But for media management, election 2016 would be a playing out in public of indecision within the ruling rich 1/10th of 1%, whether to switch to less profitable investing to build up USA, or continue wildly enriching themselves in wars & investing in higher profit rendering low wage 3rd world nations, at the same time helping these nations, led by China, to overtake the US & Europe in economic and political power sooner.

The Wikileaks’ released emails prove candidate Hillary Clinton, as Secretary of State, knew US close allies Saudi Arabia and Qatar were funding and equipping ISIS while thousands including Americans were being murdered by ISIS.[1]

Wars promoting mainstream media, by not reporting this murderous scandal, makes sure deceit about US wars is not an election issue.

Criminal mainstream New York Times had earlier twisted and turned on this subject in dissimulating with its article: U.S. Relies Heavily on Saudi Money to Support Syrian Rebels, By Mark Mazzetti and Matt Apuzzojan, Jan., 23, 2016, WASHINGTON —

When President Obama secretly authorized the Central Intelligence Agency to begin arming Syria’s embattled rebels in 2013, the spy agency knew it would have a willing partner to help pay for the covert operation. It was the same partner the CIA has relied on for decades for money and discretion in far-off conflicts: the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Since then, the C.I.A. and its Saudi counterpart have maintained an unusual arrangement for the rebel-training mission, which the Americans have code-named Timber Sycamore. Under the deal, current and former administration officials said, the Saudis contribute both weapons and large sums of money, and the C.I.A takes the lead in training the rebels on AK-47 assault rifles and tank-destroying missiles. The support for the Syrian rebels is only the latest chapter in the decades long relationship between the spy services of Saudi Arabia and the United States, an alliance that has endured through the Iran-contra scandal, support for the mujahedeen against the Soviets in Afghanistan and proxy fights in Africa. Sometimes, as in Syria, the two countries have worked in concert. In others, Saudi Arabia has simply written checks underwriting American covert activities.”

The New York Times so frequently will expose a few lies to maintain its credibility and at the same time avoid reporting prosecutable crimes against humanity under the Nuremberg Principles of International Law.the Times is even willing to recap some history of previous US obvious crimes, confident of course that no one is interested in the law coming down on the exceptionalist American superpower.

The best Independent media sites, even various British newspapers, have for years, with plenty of documentation, reported ISIS and related terrorist groups being a USA creation meant to destroy Syria and the Shiite in Iraq and wherever else they are.[3] Years before, Gen. Wesley Clark told independent media of the Pentagon plan to take out seven Middle East nations in the coming years. Former French Foreign Minister exposed the war against Syria as having been planned two years before so called “The Arab Spring” (in reality revolution in poor Arab nations against US banks owned governments in Tunisia, and dirt poor Egypt and Yemen).[4] Not in this election nor in previous elections could the large TV majority of the electorate know of such reports.

For US investment in regime changes in the Middle East and Africa, millions of children, women and men continue to be slaughtered, maimed, made refugees, their homes destroyed during bombings and invasions by US and allied military, always justified as necessary interventions in what are labeled civil wars, civil wars, which have been brought about through covert violence or overt actions initiated by Americans since WWII in Asia, in Latin America and even in some parts of Europe.[6] Martin Luther King in his 1963 New York sermon, Beyond Vietnam – a Time to Break Silence, which has been blacked out of all mention in criminal media for a half century, held all Americans, including himself, “responsible for these atrocity wars on three continents since 1945 for refusing to give up the privileges and the pleasures that comes from the immense profits of overseas investments these atrocity wars are meant to maintain.” [Martin Luther King: A Time to Break Silence (Declaration Against the War in Vietnam]

But for media management, election 2016 would be a playing out in public of indecision within the ruling rich 1/10th of 1%, whether to switch to less profitable investing to build up USA, or continue wildly enriching themselves in wars & investing in higher profit rendering low wage 3rd world nations, at the same time helping these nations, led by China, to overtake the US & Europe in economic and political power sooner.

