Today, Haitians are in revolt against a corrupt government backed by the US and other western powers. As the movement has grown, the government has unleashed death squads reminiscent of the worst days of the Duvalier dictatorships. People around the world are asked by the Haitian movement to act in solidarity with them December 10-16th.

Steve McQueen’s award-winning Small Axe series mentions how The Black Jacobins, CLR James’s history of the Haitian revolution that abolished slavery and established the first Black republic in 1804, has inspired resistance and organising in the UK – from the Mangrove Nine defendants to author Alex Wheatle. But the descendants of the Black Jacobins are still struggling to defend their revolution from imperialist occupations, coups and massacres.

On December 16, Haitians will commemorate the first free election which brought Jean-Bertrand Aristide and the people’s party, Lavalas, to power after decades of brutal dictatorship. Within seven months, a US-orchestrated coup ousted Aristide and installed a military dictatorship that murdered thousands; re-elected in 2000, Aristide was removed by US marines in 2004 as Haiti celebrated the bicentenary of its revolution.

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