Only recently Health Minister Nadhim Zahawi suggested that people who refuse to take the vaccine should have home visits from their local council, and now according to a Mail Online report the government is urging an estimated two million unvaccinated people to get the jab or the country may remain on lockdown.

Remember Health Minister, Nadhim Zahawi’s suggestion that local councils make home visits to people who have not had the vaccine? Coronavirus vaccine refuseniks face visit from the persuaders, now it seems that the government is prepared to step up their efforts to vaccinate every single one of us for our own good, whether we want it or not.

A Mail online article by assistant Health Editor, Connor Boyd, says that the government is preparing to hunt down the two million unvaccinated people in the UK. (11 February, 2021: Hunt for the 2million unvaccinated Britons as Boris Johnson urges vulnerable people who are yet to receive jab to step up for the shot – amid warnings lockdown will stay in place even longer if large numbers remain unprotected)

GP’s have been offered commission to call elderly patients who have not received the vaccine, refused the vaccine, or have not responded to their vaccine appointment.

Teams have been assigned the mission of tracking down care home staff in each region who have not yet had the vaccine.

Government scientist, Sir Patrick Vallance has warned that the less people get vaccinated the slower the lockdown restrictions will be eased, even suggesting dare we say it, that it may have to be extended if these vulnerable groups are not protected.

You only have to read the article in full to learn that the groups in question are from the black and minority ethnic communities.

Bear in mind that when the vaccine debate was raging the government stated that they would not make it mandatory. This statement was backed by fact checking websites. (11 November 2020: The government is not proposing to make a Covid-19 vaccine mandatory)

Yet I would argue that the government does not have to make the vaccine mandatory if they can create an atmosphere and environment of inevitable compliance.

If you want to go on holiday, you will need to be vaccinated. If you want to use public or private facilities Nadhim Zahawi have already said that businesses will be able to decide if a person will need to be vaccinated to use their facilities or enter their premises.

Now, Sir Patrick Vallance has stated that those who are unvaccinated will likely extend the lockdowns. On the top of all this the media has made it quite clear that it is people from black and minority ethnic communities that are hesitant and not taking the vaccine.

How is this not mandatory?

I agree with the so called experts. There is no pork extracts as far as I am aware in the vaccine, so if this is why you are hesitant to take the vaccine, I would advise you to speak to your local GP.

Whether the vaccine is dangerous is a matter for public debate and there are many doctors, scientists and health workers who have voiced legitimate concerns, and those voices have been removed from social media platforms and kept out of the mainstream media debates.

These individuals are not conspiracy theorists. They are experienced professionals who have concerns about the public health however, for some reason the only scientists that the media will allow the public to listen to are those with ties to the big pharmaceutical companies and major financial institutions linked to billionaire philanthropist like Bill Gates. (Corporate Science Is The New Inquisition & Vaccine Hesitancy Among BAME Communities)

I would like to inform my readers once again that I know people in my community that have taken the vaccine and the majority are absolutely fine.

My concerns are this, I do not want to hand over my health and my liberties to greedy, profit-motivated individuals whose only concerns are their profit margins and increasing their control over the way we live our lives.

The government is setting a dangerous precedent and we are being led down a very dangerous path of possible mob mentality, and violence towards those who have not taken the vaccine.

Once more and more people get frustrated and angry and crave for a holiday, a beer, or a hug from their loved ones that they have not seen for possibly months, these headlines and government warnings could act as an incitement to bully, harass or physically attack individuals who are perceived to have not taken the vaccine, and because the media has already indicated the skin colour of these individuals, I believe that it sets up a dangerous precedent for community relations.

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