Vaccine passports to allow people to travel, work and have access to public and private facilities is being discussed in the UK and across many other countries, and recently Health Minister Nadhim Zahawi, has advocated home visits to people who have not had the vaccine to convince them to take the jab. Is this the end of individual freedom?

In December 2020, government minister, Michael Gove said that there is no plan to introduce vaccine passports. (BBC: 1 December 2020: Covid-19: No plans for ‘vaccine passport’ – Michael Gove)

Forward to January 2021, and we discover that the developers of a UK digital and immunity passport, British tech firms Mvine and iProov, are in the live testing phase for digital and immunity passports. (BBC: 6 February, 2021: By Eleanor Lawrie: Covid: Will I need a vaccine passport to go on holiday?)

What is interesting is that if you read the Fact Checking website,, they insist that the digital ID pass is not a covid passport and is only used to remind people of their second vaccination appointment. (Full Fact: 7 December 2020: The new vaccination card is not a ‘Covid passport’)

If you go onto the Mvine website, they state that, “The Mvine-iProov passport enables a person’s test result or vaccination status to be registered and proved without disclosing their identity, and without the need for extensive new infrastructure.” ( 13 January 2021: UK Covid-19 passport moves into trial phase)

If I register to vote, do I not have my name, address and personal details stored on a database to confirm who I am?

If I register for a provisional driving licence do I not have my name, address and personal details stored on a database to confirm who I am?

If your identity is not needed then how does the system verify the integrity of the vaccine passport from fraud, I wonder?

If you return to Eleanor Lawrie’s article on the BBC website you will find that under the heading ‘What could a vaccine passport be used for?‘, it is said that it can be used for proof of status when you travel abroad and allow the return to a normal life at home. Does that mean that those who do not have the vaccine will not be allowed to travel and will not be allowed to return to normal life? I believe that it does.

If you then scroll down to the heading ‘Will the UK issue vaccine passports?‘, you will find on the fourth paragraph down an interesting revelation that the data from the digital passports can help in assisting local authority decisions, such as allowing children to return to school, and allowing people to return to work and a normal life. Does this mean that if someone does not want to take the vaccine they can be refused employment, or dismissed from their current employment etc? Again, I believe that there could be severe implications for those who have not taken the vaccine.

In the same section Health Minister, Nadhim Zahawi, said that businesses will be able to decide who they allow inside their premises and why.

This could mean that you are refused entry to shops, superstores, bars, pubs, sporting arenas, concerts, festivals, cinemas, etc. The list is endless.

Homes Visits For Vaccine Refuseniks

Those who refuse to take the vaccine may have a friendly visit from their local council to explore their hesitancy and encourage them to take the vaccine, according to vaccine minister Nadhim Zahawi’s suggestions. (Sunday Times: 5 February 2021: By Chris Smyth & Cat Lat: Nadhim Zahawi: Coronavirus vaccine refuseniks face visit from the persuaders)

I do not know about you, but I find this step very threatening and ominous. Imagine this, you are an 85 year-old black woman or man, who live alone and have a lifetime of poor experiences with the NHS. You have a lifetime experience of racism and distrust for authority, and you have the weight of history supporting your cynicism. All of a sudden a man or or woman turn up at your front door with a smile asking whether they can talk to you about your doubts with the vaccine. This could be very frightening and intimidating for many elderly people from BAME communities.

According to the article by Eleanor Lawrie, under the section ‘What have other countries done?‘, Greece wants the European Commission to introduce a vaccine certificate so that people can travel freely. Denmark wants a digital vaccine certificate so that citizens can prove that they have had the jab, and Spain wants a database of vaccine refusers to be shared with the European Union.

These developments are not just happening in the UK but around the world and if that does not raise your eyebrows, then I think that you are choosing to remain asleep.

I want to conclude by asking readers to watch billionaire mogul, Bill Gates talk about a global digital vaccination certificate in the following article, “Digital Vaccine Passports”: Yes, Bill Gates Said That. Here’s the Proof. (Global Research: By Robert F. Kennedy Jr: December 14, 2020)

Draw your own conclusions, but it seems to me that the government is implementing policies that are favourable and been thought out by billionaires, who are unelected, unaccountable and above the law.

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