The Wikileaks’ recently released emails, unmentioned on TV evening news, not only prove Hillary Clinton other US officials knew Saudi Arabia and Qatar were funding and equipping ISIS while Obama, State Dept., Army Generals and media told Americans that US was fighting ISIS, but show her and her corespondents pretending among themselves that Saudi Arabia and Qatar were not from the beginning part of the US conspiracy to arrange the very creation of this fanatical Islamic state in order to destroy Syria and the Shiite government in Iraq. Judicial Watch, under a Freedom of Information Act request, was able to obtain a (heavily redacted) copy of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) directive that initiated the creation of ISIS in 2012. the DIA report states, “THE WEST, GULF COUNTRIES, AND TURKEY [WHO] SUPPORT THE [SYRIAN] OPPOSITION . . . [SUPPORT] ESTABLISHING A DECLARED OR UNDECLARED SALAFIST PRINCIPALITY IN EASTERN SYRIA . . . IN ORDER TO ISOLATE THE SYRIAN REGIME . . .”.[7]

Media backed and projected election winner Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State from 2009 to 2013, and oversaw US wars for regime change that continue to destroy six countries, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, South Sudan, Libya, Syria and Yemen. This multiple nation death and destruction went down on her watch, but it is not expected that criminal media will allow it to be an issue before the vote on November 8th. In 1998, the US media cartel focused world attention on the naughty penis of her husband President and in 2016, that US media cartel focusing attention on her opponent along similar lines, will make former First Lady Hillary president, her mega horrific genocidal prosecutable crimes against humanity notwithstanding.[8][3]

Most honest historians believe America’s best known dissident intellectual, Noam Chomsky, Professor Emeritus of MIT, who has said over and over again, that all the US presidents after FDR would have been hanged if tried under the same Nuremberg Principles of International Law Nazi leaders were tried under. [https://chomsky.info/1990____-2/ ] Former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark points out those Nuremberg Principles of International Law are part of the United Nations Charter as signed by all its members and that by Article Six of the US Constitution are an integral part of the law of the land. Chomsky referring to this international law against invasions as something of the past, seems intentionally misleading to a former chief law enforcer of the US Justice Department. In any case, given the holocaust put on the Middle East during Secretary of State Clinton’s tenure, there seems little doubt that Hillary Clinton has predated her appearance on that list of US Presidents that should have been hanged for her leading involvement in both overt and covert crimes against humanity as defined in both the Nuremberg Principles and the universally signed on Convention on Genocide.

However, this archival research peoples historian has learned not to fall into the trap of imagining that anything revolutionary could possibly come from prosecution of the puffed up pimps and perverts who have sold their souls for the money, prestige and power to commit crimes for the bankers of the wealthy investing in the extremely profitable, illegal and genocidal use of the nation’s Armed Forces, CIA, and media. The investors in, planners and creators of, profitable genocide, would simply replace the disgraced fall guys and go on investing in invasions and bombings.

Ramsey Clark, once the head of the US justice department, and other anti-imperialists lawyers are dedicated to reminding the public of the travesty that was selective use of the Nuremberg Principles against the Nazis for their having bombed and invaded innocent populations. The hanging of a few Nazi military and media celebrities served as a smoke screen to allow the profiting industrialists of Germany and America, who had invested in and joint ventured to to build Hitler’s Wehrmacht up to world number one military force in just a little over five years, to go free and keep their war earned wealth. America wealthy who had backed and aided Hitler’s war preparations would be free to go on to making the many billions of dollars during the dozens of devastating neocolonial illegal bombings and invasions since end of WW II.

Better not to be angry at the likes of a Hilary or Obama, Bush Jr., Bill Clinton, Bush Sr., Reagan, Carter, Ford, Nixon, Johnson, JFK, Ike, and Truman. Soft spoken and long lived former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark reminds this historian that anger blinds or at least can affect one’s judgement as to what needs to be done in order to see the genocide end earlier than otherwise. The ‘otherwise’ being when the US government and its allies can no longer control the courts of a reconstituted United Nations and a human renaissance of humanity ushers un a plethora of mega enormous lawsuits for compensation, indemnity and reparations for tens of millions of unlawful deaths, injuries, malformed births, destruction of property and theft of natural resources.

