Mark Twain said, Fear the media, for they will steal your Honor. Watch the video of Haaretz Newspaper’s renown columnist Gideon Levy describe a state of blind, deaf and dumb Israeli acceptance of the inhumanity of death, degradation and homicidal captivity of their Arab Palestinians. Read author’s ‘US Economic Facilitation of Holocaust and Middle East Destabilizing Partition.’ Corporate media maintains a genocide-perpetuating pretense of a non-existent search for peace in Palestine.

“Do not fear the enemy, for your enemy can only take your life. It is far better that you fear the media, for they will steal your Honor. That awful power, the public opinion of a nation, is created in America by a horde of ignorant, self-complacent simpletons.” Mark Twain

Imagine! Mark Twain wrote this when there were no radio stations, no TV channels, nor the present 98% control of all print and electronic news and entertainment by six giant news, information and entertainment conglomerates owning CIA and Pentagon fed media all owned by investors profitably speculating in the illegal and unconstitutional use of US Armed Forces and CIA.

Mark Twain was moved to speak of Americans losing their honor, suckered by the first extensive in influence newspaper chain of William Randolph Hearst into being in favor of their nation declaring war on Spain and thereafter into rationalizing the racist massacre of a million Philippians. Mark Twain saw early on how the media could turn the understanding of events upside down to the point of public acceptance of genocide.

That media that Mark Twain credited with stealing the public’s honor and sanity has been allowed to grow a thousands times more powerful and for decades has controlled 98% plus percent of all news and information and therefore public opinion. This is the explanation of the debasement of the mind in a captive media audience, and explains well the unfathomable brutish and fanatic mass homicidal attitude and behavior of both Israelis and Americans so perceptively described in the video linked below of Gideon Levy, renown Israeli dissident columnist for Israel’s influential newspaper Haaretz Newspaper speaking at the National Press Club in Washington D.C. in April of this year.

Gideon Levy gives a wonderful highly authoritative merciful and compassionate description of the state of blind, deaf and dumb Israeli acceptance of the inhumanity of , Israeli persecution, degradation and homicidal captivity of Arab Palestinians. No one will regret the time spent in watching and listening to Gideon Levy’s sorrowful but extremely engaging description of an Israeli mind-boggling disconnect from their own inhumanity toward their Palestinians neighbors, who Levy reports are treated and considered as sub-human.

Levy presents his beyond anger devastating description of Israeli (and American) deadly inhumane behavior with engaging accounts of his attempts to intervene, and gives illustrative examples of incomprehensible macabre racism personally witnessed. His frustration, anger and bitterness notwithstanding, Levy puts across his message in an intense but compassionate manner.

Unfortunately, Levy ends his magnificently well spoken report with an utterly unrealistic hope that Israelis and Americans will change their horrific savage behavior. Israelis and Americans are not free to do so.

Today, wall to wall media control over what shall be reported and what shall not be reported, the featuring of half-truths, the selection of what shall be highlighted and slanted, the promotion of fears to stimulate acceptance of what is by nature immoral and unacceptable, reporting events out of historical context, the dissemination of outright lies and outrageous slander of people targeted as designated enemies, makes for the abysmal ass-backward upside-down understanding, ignorance and apathetic poverty of thought needed to obfuscate the criminal investments in the trillion-dollar profitable illegal and unconstitutional genocidal use of US Armed Forces and secret services.

Since Mark Twain’s day and Twain’s, with Helen Keller co-founded, failed Anti-Imperialist League, American media has helped create civil war after civil war in vulnerable non Caucasian populations formerly plundered at will by European imperialist powers. At the same time American media has successfully stimulated participation in, support for, or acquiescence to, mega massive crimes against humanity. This media now tutors a media created aberrant, largely indifferent, egoist consumer society.

After watching this video of Gideon Levy, likewise will the reader not regret time spent in reading this archival research people’s historian’s 2012 published heavily documented review of how the greatest crime in the history of the world, namely the WWII that included the Holocaust, was planned, prepared and facilitated by the same wealthy capitalist colonialist, imperialist criminals that afterward made merciless use of the survivors of the Holocaust in British occupied Palestine in a planned permanent civil war that would make possible the founding of the implanted state of Israel for further Western investor penetration and subjugation of the oil rich Middle East.

