A Future Of Invasive Body Surveillance Technology

Tech giants such as Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Microsoft reaped millions from the Covid 19 global crises and whilst the mainstream corporate-owned media may have made you aware of this, what they did not reveal is the frightening future that these billionaires have in store for humankind. Imagine your body being connected to the Internet all day? Imagine small chips and technological devices monitoring your heart, sugar levels and and blood pressure etc? These technologies may sound harmless and hugely beneficial to humankind, but when they are in the hands of unaccountable billionaires, that is an entirely different scenario.

The Great Colonial Reset

I read a book by Klaus Schwab, a business professor and founder of the billionaire think-tank, The World Economic Forum, and author of the book, The Fourth Industrial Revolution, where he passionately argues that the pace of technological advances that is taking place in the world as we speak will change the way humans live and work drastically forever.

Schwab coined the phrase ‘The Great Reset’, calling for a new world economic order which respects humans, the environment and builds a wonderful world of peace and prosperity for all, the only thing that was missing from his speech was democracy and accountability. We never voted Mr Schwab to speak on our behalf nor is he and his billionaire friends politically accountable for the policies that they are creating on a global scale. It is just accepted by the mainstream media that they have all of our best interests at heart. (World Economic Forum: 17 July, 2020: Klaus Schwab’s vision of a post-COVID world, and how the economy can work with nature – The Great Reset podcast)

Call me cynical, call me prejudiced, you can call me what you like, because I believe in free speech, but when a group of powerful Europeans are gathered talking about world peace and prosperity for all history tells me to be on guard. The last time this happened and the European ‘Christian’ missionaries came with a bible in their hands to ‘save’ the world, millions of Africans ended up in slavery and bondage, and African wealth was plundered and stolen. Let’s not forget the European civilising missions in India and Asia, and for all of the non European world for that matter, which has resulted in a concentration of the the world’s wealth in the hands of mostly a few European billionaires. Yet I divulge, because there is an argument that the new colonialism that is being planned by these billionaires will target every single person on this planet rather than just the darker races.

A System Of Sinister Surveillance

Back in January 2021, I wrote the article Vaccine Hesitancy Among BAME Communities, where I showed the increasing mergers between war industries, pharmaceutical companies and big tech. The technologies that Klaus Schwab talks about in his book are being accelerated and implemented by governments worldwide under the justification of the Covid pandemic.

It is interesting that the government are now considering Covid Passports for pubs and restaurants and I believe that we will see even more intervention into our personal freedoms and liberties in the near future. (Manchester Evening News: Covid passports for pubs and restaurants ‘could be introduced in autumn’: By Fionnula Hainey: 10 July 2021)

On The Lancet Digital Health website the article, Applications of digital technology in COVID-19 pandemic planning and response, published on June 29, 2020, caught my attention. According to the authors, “Big data and artificial intelligence (AI) have helped facilitate COVID-19 preparedness and the tracking of people, and so the spread of infection, in several countries” (Sera Whitelaw et al) The countries that they are referring to are China, Taiwan, South Korea and Australia etc., who have used Draconian methods to control the movement of people.

The report says that “Tools such as migration maps, which use mobile phones, mobile payment applications, and social media to collect real-time data on the location of people, allowed Chinese authorities to track the movement of people who had visited the Wuhan market…”

It continues, “China uses free, web-based and cloud-based tools to screen and direct individuals to appropriate resources.7 High-performance infrared thermal cameras set up in Taiwanese airports are used to capture thermal images of people in real time, rapidly detecting individuals with a fever.8 In Singapore, people have their temperature measured at the entries of workplaces, schools, and public transport. The data from the thermometers is tracked and used to identify emerging hot spots and clusters of infection where testing could be initiated.”

China also uses AI-powered surveillance cameras, drone-borne cameras, and portable digital recorders to monitor and restrict the gathering of people in public.7

South Korea uses “…aggressive contact tracing, using security camera footage, facial recognition technology, bank card records, and global positioning system (GPS) data from vehicles and mobile phones to provide real-time data and detailed timelines of people’s travel.”

