Famous English Authors Enid Blyton and Rudyard Kipling, actor Laurence Fox, author of the popular Harry Potter series, J.K. Rowling, and singer Billie Eilish has come under fire from the growing strength of what is labelled cancel culture, but you can rest assure that this cultural phenomenon will never challenge the theft of African resources by Western corporations. When it comes to racial equality cancel culture is a con.

The growing cultural phenomenon of cancel culture is something to be amazed at. In less than a decade this aggressive version of political correctness has lost people their jobs (read Censoring Starkey will not end racism: 04/07/2020), entered our schools and universities (read Uncritical Race Theory), and caused fierce debate in the world of football as players take the knee in solidarity against racial injustices following the murder of George Floyd.

It does not matter whether Enid Blyton or Rudyard Kipling’s books has racist overtones because it was to be expected in those times. (Adam Barnett: 17, June 2021: Enid Blyton and Rudyard Kipling’s ‘racist’ books get updates on English Heritage plaque: Mailonline)

It does not matter whether singer Billie Eilish mocked Asian and black accents, because if we are to be honest this is the norm for many whites on a drunken night out. We just just don’t talk about it honestly. (Rebecca Lawrence: 17th June, 2021: ‘This is so f***ed up!’ Billie Eilish comes under fire for ‘mocking Asian accents’ and saying ‘ch*nk’ in resurfaced videos:Mailonline)

It does not matter whether you sack teachers and lecturers for voicing their opinion regarding controversial historical topics just because they offend you. Taking the knee is a mindless gesture if you ignore the thousands of black and brown deaths overseas as a result of western foreign policy for resources in Africa. (Read How immigration in the UK is linked to corrupt British foreign policy overseas)

Cancel Culture Will Never Challenge The Empire

In my article Amnesty International report exposes the corrupt arms trade of major UN powers I cite The Campaign Against Arms Trade (CATT), a London-based organisation which aims to eradicate the international arms trade, who said that the UK is one of the five top major international arms dealers in the world.

According to a CAAT report called, ‘Shelling Out: How taxpayers subsidies the arms trade’: “For decades the UK Government has had a policy of promoting arms exports, seemingly at any cost. The result of this policy is that the UK continues to arm repressive regimes around the world. In 2000, the UK licensed military exports to 30 of the 40 most repressive regimes in the world and British weapons are being used in most of the world’s current conflicts.”

In light of the above taking the knee for one African-American man who was murdered in America, and ignoring the hundreds of thousands of Africans who have died from corrupt British arms sales is a moral contradiction.

Are we going to cancel the UK?

In Corporate greed has led to the world food crises and starvation in Africa I cite source after source detailing the theft of African land and resources by rich countries to the detriment of African people. Should we cancel the entire Western world, China, India, South Korea and the Gulf States who all involved and responsible for the starving men, women and children in Africa?

Cancel culture is a con and nothing that comes out of that phenomenon will challenge real racial inequality on a national or international level.

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