Millions Dying and Maimed in Their Own Beloved Countries for Being Bombed and Invaded by Americans is Kept from Being an Issue in the Election by a Monolithic Media Cartel over seen by the CIA Since the Early Sixties [2]

Prosecutable crimes by the US government, no matter how obvious and well documented, could not have been an issue in the election of 2016. Media manipulation of what shall constitute issues is the norm unless spontaneous anger arises within the nation. US criminal media is infamous for promoting complacency with ongoing devastation of someone else’s country, while arousing fear and anger to justify US military action. In the election of 2006, corporate media fielded candidate Obama as a peace candidate in an America become suspicious of a seemingly wanton and mass murderous destruction of the prosperous oil country of Iraq. So convincingly was Obama portrayed as a peace candidate, that the Nobel Peace Prize seems to have been automatically awarded to him solely in anticipation of him being different from his blood soaked predecessor Bush Jr.

It has been striking that during a tightly corporate controlled US presidential election process, media managed as usual by that financial element in the centers of power which FDR confided has owned the government for over two hundred years, two major candidates, one Republican and one Democrat, Sanders, have been able to comprehensively denounce the US investor managed political establishment of an America its citizenry has been taught to be proud and patriotic about. They have been permitted to denounce the American establishment as corrupt, dishonest, exploitative, and serving the desperate greed of corporations investing in third world low wage nations and warring on, and destroying, nations insufficiently subservient to Wall Street’s agenda.

Wars promoting media has now marginalized candidate Trump, ridiculing him, after earlier having made a blatant over the top show of frightened opposition when Trump had been maintaining among other things that the five trillion dollars spent on wars for regime change in the Middle East should have been spent in the US rebuilding its infrastructure; that NATO is obsolete; that the US should seek friendship with China and Russia; that he likes Xi Jinping and Putin, (America’s perennial and sacrosanct mortal enemies!) and that he would get along fine with them. Trump has called two term fellow Republican President, George Bush, a liar for having lied about Iraq having weapons of mass destruction and has voiced suspicion about the 9/11 attack that happened so easily on Bush’s watch. Trump has disputed hailing former presidential candidate Senator John McCain, 2008 Republican presidential candidate, a hero for having been shot down while bombing Vietnam. Trump has asked, “why must the United States lead the world everywhere on the globe and play the role of the world’s policeman, now for example in Ukraine?“ Trump asks, “why does the United States always pursue regime changes – Iraq, Libya, Ukraine, and now it wants a regime change in Syria, Damascus, when the result is disaster.” He has stated that his opponent “brought death and disaster” outside the US.
Most importantly, for all our sakes, Trump has condemned and ridiculed eighty percent of media’s reporters and commentators as pathetic liars (which comes close to the what is in reality that hundred percent, who are willing to preposterously describe America’s running crimes against humanity as heroic deeds in defense of American freedom, for since its Operation Mockingbird, begun in the early 1950’s, the CIA has overseen, fed and tightly controlled the monolithic gigantic news and entertainment media corporations that produce an estimated 98% of all sources of information available to the American public.[2] Even before Operation Mockingbird, Albert Einstein described the public’s situation explaining why our civilization continues to be “like an axe in the had of the pathological criminal,”: “Under existing conditions, private capitalists inevitably control, directly or indirectly, the main sources of information (press, radio, education). It is thus extremely difficult, and indeed in most cases quite impossible, for the individual citizen to come to objective conclusions and to make intelligent use of his political rights.” – [Albert Einstein, Essays in Humanism]

Will a US president, spokesperson for Wall Street, someday go further and admit that the wars in Vietnam, Laos, Dominican Republic, Iraq, Libya, Cambodia, et cetera, were not heroic after all, as a start of telling the whole genocidal truth about all the rest of US foreign policy that former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark in his book,The Fire This Time – US War Crimes in the Gulf, calls, “the greatest crime against humanity since WWII.”) Insider Trump’s wholesale attack on the ‘patriotic’ war establishment is almost unheard of in US history.

