Noting the history of the child genocide in Yemen as only one example of America’s  genocidal foreign policy and cruel criminal media managed political distraction away from compassionate public interest, article seeks to awaken enough of a feeling of outrage to promote public demand for a halt of what is the ongoing murder of a massive amount of children.

Thousands of precious Yemeni children are being starved to death, dying of cholera, or being blown to bits by US made and managed missiles. Can Americans glued to their TV sets, straining to understand what is happening to their country, imagine Trump or Biden in church praying for Yemeni children facing starvation and US missiles? 

No, mainstream media has reported President Trump as wanting to continue the lucrative sale of billions of dollars of sophisticated US weaponry to the Saudis and continue American military personnel assisting their raining down upon targets in Yemen, the poorest nation in the world. The President vetoed a bipartisan resolution of Congress calling for an end to American military involvement in Saudi Arabia’s civil war in Yemen. 

As to Democratic candidate for president Joe Biden, he called for an end to U.S. support for Saudi Arabia’s military campaign in Yemen, but only after the entire Senate Democratic caucus and several Republicans had passed a resolution spearheaded by his opponent candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders calling for the U.S. to pull its backing from the Saudi military campaign in Yemen. In March of 2015, Biden, then Vice-President, backed the initial Saudi led military attack in Yemen when Yemen’s corrupt and suffering Saudi allied president was overthrown. The United States provided intelligence and logistical support, including aerial refuelling for the intervention which initially consisted of a bombing campaign on Houthi rebels by fighter jets and or ground forces from Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Morocco, Jordan, Sudan, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, with the participation of Blackwater mercenaries [1] made infamous for their atrocities in Iraq, the genocidal US invasion of which Biden had championed as chairman of the of the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee back in 2003. This crime against humanity in Yemen was officiated by President Barack Obama. As to the possibility of finding Obama in church praying for the dear Yemeni surviving children facing starvation and US missiles, the reader might view the video on Youtube of Obama professing his having Jesus Christ as his Lord and savior at In July of 2011, CounterCurrents of Kerala, India, OpEdNews and other independent newsletters published, American Christians, Obama et al.,Long Defying Their Professed Savior Jesus [] Your author wrote, “‘When you bombed these brothers and sisters of mine, you bombed me,” says Jesus in Matthew chapter 25, (paraphrased of course). Obama, as presidents before him, followed the instructions of his promoters, the ruling investors, and disregarding the teaching and warnings of his “personal saviour,” gave to the rich at home, bombed abroad to be able to take from the poor everywhere, and lied that this is necessary and good.”

The many bloody and thieving wars ordered by President Obama should make people recall how Obama as a candidate for president ran as a peace candidate, and so be cautioned not to be fooled with the present promising of both this years candidates to end America’s forever wars. Recently, President Trump called the Vietnam War “a stupid war. Anyone who went was a sucker.” [2] With all President Trump’s macabre and bizarre use of US military, including assassination and deadly sanctions, and mainstream media’s consistent wars promoting, the world is prone to forget how candidate Trump was the most dramatic American denouncer of US wars in history. Candidate Trump, with the wars promoting media either ridiculing him or making a blatant over the top show of frightened opposition, maintained among other things that the five trillion dollars spent on wars for regime change in the Middle East should have been spent in the US rebuilding its infrastructure; that NATO is obsolete; that the US should seek friendship with China and Russia; that he likes Xi Jinping and Putin (America’s perennial and sacrosanct mortal enemies!) and would get along fine with them. Trump called the last two term Republican President, George Bush, a liar for having lied about Iraq having weapons of mass destruction and has voiced suspicion about the 9/11 attack that happened so easily on Bush’s watch. Trump disputed hailing Senator John McCain, 2008 Republican presidential candidate, a hero for having been shot down in Vietnam, and condemned and ridiculed eighty percent of media’s reporters and commentators as pathetic liars (which comes to the what is in reality that hundred percent, who are willing to preposterously describe America’s running crimes against humanity as heroic deeds in defence of American freedom). Trump asked, “why must the United States lead the world everywhere on the globe and play the role of the world’s policeman, now for example in Ukraine?” Trump asked, “why does the United States always pursue regime changes – Iraq, Libya, Ukraine, and now it wants a regime change in Syria, Damascus, when the result is disaster.” Trump’s wholesale attack on the ‘patriotic’ war establishment was unheard of.  But once Trump was elected, just imagine how powerful war industry deep pockets brought about the reality of their control over him. Trump, once in office, immediately ordered military action in Yemen.[3] Condoleezza Rice, of US genocide in Iraq fame, was among the first to visit the White House.[4] 

On Sundays, in how many churches throughout the USA could one find Americans praying for Yemeni children dying in a war American military are actively participating in while US weapons manufacturing corporations make a fortune in profits? The question is rhetorical. Firstly, what one prays is intensely personal. Secondly, Americans are indoctrinated from childhood by the huge CIA overseen giant entertainment/news telecasting and publishing corporations to see their government’s armed forces as above the law, including religious laws, and deviation from this canard seen to be  unpatriotic.

