The soaring rate of type 2 diabetes has been on all the major news channels i.e. tv and radio, social websites and in the newspapers. I am trying once again to be proactive as diabetes is impacting and affecting the black community at an alarming rate in comparison to all ethnic groups. I have been interviewed repeatedly on New Style radio and BBC Radio West Midlands on this pressing topic.

I am one of the Diabetes UK’s Community Champions and have been giving talks/seminars/workshops free of cost with goody bags to anyone who is interested in knowing more about diabetes across the West Midlands. Sadly the uptake for such an important health care issue remains poor and I am once again trying to engage more community groups in the West Midlands to book me for any of these sessions. Contrary to popular belief this is not just for elderly people and I hope this proactive stance will bear some reward.

I am available in the West Midlands only to educate those interested in learning about Type 2 diabetes which is preventable if one looks carefully at one’s diet and lifestyle. There are people who have Type 2 diabetes right now and are not even aware of it. Without scaring anyone the incidents of limb amputations, strokes, heart attacks, kidney disease and blindness all from diabetes complications are on the increase.

Please spread the word if you know anyone who could benefit from inviting me to do a session at their community group lasting on average 2 1/2 hours. To be honest I cannot put it any clearer than what is in the news release below and invite you to look at the very last sentence of the press release which sums it up perfectly.

My contact details are or 0121 6860440.

Tony Kelly
Diabetes UK Community Champion West Midlands.



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