeing too much greed

In a world full of hungry mouths

I’m tired. Ooo yes I’m tired; tired, tired

Seeing the children dying in the rich people’s wars

I’m tired, eerie eerie tired; tired to see another man without a home

I’m tired as we watch glaciers melt

I’m tired we watch the oceans rise

I’m tired that we watch species go extinct

I’m tired as we people suffer from starvation

I’m tired to see income inequality

I’m tired; tired, tired; OOOOOOOH I’m tired, indeed to see all forms of deprivation

that are the roots of misery and terrorism

I’m tired that we still cannot understand that we must change economic and social inequalities

OOOOOOOH I’m tired, tired that we still cannot change political systems that no longer serve humanity

Yes; yes, yes; Oooooooooooooo I’m tired

Sammy Attoh. New York  01/30/2022

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