In 2019, PBS and most other major newscasters reported on their evening news programs that between 2016 and 2018, as a result the Saudi coalition bombing infrastructure and blockading ports, 85,000 Yemeni children had died.In March of 2019, Global Research of Canada and CounterCurrents of Kerala, India published How To Enjoy Dinner Knowing Fellow Americans Have Caused 85,000 Yemeni Kids to Starve to Death? The news that one’s compatriots have brought death to 85,000 darling Yemeni children being hard to stomach, the author wonders how other Americans feel or manage not to feel. “I looked down at the food on my plate, and wished I hadn’t just heard PBS’s News anchor Judy Woodruff report that the war in Yemen had already caused 85,000 children to starve to death. She read the one liner with emphasis on the number, but almost without taking a breath, went on to a local news item, as if the 85,000 dead kids had nothing to do with her American audience. Problem for me is I had already known for years that a murderous, even genocidal bombing by a Saudi Arabian coalition is USA backed, that U.S. military jets refuel those coalition bombers and fighter jets, and US military personnel are involved in running the high tech targeting systems using US missiles and guided bombs sold to the Saudis, who have agreed to buy ever more billions of dollars worth.I put my fork down, and stared at a framed photo of my four year old great granddaughter on the wall. I thought, most every one of those 85,000 was an adorable child, and had moms and dads, siblings, and other family members and friends who loved them.”

A more candid treatment of the subject of child genocide in Yemen was published last July, again by CounterCurrents in India:Dead ‘Yemeni Kids? Murdering Children By the Millions For Money and Power Is An American Way of Life 

Very direct statements by prominent Americans were quoted: 3rd World must demand justice for her kids! Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s, cry “God bless America? No, no, God damn America for her crimes against humanity!” And American film maker Michael Moore’s “sick and twisted violent people that we’ve been for hundreds of years, it’s something that’s just in our craw, just in our DNA. Americans kill people, because that’s what we do. We invade countries. We send drones in to kill civilians.” OpEdNews, August 31, 2018 Minority Perspective , Birmingham, UK, Counter Currents, Kerala, India. 

But its not just for the precious dead children in Yemen that makes living in the USA  painful for an American like this author. This past July CounterCurrents of Kerala, India published his: Americans Are Guilty of Genocide Right Now in Yemen Somalia Afghanistan Libya Iraq SyriaHow to stomach the American public’s indifference to the death of millions of precious children caused by their sons and daughters in uniform having criminally invaded someone else’s beloved country. I know there are Americans who feel as bad about this as I do. So I write articles that might encourage readers to talk about their concern among family, friends and acquaintances, for nothing ever gets done before it becomes a burning topic of conversation. May all independent journalism devote itself to awaking an eventual universal outcry sooner than otherwise. Children are dying as we read this and the destiny of those who will live depends on our seeking justice for those who already have perished for our indifference. Only when those profiting from their deaths are made to pay the billions in compensation, indemnity and reparations will the forever wars and the collateral taking of children’s lives cease.

End Notes

1.Blackwater, an American private military company founded in 1997 by former Navy SEAL officer Erik Prince renamed itself Xe Services in 2009 and known as Academi since 2011 after the company was acquired by a group of private investors.The ‘Academi’ in Yemen: 400 Blackwater persons fighting with Saudi-Led forces AmericanHerald Tribune, 1/28/2020
3.How Donald Trump’s first military action went from the Obama White House to deadly raid By Dan Merica, Ryan Browne and Jeff Zeleny, CNN

4.Trump meets with Condoleezza Rice. 
– CNN Mar 31, 2017 – President Donald Trump met Friday with an unlikely guest, former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, who had called on Trump to withdraw from the presidential race a month before he was elected president. ..

Jay Janson is an archival research peoples historian activist, musician and writer; has lived and worked on all continents; articles on media published in China, Italy, UK, India and in the US by Greanville Post, Dissident Voice, Global Research; Information Clearing House; Counter Currents, Minority Perspective, UK and others; now resides in NYC; First effort was a series of articles on deadly cultural pollution endangering seven areas of life emanating from Western corporate owned commercial media published in Hong Kong’s Window Magazine 1993; Howard Zinn lent his name to various projects of his; Weekly column, South China Morning Post, 1986-87; reviews for Ta Kung Bao; article China Daily, 1989. Is coordinator of the Howard Zinn co-founded King Condemned US Wars International Awareness Campaign, and website historian of the Ramsey Clark co-founded Prosecute US Crimes Against Humanity Now Campaign, which Dissident Voice supports with link at the end of each issue of its newsletter.


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