In Australia, international travellers were quarantined in hotels on arrival, with travellers from Wuhan quarantined off the Australian mainland. In new legislation, individuals breaching quarantine will be forced to wear tracking devices, with fines levied for further instances of breaking the restrictions.26 In Taiwan, electronic monitoring of home-quarantined individuals is facilitated through government-issued mobile phones tracked by GPS;8 in the event of a breach in quarantine, this so-called digital fence triggers messages to the individual and levies fines.8 In South Korea, individuals in self-isolation are instructed to download a mobile phone application that alerts authorities if they leave their place of isolation.18 In Hong Kong, people in self-isolation are required to wear a wristband linked through cloud technology to a database that alerts authorities if quarantine is breached.7 Iceland has launched a mobile phone solution to monitor individuals with COVID-19 and ensure that they remain in self-isolation.16

What is ominous about these statements from the report is that the authors are actually praising the methods of these governments for keeping the infection and death rates low, at the huge cost of increasing public surveillance using the new digital technologies.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution

The website CB Insights is described as a ‘technology insights platform’, and in an article titled, 24 Industries & Technologies That Will Shape The Post-Virus World (January 27, 2021) they speak about an increasingly digital world with what seems to be less human contact and interaction.

The future of healthcare is envisioned as remote access where doctors will speak to you virtually. Remote fitness gyms means that people can work out from the safety of their homes without having to worry about coming into contact with infected people.

Fitness trackers, heart monitors, digital blood pressure checkers are becoming a massive industry with Google acquiring Fitbit. All this data on humans will be held somewhere and the invasion into our personal lives will become the norm in society.

According to the article, “LifeSignals fast-tracked a single-use, wireless biosensor patch for use in Covid-19 patient monitoring. Meanwhile, Spry Health announced a clinician-led monitoring service using its FDA-approved Loop wearable, which tracks the wearer’s heart rate, oxygen saturation, and respiration.”

Schools and education are all being targeted by tech companies taking advantage of remote learning and online lessons.

In the world of employment industries are adapting to Covid by utilising robotics and artificial intelligence to do the work of humans who are unable to go to factories and warehouses due to Covid restrictions.

With stores in the town centres closing and the growth of online grocery services thousands of jobs are set to be lost and many lives will be decimated in this new digital utopia that has provoked excitement from the likes of Klaus Schwab and his billionaire pals.

Conversational chatbots and virtual assistants will replace humans in the customer service roles in banking healthcare and retail.

The article says, “A partnership between Amazon Web Services (AWS) and ServiceNow to offer an AI-driven “contact center-as-a-service” product suggests these services could become commonplace even after the pandemic, as more companies seek to reduce their support costs while maintaining or improving current levels of customer care.”

Contactless payments and branchless banking is on the rise, again pointing to massive loss of jobs and unemployment.

This leads me on nicely to one of my favourite World Economic Forum topics. The Internet of Bodies. Let me allow these billionaires to share this vision with you personally. “We’re entering the era of the “Internet of Bodies”: collecting our physical data via a range of devices that can be implanted, swallowed or worn.” (World Economic Forum: The Internet of Bodies is here. This is how it could change our lives: By Xiao Liu: 4th June 2020).

These changes are all predicted in Schwab’s book.

Facebook co founder, Mark Zuckerberg, famously stated in 2015 that, “You’re going to just be able to capture a thought, what you’re thinking or feeling in kind of its ideal and perfect form in your head, and be able to share that with the world in a format where they can get that.” (Big Think: 10 Human Body Modifications You Can Expect in the Next Decade: 12th March 2017: By Elise Bohan)

According to Bohan, “Already, biohackers are enthusiastically getting chipped…With small radio frequency identification (RFID) chips implanted in their hands or wrists these citizen cyborgs can already eliminate many tedious rituals from their daily lives, like carrying a wallet or keys.”

America’s Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) are developing the technology to control the human brain and they are very excited about this. They said “If we can alter the brain, why not control it? […] One potential use involves making soldiers want to fight. Conversely, how can we disrupt the enemy’s motivation to fight? […] How can we make people trust us more? What if we could help the brain to remove fear or pain? Is there a way to make the enemy obey our commands?” (Global Research: Neurotechnology: Pentagon’s DARPA Continues To Push “Black Box” Brain Chip Implant: February 11, 2014: By Steve Watson)

The ‘enemy’ as they put it could easily be anti-war protesters or people who want to challenge the government narrative on Covid.

This is the totalitarian future that the billionaires have planned for humankind and if we allow fear and petty divisions such as race, faith, gender and sexuality etc, to continue to divide us their vision will be realised before you know it.

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