Of course, though Trump might be taken to be tacitly reproaching ruling investors in genocide with a least some of the truth, Trump dare not awaken sympathy for the innocent millions of victims of US firepower and is trapped into unequivocally supporting Israel and turning a blind eye Israel’s crimes against humanity and a blind eye toward those of America during six decades of previous regime change lethal insanity. Trump like all establishment candidates has to speak as an we would expect any imperialist, capitalist, neocolonialist, and American exceptionalist to speak and praise the USA as the greatest country the world has ever seen until recently.

In two elections in bye gone eras, a potential candidate for president in 1936, populist Louisiana Governor Huey Long, and Socialist Party candidate Eugene Debs in 1919, had spoken out to huge followings along similarly truthful lines, but not for long. Long was assassinated, and Debs was in prison when he received a million votes for president in 1919.

The 2016 Election Process – An Issues Sounding Board for Elite Consideration?

The present US election, extremely overvalued by media as a harbinger of future events, might at least be displaying a struggle within the elite investment community that disposes of most of the wealth of humanity in insane and genocidal conflict detrimental to the survival of the planet. The current media managed US election process seems a playing out in public of indecision within the rich one tenth of one percent, who rule America and most of the world, indecision over whether to switch to less profitable investing in their home base America and Europe, or to continue wildly enriching themselves, heavily investing in the much higher profit rendering low wage economies of the rest of the world, thereby accelerating forward the arrival of the time when those Third World nations led by China will overtake the US and Europe in economic and political power and demand equity.

“According to conservative estimates, by 2017, China will overtake the United States as the world’s largest economy, and by 2050, its economy will be twice as large as that of the United States. Chinese influence will extend well beyond the economic sphere. The full social, cultural and political repercussions of China’s ascendancy will be felt sooner. In the coming decades, the West will be confronted with the fact that its systems, institutions and values are no longer the only ones on offer.” [When China Rules the World -The End of the Western World and the Birth of a New Global Order by Martin Jacques]

The shift of world economic power to the East and South will bring about the end of the ability of Western monopolized sources of information to criminally mis-inform, dis-inform and instill the fraudulent fears that have built a child like acceptance of continual neocolonial genocide as necessary.

In a multipolar world, the infantile absurdities, illogic and insanity that justify US NATO UN genocide will no longer be successfully propagated. As economic power shifts Eastward and Southward, outrageous fears and fabrications put out by a monolithic cartel of CNN ABC CBS NBC FOX PBS with collaborating BBC and European telecasters, just wont wash when exposed to the light of day by new major sources of information computing out of Asia, Africa and Latin America telecasting with that same satellite reach the West alone still enjoys at present.

US power to sanction nations internationally has protected Americans from lawsuits seeking compensation for millions of unlawful deaths and tens of millions of injuries and malformed births, reparations for mega massive destruction of property and indemnity for colossal theft of natural resources. This power to threaten potential suers for indemnity, compensations and reparations with inhumanly cruel and illegal international sanctions will be lost in a multi-polar world.

When world economic power shifts Eastward and eventually Southward as well to the economies of the five centuries targeted, conquered, colonized, neocolonized, plundered and exploited nations of Asia, Africa and Latin America, a reconstituted United Nations, no longer under colonial power control, will surely make courts available to adjudicate a superabundance of lawsuits by Asians, Africans and Latin Americans seeking justice and economic restitution. Such devastatingly enormous lawsuits will make all past investment in the illegal genocidal use of US Armed Forces and CIA to have been disastrously unprofitable in the end, and thus make future invasions and bombings inoperable.

Your author suspects that billionaire candidate Donald Trump might well have been designated and backed by a forward thinking powerful mass of investors to present a demand that government force America’s wealth controlling deep-pockets to invest in a United States suffering from neglect, rather than continue to promote investing more profitably in the low wage economies of developing nations with consequences of speeding up development of future contenders for world power.

