Taking the Knee began with NFL player Colin Kaepernick who did this in 2016 when the US anthem was being played to highlight police brutality against African-Americans

The growing trend of taking the knee against racism has come to represent the alleged global fight against racial inequality, but I ask you this, how is taking the knee preventing Western corporations from taking valuable African resources? How is taking the knee preventing Western countries from starting and perpetuating wars in the Middle East, Asia and Africa? It does no such thing.

Taking the knee began when Colin Kaepernick (pictured above centre) decided to take a stand against police brutality towards African-Americans when the American National Anthem was played during an NFL game.

Following the murder of George Floyd in 2020 the Black Lives Matter movement began to use this gesture to raise greater awareness of racial injustice not just in America, but also all over the world.

My regular readers will know my views on the Black Lives Matter movement. I make it clear in my article The Corporate Commodification of the Black Civil Rights Movement. Any black movement that is funded by western donors must be viewed through a critical lens and the evidence suggests that the Black Lives Matter movement is corporate funded and controlled by Western interests.

Rabid Racism Will Always Surface When Racial Equality Is On The Agenda

We have witnessed the rise of open barbaric racism with the racial abuse of English national football players Marcus Rashford, Jadon Sancho & Bukayo Saka. Football Racism Comes Home To Black England Players After Penalty Misses. Black footballers will tell you that racist abuse on social media and the terraces is the norm for them. Blaming this rise of racism on a few idiots is not only patronising to people of colour, it also downplays the seriousness of racism in British society.

For many years the annual TUC Black Workers Conference has highlighted the barriers for people of colour in employment within the UK. A bleak future for black and minority ethnic British workers says TUC conference

A 2010 report by the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) said “Recent research found that Black and Asian groups earn less than White British people with the same qualification level and in particular Black male graduates earn 24% less than White British male graduates.” (p.415) New equality report reveals a racially unequal Britain

According to the report, “There is also a strong association between ethnicity and substandard housing” Plainly speaking it means that people of colour are concentrated in the poorest areas and substandard housing. Arguably, this is not by coincidence but design.

The same report mentions that babies born to black Caribbean and Pakistani mothers are more likely to die than white mothers. Babies born to African women are seven times more likely to die than that of white women. Overall, people of colour in the UK live shorter lives due to the compounding racial factors that influences every aspect of their lives.

This report was written over ten years ago and over ten years later the mainstream media are still discussing the same issues! Common sense will tell you that something just does not add up.

In 2016 Brexit unveiled the deep underbelly of racism that was bursting to come out from many sections of the British community. Brexit Vote Reveals A Racially Divided Britain

White people love to play divide and rule

The comment above was made by Labour MP, Diane Abbott in 2012, in reference to a Twitter conversation that she was having with freelance journalist Bim Adewunmi about the black community. It caused an uproar and calls for her resignation from the mainstream media that was gloating that they could finally have one over a black person when it comes to racism. Dianne Abbott at the centre of another race row

In my article The Cancel Culture Con I dispute the idea that those behind cancel culture are somehow progressive liberals who are sick of racism.

Cancel Culture has been creeping up on us for a few years and it is most likely the coming from a European mindset than from people of colour. I believe that it is designed to control and contain the progress of racial equality. This is a controversial statement, I know, but let me argue my case.

In the above quote made by Diane Abbott, she was challenging freelance journalist Bim Adewunmi, who said “I do wish everyone would stop saying “the black community” though. WHICH ONE?“, in reference to the conviction of Gary Dobson and David Norris for the racist murder of Stephen Lawrence.

Abbott’s response was “I understand the cultural point you are making, But you are playing into a ‘divide and rule agendaEthnic communities that show more public solidarity & unity than black people do much betterWhite people love to play ‘divide and rule’, we should not play their game”

Any person of colour would understand what Abbott was talking about, but the mainstream media and the political establishment used this to get one over Abbott and people of colour in general by referring to her and the comments as racist.

I can even go back over ten years ago when I wrote the article Diane Abbott hypocritically attacked for ‘two posh white boys’ comment, where again political correctness, which was the forerunner to cancel culture accused Abbott of being racist.

In the same year as the above post I wrote Black councillor is convicted of racism: Is this the end of racism as we know it? Again, a woman of colour was accused and convicted of racism which was used out of context.

I coined a new term which I referred to White victimhood: The new racism in another article, where I argued that political correctness was being used against people of colour to stifle debate.

In a report by the race equality charity Runnymede Trust, titled  ‘Criminal Justice v. Racial Justice‘, Simon Holdaway from the University of Sheffield and Karim Murji, Open University, argued that the passing of the Equality Act 2010, under a Labour government diluted race equality. They said that the new act merged all equality groups such as gender, disability, sexuality etc., under one body, and each group competed for attention. As a result race could be and has been pushed aside or diluted. (p.24) Race injustices in the criminal justice system set to continue for some time. I don’t believe that this was a coincidence.

Reclaiming Racism and Its Roots

If people of colour, specifically those of African ancestry want to reclaim the original definition of racism and the roots of it we have to go back to the struggles of the early African Civil Rights Movement.

Martin Luther King referred to his own government as the root to all violence in the world and exposed the predatory capitalism that enriches the West at the expense of Africa and other countries. He was assassinated following his great speech. Black lives will only matter when we challenge Western Imperialism.

The unforgetable Muhammed Ali refused to fight in Vietnam in 1967 with a speech that exposes through the hyprocrisy of so called black movements and leaders today. He refused to fight for the empire and called out America for expecting him to fight against other people of colour whilst treating him as a second class citizen.

King and Ali recognised the triple evils, that racism, economic exploitation and war are all tied together, and once people of colour unite under these principles we will witness the foundations of the Western empire tremble.

This, and this alone is what we and any righteous whites should take the knee for.

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