The main thing that students of history have to know about the current crises within Venezuela, is that The Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) has stated that this country has the largest oil reserves in the world. Even more than Saudi Arabia. The thing that we must understand about Western democracy is that the ties between colonialism and Western countries never ended.

We would have all heard and read about Venezuela by now.  The current democratically leader President Nicolas Madura, we are told is a dictator. and the new self-proclaimed leader and Western favourite, Juan Guaido, is a beacon of hope and peace of ordinary Venezuelans.

If the mainstream media was all about reporting the news objectively and without bias, why have they not advised people that Venezuela has been the victim of persistent U.S. interference in its internal affairs for many years. This is well documented. Funds are directed to groups within Venezuela whose interests are not the interests of the majority but the few.

We have all heard the barrage of stories from the mainstream media of how Russia has influenced the U.S. elections and even Britain’s EU referendum, yet nothing is said when the U.S. blatantly interferes with the internal affairs of a sovereign nation.

Sanctions against Venezuela goes back a few years with the Obama administration. In fact one could argue that the U.S. has had their eyes on Venezuela’s oil for some time. (Read US Regime Change in Venezuela: The Documented Evidence: By  Tony Cartalucci , 25th January, 2019, Global Research, & Deeply concerned’ Obama imposes sanctions on Venezuelan officials: 9th March , 2015, Guardian)

Whilst the mainstream media spoke about how Madura allowed his people to starve, left out of those reports are the sanctions that has been used as a weapon against the government of Venezuela. In fact, the Bank of England refused to turn over $1.2 billion of Venezuela’s gold on the instructions of U.S officials. In other words, the people can starve and suffer until the U.S. has full control of the country.

It amazes me when I am watching the mainstream news to see news readers from countries that has been exploited by Europeans, sit straight-faced reading out Western propaganda as if colonialism has ended.

In Afua Hirsh’s provocative article title, What is the Commonwealth if not the British Empire 2.0? She says that “At present, British companies control more than $1 trillion worth of Africa’s key resources: gold, diamonds, gas and oil, and an area of land roughly to four times the size of the UK” (Guardian: 17th April, 2018)

Can someone tell me when Britain and European countries became a beacon for democracy and human rights around the world? The financial evidence suggests otherwise.

If we do not learn from history we will be condemned to repeat it. If history continues to be written from the viewpoint of the victors, we will never get a true account of events.

It is ironic how the term fake news has been banded about since Donald Trump has taken the U.S. presidency. It is perhaps too cosy that President Trump continues to build on the colonial legacy that Obama and all U.S. presidents before has followed.

Everyone’s intelligence informs them what is fake and what is real. You do not need the media to persuade you otherwise.

If you follow the money trail you begin to realise that the world is in the state that it is because of human greed. 

Once you reach that understanding, what next, I ask?

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