This group of major investors must be aware that hugely populated China will inevitably replace America as the world’s most influential society and have therefore enabled Trump to come near to suggesting that it be better for the US to stop investing in profitable genocidal and illegal use of its Armed Forces, CIA, State Department, media and sanctions. The handwriting is on the wall that reads ‘pale skin folks will not keep power over six times as many folks of color toned skin for all that much longer. The more intelligent among them must be thinking logically, ‘Better invest in our home countries and see that the world power shift coming to overtake us comes later rather than sooner, while we make our economies better able to deal with the inevitable change in world leadership.’

However, It seems a more substantial amount of the powerful investors ruling the US and the world have their investments so heavily weighted in the super lucrative military industrial complex, that they must desperately count on the West’s overkill military dominance to assure Western control of the world far into the foreseeable future. Investors locked into the financial-industrial-military complex, must surely be more powerful than investors whose portfolios are weighted in production, trade, acquisitions and currencies manipulation. A glance at our vastly over militarized world, continuing massively destructive military action and a steady impoverishment of half of mankind would seem to be sufficient to assume the primacy of investments in the profitable but criminal use of Armed Forces and CIA.

Obviously, since predatory investments go hand in hand with bombings and invasions, the Military Industrial Complex has to be virulently opposed to forcing investors to invest in the USA as Trump, and to some degree Sanders, had been trumpeting to an ever widening audience earlier, however, with China’s rise as a world power making itself more noticeable month by month, economic might has begun to loom more and more important than military might. After all, bigger money buys bigger guns and the biggest money will always buy the most of anything necessary. Equally important, one can suppose all investors are aware of a predicted future in which China and not the US will be controlling critical world institutions including the United Nations and its courts.

It is chilling that though Hillary is not yet in office, the lead article on the front page of today’s (10/27/2016) fascist New York Times is about the race between the US versus China and Russia for the most advanced new weapons employing artificial intelligence. The Times will never as ask, perhaps no one else will either, ‘Why would the citizens of America, China or Russia want to have a war?’ ‘For what?’ For years US media pundits have insisted war between the West (US and Europe) and China (and Russia) is inevitable. Why? Why oh why?:

Russia and China, did not use their veto power to prevent a UN authorized neocolonial powers murderous reconquest and destruction of wealthy, prosperous and independent socialist Libya [see Russians Calling Medvedev a “Traitor” for Not Vetoing UN NATO War on Libya in Larger Context]. This bow to Washington was only one extreme example of a general world wide ‘might makes right’ acquiescence to the colonial-neoclonial profitable genocide that has gone on for centuries, and will most probably continue to go on until world economic power shifts from Europeans and their descendant nations over to the more than six sevenths of humanity they have plundered. So why do China and Russia need attacking?:

Russia, and China, have made no noise about an all Caucasian nations murderous fifteen year occupation of poor Afghanistan, and both adhere to a worldwide unwritten etiquette of diplomatic politeness not to identify the United States with its genocides in Korea, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Iraq and elsewhere, not alerting the constantly targeted Third World that the US has either invaded or overthrown the government of every nation in Latin America. Indeed, most diplomats repeat blatant US lies about President Assad of Syria and play along with the farce that the US did not fund the creation of ISIS, as it did al Qaida earlier, to destroy America’s designated enemies.[3]
So why attack nations going along with US world hegemony?

No leader anywhere ever seems to call for prosecution of US invasions under the Nuremberg Principles of International Law. Even the very leaders of nations under illegal US NATO attack fail to even speak of laws broken.

[see At UN Syria Failed to Call for Nuremberg Justice re US Funded Terrorist Invasions

In UN of Appearances Latin Americans Don’t Call for Nuremberg Prosecution – In 2009 Gaddafi Did

At UN General Debate Iran Fails to Call for Nuremberg Justice ]

