This short alert is written in dedication to my readers in nations that have been invaded or bombed by Americans in uniform.

When a crime is reported or discovered, the first thing investigators look for is someone with a MOTIVE to have committed the crime – someone who stood to gain from committing the crime. 

Why are the Syrians, Russians, Iranians and good people everywhere not emphasizing that President Assad and his Syrian Arab Army, having finally won the battle with invading terrorist groups funded and armed by the USA and Saudi Arabia, cannot be found to have had a MOTIVE to make the gas attack alleged by enemies of President Assad and Syria.

Staring us all in the face is the obvious fact that the losers of the war against the Syrian government of President Assad did have a MOTIVE to stage such a gas attack and accuse the Syrian military, who had just defeated them in battle, of gassing Syrian civilians. Their MOTIVE being to give leaders of the USA, trying to overthrow the Assad government, a pretext to bomb Damascus yet again as they did twice before, also without evidence proving a gas attack had indeed been committed by the government in Damascus. 

Why even accept any accusation against Assad without a MOTIVE suggested?

Crimes are committed by criminals with a MOTIVE. 

Why watch, listen and read media which Trump himself has called made up of 80% liars. This time Trump and 80% lying media are in bed with each other. 

Emphasizing a look at which side had a MOTIVE either for a gas attack or a staging of a gas attack, will expose the absurd charge against President Bashar al-Assad and save us all from this endless and pointless blather

The greatest crime since World War II has been United States foreign policy.” Former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark.

“The world is the most dangerous place it’s ever been now because of what our country has done, and is doing, and we have to take it back.” Ramsey Clark


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