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Dave Chappelle’s latest Netflix comedy show, The Closer has been labelled as transphobic, misogynist and irresponsible and the self righteous culture police are now asking for his comedy to be cancelled, whilst ignoring the glaring fact that the most violent crimes are committed against people of colour by Western governments to maintain their control of the world’s resources.

I watched Dave Chapelle’s new comedy show, The Closer on Netflix the other night and I laughed at many of his jokes.

I don’t agree with some of his material, for example I hate the use of the term ‘nigger’, and I find his usage of some language vulgar, but nonetheless I laughed, and in the end I understood that as a human being he has a right to express himself and portray his art in any way he chooses. I also understood after watching the show that I would not believe him to be hateful against any human being. If his words are his bond, I can say that is what I took from his show.

His moving tribute to comedian Daphne Dorman, who is transgender, and how they developed a very close friendship should put at ease any member of the transgender community who may believe he is hateful of them, but it clearly has not.

In the Independent, Micha Frazer-Carroll titles her article, Meet the new Dave Chappelle – misogynistic, anti-trans and socially irresponsible (9th October, 2021)

Jaclyn Moore, writer and co show runner for the programme, ‘Dear White People’, despite being white herself, refers to The Closer as transphobic and is boycotting Netflix for showing it. (Variety: ‘Dear White People’ Co-Showrunner Jaclyn Moore on Why She’s Boycotting Netflix Over Transphobic Dave Chappelle Special: By Marc Malkin: October 7,2021)

Dear White Transgender People’

I would like to point out to the white transgender community that racism within their own communities is rife. (Political correctness does not bring equality: 28/06/2020) As I pointed out in my post, no community should be above criticism and from that viewpoint, Chappelle should have the right to express his opinions without the fear of losing his livelihood merely because people are offended.

I find it offensive that Jaclyn believes that she is qualified to discuss the black experience and teach other white people about racism, yet finds it offensive when Chappelle discusses his view on the transgender experience. The double standards in my view is glaringly laughable.

Chappelle asked a very powerful question in his show which was, ‘Can gay people be racist?’ The answer was clearly yes, and based on the answer he questioned why it was acceptable for rapper DaBaby to shoot a 19 year old black man in a North Carolina Walmart, in 2018, and this not effect his career, but as soon as he says derogatory remarks against the gay community, his career suffers.

Chappelle was clearly saying that while other marginalised groups have power in society, black people clearly still had some way to go to achieve the level of power that these newer movements have gained in a matter of decades.

The answer is clearly obvious. The LGBTQI community is dominated by white people and therefore their rights trumps racial equality. This is modern cultural imperialism at its ugliest.

It is a cultural imperialist movement that has little to say about the murders, rapes and violence against people of colour overseas in the name of Western global world dominance. (The Cancel Culture Con: 18/05/2021).

Reshaping The Western Empire Through Cultural Imperialism

White feminists, white LGBTQI, white socialists and white liberals all have something in common, and that is they will never challenge Western imperialism, because deep down all they want is to take over the Western global power structure and continue reaping the benefits of the empire under their leadership.

All Jaclyn and Micha could see is the transphobic and misogynist material, all I can see is the genius by which Europeans have reshaped their empires under the guise of human rights, hate crime, political correctness, and now cancel culture. You can be certain that transphobia, homophobia and misogyny will be silenced, but the Western global power structure will remain firmly in place. You have to marvel at such ingenuity.

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