People will one day look back in astonishment to UN debates in which nations bombed and invaded by the US and NATO did not call for justice under the Nuremberg Principles of International Law, allowing the US to get away with genocide after genocide. (Read US signed Genocide Convention’s definition[10]). The single exception this author could find is Gaddafi’s comprehensive UN General Assembly address in 2009 calling for investigation of all wars and restitution for victims of US NATO UN crimes against humanity beginning with the intentional torching of Palestine.[11] But Gadaffi is dead, The finest journalist, top intellectuals and historians, to a man, stick to reporting and chronicling events of human horror as if they were simply Realpolitik, as unchallengeable as the weather, never including the whole truth that they are obvious prosecutable genocidal crimes against humanity. Inversely, in the case of domestic homicide on a city street anywhere, the first issue to clarify whether what happened was a crime or not. Amazingly, in world coverage journalism the word ‘crime’ is never employed. Journalists report mass murderous world events as terrible or mistaken foreign policy, rarely, if ever, citing a need for reparations, indemnity, or compensation for surviving victims. If the powerful US media cartel, with satellite world reach, has everything and practically everyone under control, what is the need for a 3rd World War with China and Russia?:

The Leger Line of Highest Return Dictates Frequent Investment in the Mega Profitable Use of the Nation’s Armed Forces, Sanctions, CIA and Media (of course without malice toward those who fall in harms war)

The NY Times and maybe all of us stuck in what is termed Western ‘civilization,’ have come to respect ledger line calculation of highest return on the dollar invested as dictating events. The Wall Street that made about a million every month funding and participating in World War One made a billion a month on average during World War Two. It would be expected to make a trillion dollars a month during the World War Three being openly planned. In the Western banking civilization of lobotomized minds, the highest return on investment rules. A perhaps more urgent reason for war is to prevent the approaching loss of economic hegemony to China and the rising economies of other nations with huge work force available populations (as was already reviewed above).

Preparations Plans for World War Three NOT AN ISSUE FOR DISCUSSION

In 1899, fifteen years before the outbreak of WW I, America’s Peoples Economist Thorsten Veblen assumed “depression to be the normal condition in a business-enterprise economy, to be relieved by war, and expansion abroad.” [Theory of the Leisure Class, p.110]

We live in a world of televised upside down perception, permanently distorted like the mirrors in a fun house. We are mis and dis educated already as children by sources of information almost entirely owned by investors in the neocolonialist, imperialist style, illegal and genocidal use of national armed forces, secret services, organized religion and monolithic media. These ubiquitous sources of information mold our thinking for the ultra massive commercial profit of that 1/10th of one percent of Americans illicitly maintaining power over society. A monolithic media cartel, owned by our ruling speculative investment banking industry, inculcates both unnatural desires that are pernicious and detrimental to our well being and animosities that are used to make continuous genocide acceptable and seen as needed. There is zero interest in a million murdered Iraqi children in our Western in-human de-civilization.

It is the insane world that considers the centuries long genocidal plundering of all Africa, the Americas and most of Asia, including incredibly wealthier and infinitely more scientifically and culturally advanced peoples, as having been natural behavior. During these centuries, farm boy soldiers from Portugal, Spain, Holland, France and England have gawked in astonishment and bewilderment at the Taj Mahal in India, the Forbidden City in China, the Aztec city of Tenochtitlan, the colossal temples of Egypt and other never seen before creations of civilized human beings. Soon enough thereafter came the imposition of the upside down logic that the conquered, slaughtered, enslaved and looted nations were ‘underdeveloped’ and needing of European Christian assistance.

Candidate Fervor in Dual Party Gang Presidential Elections is Political Theater, Presidents Must Do As They’re Told

If there is any usefulness in the more than year long played-out election charade of a voting public being permitted to chose between the candidates of the two political gangs that run the country in collusion to prevent any real aspect of rule by the citizens themselves, it lies in the nation wide discussion of at least some of the issues that Americans feel are affecting their lives. Discussion despite criminal corporate owned media intending to dictate what should be discussed or not discussed. Which of the two political gangs chosen candidates becomes President pales in importance compared with the slight chance that the public might raise its awareness on important issues that concern the quality of life itself, for who ever is president can not be his own man (or woman) by the nature of the distribution of power within the superpower USA.

