Jeffrey Robinson

Jeffrey Robinson gave this talk for Beyt Tikkun Yom Kippur services. Now we are sharing it with the tens of thousands of people who receive Tikkun info in the hopes that you will listen to his talk, share it with everyone on your email lists and then contact your elected representatives to support the bill in the House of Representatives which seeks to create a national report on what those reparations should look like. We at Tikkun hope that it also includes reparations to Native Americans for the genocide of their nations by the whites who conquered them and systematically pursued policies seeking to extinguish their cultures and livelihoods. Listen and then share the link with neighbours, friends, and everyone you can reach.

I write this on Indigenous People’s Day rather than celebrate Columbus who opened the gates to white supremacist exploitation of this beautiful and magnificent part of Earth, but the issue of reparations should be on our minds till some justice is done for both African Americans and all Indigenous people.

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