Always question the writer and the source of all the information you digest.

The greatest gift that you will possess as a human being is your means to reason and critically question your environment and the information that you encounter on a daily basis. In this age of global information it is crucially important that citizens remain objective, analytical and above all sceptical of all media, including the views presented on this website.

We are bombarded on a daily basis by mass media corporations who feed us information about events shaping the world. Terrorism, war, starvation, human rights etc. These are all issues that have been shaped by the mainstream media and have therefore shaped they way we as individuals understand the world.

However, you can penetrate beyond the solid walls of misinformation by simply adopting the inquisitive child-like approach to understanding the world. Ask questions, ask more questions and then ask a question about the questions.

Have you ever wondered why many parents get frustrated when their child relentlessly ask questions about a particular subject matter? It is because whilst we can answer questions on a basic level based on memory and what we have been taught, when we are probed to dig deeper and provide a better understanding we simply get flustered because we have never scratched beyond the surface of our basic understanding.

Six media corporations dominate 90 percent of all the media in America. (Read These 6 Corporations Control 90% Of The Media In America: By Ashley Lutz: June 14, 2012: Business Insider)

In the UK three companies have control of nearly 70 percent of national newspaper circulation, and five companies own about 70 percent of regional newspaper circulation. (Read The elephant in the room: a survey of media ownership and plurality in the United Kingdom: Media Reform Coalition: April 2014)

Increasingly, big business is becoming entrenched in the media and are dictating what we hear and what we see. It is troubling that the BBC appointed Roger Carr as Vice Chairman of the BBC Trust last year. Carr is the Chairman of BAE Systems, Europe’s largest arms firm. (Read The BBC, the Weapons Industry and War Propaganda: By Global Research: 8 April, 2015)

Have you ever questioned why despite billions of aid money to Africa and other parts of the world, development is very painstakingly slow?

You would not be surprised if you realised that aid is big business. If you read The Deadly Aid Industry, it will change the way that you look at charities.

Did you know that the Comic Relief Charity had shares in the arms industry? Did you know that Macmillan Cancer Support was the beneficiary of fundraising from arms producer, BAE? That in 2009 Marie Curie Cancer Care was sponsored by French arms manufacturer, Thales? The Church Of England and the British Red Cross have also had shares in the arms industry. (Read Investing in the arms trade – is it ethical? By Kaye Stearman)

Detoxing Your Mind From The Bombardment


I find the words of great British author George Orwell relevant in these times. We are in a time of great universal deception. This deception has infiltrated not only the mainstream media, but also our schools, colleges and universities.

In Jay Janson’s article US Economic Facilitation of Holocaust and Middle East Destabilizing Partition, readers will find that everything that has been taught about World War II, the Nazis and Hitler was a distortion of the real truth. America’s financial elite funded the Nazis and made millions from the war, and they continue to finance and fund wars and conflicts today.

In my article The global terrorist network and its links to western intelligence, I put forward the case that the terrorists who we are being told to fear today, have worked with and continue to work with Western Intelligence Services. I cited direct evidence from declassified government documents that revealed the American government was willing to bomb their own people as a pretext to invade Cuba back in 1962. That was 55 years ago, so the question must be asked what would the powerful be willing to do now in order to maintain power and wealth?

We are all natural detectives, we are in fact all natural journalists. Journalism in my view is the pursuit of truth through detective work and passionate reporting to reveal what has been found.

Minority Perspective was started to attract like-minded individuals from around the world who care enough to want to make a difference. Orwell said that telling the truth is a revolutionary act in a time of universal deception, I would go further to say that digesting the truth is also a revolutionary act, spreading the truth is also a revolutionary act. Revolution must first take place in the mind before it can be fully realised in reality.

What we must all fight against is complacency, thinking that someone else will speak out, someone else will take on the perpetrators. Thinking that thoughts are enough to change the world.

This is why I wholeheartedly support Jay Janson’s campaigns, King Condemned US Wars International Awareness Campaign:and Prosecute US Crimes Against Humanity Now Campaign.

Campaigns aimed at actually bringing the powerful to justice for their crimes against humanity, my only question is are we prepared to take on the corruption in our world or will we be forever sitting on the sideline waiting for someone else to make that change?

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