Anti racism activist and social media campaigner Clive Henry has hit back after losing his racial discrimination case against his former employer UPS by writing a new book about his racial experiences.

Clive Henry’s story was picked up by Minority Perspective in November 2011, after he provided a detailed account of his experience at courier service UPS. Clive Henry Vs UPS Ltd – Race Discrimination Case pending date in the Court of Appeal

He spoke of being bullied, harassed and a culture of collusion and cover-ups at his place of work however, despite his persistent efforts to get justice his final appeal to the European Commission was rejected. Clive Henry loses race discrimination appeal case with European Commission but vows to fight on

Henry was down, but not out and he vowed to continue his fight for justice, starting an online petition to raise awareness of what had happened him.Clive Henry Petition: Equality Does Not Exist

Using social media to continue his fight and now writing his experiences in his new book, Racism Is Real, I am sure that Henry’s never-say-die attitude will win over many supporters. He is an inspiration to everyone who has suffered from discrimination and his determination is his greatest weapon against injustice.

Racism is Real: Clive Henry – Is now available worldwide on &  Barnes And Noble bookstores in paperback & Kindle formats. 


One thought on “Racism Is Real”
  1. Thank you, Mark and Minority Perspective for your support over the years. The book was a long time in the making. Even though this book is my autobiography. There are many lessons and help for people to learn from, and to navigate this thing called life.

    Clive Henry’s, autobiography is a David and Goliath story. One man’s fight to overcome adversity. Turning lemons into lemonade. An inspiring story. Against all odds; with a moral message to never give up.

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