Black History without proper context is a betrayal of everything we have fought against.

Black History Month has become a capitalistic, culturally fashionable farce. It is all well discussing black composers, scientists, inventors and war veterans, when Britain and the West continues to bleed African resources dry. We have betrayed the core principles of African liberation which is to free Africa from European economic colonialism.

Black History Month is being celebrated and promoted by the mainstream media once again. Major companies are getting in on the action to celebrate their commitment to diversity, however what we will never talk about in the West or the mainstream media is how African resources continues to be exploited by major western corporations.

Back in 2011 I wrote the article Corporate greed has led to the world food crises and starvation in Africa. In this article Stephen Leahy explained how a billion people in the world go hungry while corporate companies buy up land in Africa to grow food and agrofuels (energy which is derived from crops) for export to rich consumers in mostly Western countries.

Anuradha Mittal of the Oakland Institute, a U.S.-based policy think tank on social, economic and environmental issues said that while Africans were exporting coffee, cotton and food to rich countries they themselves were going hungry.

Devlin Kuyek of GRAIN said that investors from Saudi Arabia leased approximately several hundred thousand hectares of land in Ethiopia, Senegal, Mali and other African countries. Some leases are for 99 years in a continent where starvation is still rampant.

Leahy said than twenty million hectares of African land which is equivalent to 25 percent of all the farmland in the EU now belongs to foreigners.

I strongly recommend that readers study the full article in depth to see the gravity of the situation that Africa is in.

The world is not overpopulated as the BBC’s David Attenborough would have us believe. The lifestyles of people who live in the West are maintained by the exploitation of African resources.

In my article The empire strikes back: America plan Africa re-colonisation, I explained how America was planning a recolonisation of African resources through AFRICOM, a military strategic plan to control African resources with an increased US military presence and military bases. This plan was in force during Barack Obama’s celebrated presidency.

The original civil rights movement was international in its outlook and opposed Western economic exploitation in all its forms. The aim was to free Africa, and that aim is yet to be fulfilled.

Young people, especially young Europeans are being deliberately misled by the mainstream media, the government and the education system which fails to tell them the truth of what has happened and continues to take place in Africa.

Black Lives Matter, Extinction Rebellion, Antifa and other corporate funded organisations will never challenge the major corporations that exploit Africa as they have become compromised by their corporate donors.

Already, corporations have come up with a lovely term they coin ‘global development’, which is arguably a euphemism for Western colonialism with black faces as a front. It is disturbing to see so called liberal newspapers like the Guardian taking their funding from billionaire donors such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation


Interestingly, I found this link via the following Guardian article,

Call me a pessimist but when European billionaires begin to take an increased interest in Africa, history tells us it never amounts to anything positive for African people.

With the growing African Slave Trade Reparations movement and the subtle links between corporate money and modern black activists, I would argue that we will see a corporate managed compensation from corrupt European financial elites to corrupt African elites. It will be the greatest swindle in African history. Mark my words.

So we can talk about black scientists, leaders, composers all we want, Black History Month is a facade without an African continent free of economic exploitation.

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