Your author’s 2012 published historical study traces the Second World War and Holocaust, though the greatest crime of all time, still only one of multitudinous speculative investment banking created genocidal crimes against humanity, which permitted a third genocidal crime, this time against both the indigenous and newly arriving Holocaust survivors in the British ‘colony’ of Palestine, that would be torched into a planned civil war by the US-forced-through UN recommended plan for an absurdly impractical partition of the Holy Land never meant to be realized.

First, Haaretz columnist Gideon Levy describing a lethal Israeli Apartheid, April, 2015
Gideon Levy: Does unconditional support for Israel endanger Israeli voices?

Secondly, the reader is invited to read the background and origin of the nefarious mind-set Gideon Levy calls our attention to:

US Economic Facilitation of Holocaust and Middle East Destabilizing Partition in three parts: History, Deception, and Imagining, published by Minority Perspective, UK, 12/6/2012

Synopsis: Israel is in bed with a U.S. business elite that once heavily invested in Hitler, was itself anti-Semitic in outlook, and coldly indifferent and even complicit during the Holocaust its investments made possible. A popular quip in Yiddish goes, “with such friends, who needs enemies?“Arabs saved Jews from Christian persecutions in 637, 1187, 1492. Now Christians are persecuting Arabs. Needed! Jewish-Arab Semitic solidarity. With the world evolving and changing, how long will Israel remain merely a U.S. outpost in the Middle East and servant of America’s business run foreign policy of world hegemony in disregard of its own safety and that of everyone else.

This long thoroughly document article traces how Israelis, Americans and a good part of the rest of the world, were brought to this upside-down understanding of events during the pre-history and history that brought about the colonial crime against humanity that saw a captive UN British occupied Palestine with a recommended partition never intended to happen as proposed.

For sixty-seven years, the monolithic, Western media cartel, owned by investors in a nearly continuous illegal genocidal use of US-NATO and UN military forces and homicidal covert activities, have maintained a genocide-perpetuating pretense of searching for peace in Palestine. American media present a never-ending charade of newsworthy ‘diplomatic efforts’ by the same criminal ‘Colonial Powers’ of past centuries, currently euphemistically sanitized falsely as ‘The International Community.’

Great media celebrities like Charlie Rose should remember that five influential Nazi media personalities were convicted under the now universally signed on to Nuremberg Principles for having reconfigured in public opinion German invasions, bombings, military occupations and atrocities into publicly acceptable events of good German foreign policy to be proud of. Two were hanged, two were imprisoned and one committed suicide. The Nazi media personalities were tried alongside Nazi military leaders and government officials. (German and American bankers and investors in Hitler’s Wehrmacht were not indicted at this first trial under the Nuremberg Principles.)

A shorter and less in-depth earlier published version was titled: US Invested Heavily In Hitler Compensated Europe’s Jews With Arab Land – Therefore was published by Counter Currents, Kerala, India and was first published in two parts by OpEdNews, 6/9/2011 )

Jay Janson is an archival research people’s historian activist, musician and writer; has lived and worked on all continents in 67 countries; articles on media published in China, Italy, UK, India, Sweden and the US; now resides in NYC; First effort was a series of articles on deadly cultural pollution endangering seven areas of life emanating from Western corporate owned commercial media published in Hong Kong’s Window Magazine 1993; Howard Zinn lent his name to various projects of his; Global Research; Information Clearing House; Counter Currents, Kerala, India; Minority Perspective, UK; Einartysken, Sweden: Saker Vineyard, Germany; Dissident Voice; Ta Kung Pao; Uruknet; Voice of Detroit; Mathaba; Ethiopian Review; Palestine Chronicle; India Times; MalaysiaSun; China Daily; South China Morning Post; Come Home America; CubaNews; TurkishNews; HistoryNews Network; Vermont Citizen News have published his articles; 300 of which are available at: ; Weekly column, South China Morning Post, 1986-87; reviews for Ta Kung Bao; article China Daily, 1989. Is coordinator of the Howard Zinn co-founded King Condemned US Wars International Awareness Campaign:  and website historian of the Ramsey Clark co-founded Prosecute US Crimes Against Humanity Now Campaign  featuring a country by country history of US crimes and laws pertaining.


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