There is a goodly amount of the more discerning, who are no longer fooled into believing presidents are allowed to have personal power to make major policy decisions of their own and not necessarily adhere to the decisions taken within the financial element in the centers of power that Franklin Delano Roosevelt confided has owned the government since the 1830s.[9] FDR was the last wealthy aristocratic president, who had at least a voice within that financial element, but tellingly, he often felt the need to call for citizens to demand what he would then be able to do, hinting that the financial element which owned the government expected a beholden US president to be a facilitator of policies already decided upon, not an initiator of policies unapproved by people above him. The readers might keep in mind that four US presidents were assassinated on the surface of things for getting out of line, imagining in one case that a president could get away with firing the head of the CIA, who was a right hand man of scion David Rockefeller?

Your writer would like to close with a post election cautionary: Since presidents are not in charge of much of anything, probably not even there own photo ops, the world could well experience war during an administration led by nominally peace advocate Trump, and conversely, be lucky and experience peace under the fear mongering war criminal Hillary Clinton, the candidate of investors in war. It is that “financial element in the centers of power that has owned the government since the 1830s” aristocrat President Franklin Roosevelt wrote about, which will still be deciding our fate during the next four years.[9]

This article will be followed by another by jay janson, who had the wonderfully enjoyable experience of working and living among the Chinese in China for years in a relaxed an non-aggressive confident happiness oriented society: A China Led Renaissance of Humanity – What to Expect When China Guides.

End Notes
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After 1953, Operation Mockingbird had major influence over 25 newspapers and wire agencies. The usual methodology was placing reports developed from intelligence provided by the CIA to witting or unwitting reporters. Those reports would then be repeated or cited by the preceding reporters which in turn would then be cited throughout the media wire services. These networks were run by people with well-known pro-American big business and anti-communist views.
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Hillary Laughed “We Came He Died'” While a Bombed Million Demonstrated for Their Beloved Hero Gadaffi , OpEdNews, 10,8,2016. As Sec. of State Clinton oversaw US wars for regime change that continue in Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen and South Sudan, and now threatens Russia and China.

“The real truth of the matter is, as you and I know, that a financial element in the larger centers has owned the Government ever since the days of Andrew Jackson”
Letter to Col. Edward Mandell House (21 November 1933); as quoted in F.D.R.: His Personal Letters, 1928-1945, edited by Elliott Roosevelt (New York: Duell, Sloan and Pearce, 1950), pg. 373.

Article 2 of the”Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide defines genocide as any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or part a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such:
(a) Killing members of the group;
(b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;
(c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;
(d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group or forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.

Complete transcript of Muammar Gaddafi’s address to the UN General Assembly as Chairman of the African Union

Jay Janson is an archival research peoples historian activist, musician and writer; has lived and worked on all continents in 67 countries; articles on media published in China, Italy, UK, India, Sweden, Germany Vietnam and the US; now resides in NYC; First effort was a series of articles on deadly cultural pollution endangering seven areas of life emanating from Western corporate owned commercial media published in Hong Kong’s Window Magazine 1993; is coordinator of the Howard Zinn co-founded King Condemned US Wars International Awareness Campaign: (King Condemned US Wars) http://kingcondemneduswars.blogspot.com/ and website historian of the Ramsey Clark co-founded Prosecute US Crimes Against Humanity Now Campaign http://prosecuteuscrimesagainsthumanitynow.blogspot.com/ featuring a country by country history of US crimes and laws pertaining.

Jay spent eight years as Assistant Conductor of the Vietnam Symphony Orchestra in Hanoi and also toured, with Dan Tai-Son, Tchaikovsky Competition First Prize winner, who practiced in a Hanoi bomb shelter. The orchestra was founded by Ho Chi Minh,and it plays most of its concerts in the Opera House, a diminutive copy of the Paris Opera. In 1945, US ally Ho, from a balcony overlooking the large square and flanked by an American Major and a British Colonel, declared Vietnam independent. Everyone in the orchestra lost family, “killed by the Americans” they would mention simply, with kind Buddhist equanimity. Jay can be reached at: tdmedia2000@yahoo.com. Read other articles by Jay


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