Greed, not democracy, women’s rights, or the 9/11 attacks, is behind the West’s involvement in Afghanistan

If you have been following the mainstream media’s soap opera-like narrative on the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan you would be forgiven for thinking that Western governments and leaders are deeply caring for the Afghan nation, and are not the old, conceited, imperialist thieves of the past who plundered, murdered and conned their way to riches and world domination. I’m sorry to tell you though that your your feelings would be misplaced.The three trillion dollars worth of Afghan mineral resources suggests that greed is still the name of the game for the West.

Following the mainstream media’s narrative on the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan, I was sickened to see Western political commentators and politicians from all political parties condemning President Joe Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan. What about women’s rights? What about the men, women and children who are desperate to leave the country? What about human rights? I was revulsed by the false emotions, distress and empathy.

A Democratic Afghanistan Before Western Terrorism

Afghanistan was a thriving democracy in the 1980s. Women went to universities, and studied engineering, medicine and business, the government was secular and respective of human rights, but due to its socialist principles and good relationship with Russia, the US government began to train and arm the Taliban and Al Qaeda. It was the US government that funded these militants and set up religious schools of terror to fight against the Russians, and it was the US government that installed the Taliban government in Afghanistan, in 1996. So how the hell could the US and its allies be fighting for women’s rights and for the Afghan people, I ask you? It’s ludicrous, and an insult to any intelligent person. (Malala Yousafzai Pride of Britain Award ignores Western complicity in supporting the Taliban)

The Trillion Dollar Motive

Such is the arrogance of the mainstream media these days that they do not even hide their motives anymore. It is out there in plain sight for any secondary school educated adult to read and understand.

According to Paul Ausick, writing for the, Afghanistan is sitting on potentially $3 Trillion worth of mineral wealth. (Is Afghanistan Sitting on $3 Trillion Worth of Mineral Wealth? August 16, 2021)

Ausick says, “Among the country’s resources are lithium and rare earth elements (REEs), both critical for electric vehicle batteries and tech devices like smartphones. Iron ore and copper were estimated to be present in quantities that were large enough to make the country a major global producer of both.

The Business Standard could not even disguise their green-eyed envy, in the revealing article, ‘With Taliban in power, China eyes lucrative rare-earth mines in Afghanistan‘. (August 19,2021)

For me personally, Marketwatch takes the prize for stating the blatantly obvious with its searching article, ‘How China may benefit from Afghanistan’s estimated $3 trillion mineral reserves following the Taliban takeover‘ (By Myra P. Saefong: August 20, 2021)

So we now know two things that the mainstream media failed to tell us. We now know that the US and its allies trained the terrorists that they are now suppose to be at war with. Very odd in my eyes. Don’t you think that all the citizens of the West who have been victims of terrorism have a right to know what relationship their government has had with terrorists? It goes back a long way. If you genuinely wanted to get to the bottom of why your loved one has died from a terrorist attack, and you discovered that your government was a co conspirator, active ally, funder and trainer of the murderers that took the lives of your loves ones, would you not be mad? Would you not want real justice, not just against the terrorists, but also against those that created them, funded them and trained them?

When the 25, 000 Afghan refugees come to Britain I do hope that British people treat them with respect and recognise that they are victims of the British and US government’s greed and insatiable psychopathic appetite to control the world. It is all well documented, The global terrorist network and its links to western intelligence and ISIS: Trained by America, armed by America and now public enemy number one.

Three Trillion Reasons Why The Western World Deserves To Be Flooded With Immigrants

I despise the immigration debate. I despise the hypocrisy of the far-right and whites asking people of usually black and brown skin tones why they come over here. The above information should answer that question.

In my article ‘If you don’t like it in England, go home’. What exactly is meant by this statement? (03/05/2014), I challenged the dominant narrative by the far right and mainstream media that pretends that have no understanding to why people flee from war torn countries to come to Western countries. My conclusions were provocative and brutallay honest. I said in a nutshell that until the citizens of the Western world confront the atrocities of their governments every single immigrant and refugee deserves to come to these countries and take from the resources in the same way that the resources of their country has been stolen by Western governments.

The cries of anguish and tears of sorrow and lament for the death of Western civilisation in the future will not be felt in the cities of Kabul, Beijing, Cape Town,  Addis Ababa,  Port-au-Prince, Kingston, Havana, Hanoi and many more, that have been the victims of Western terrorism for hundreds of years, nor will there be any sympathy for the millions of hypocrites in the West who ignored the atrocities of their government and instead chose to cowardly embrace the racist rhetoric of the far right to bully and intimidate the victims of Western foreign policy.

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