Some, if not most, of the most accomplished jazz musicians in the world performed brilliantly at the United Nations on International Jazz Day, April 10, 2015, at the same time sanctifying with music a failed United Nations, which, since its creation by the colonial powers, has facilitated genocide for profit of the amoral wealthy elite of Western speculative interest banking.

While the famous musicians played, the bombing of Yemen, one of the poorest nations in the world, by the US and its allies, the oil rich the Arab kingdoms, went on, killing mostly civilians, with less UN attention than that given to listening to music.

While the stars of jazz played at the UN in-between commentary emphasizing that jazz has always forwarded the cause of freedom and the absence of racism, the innocent population of Afghanistan was suffering its fourteenth year of death and destruction of an occupation war by a UN assisted US led coalition that has included every white folks nation on Earth, even tiny Lichtenstein, Andorra, and Monaco.

As the musicians showed off their dynamic artistry at the UN and for an international TV audience as well, Syrian women and children went on dying by the tens of thousands as they have since the CIA and its European and Arab branches created yet another ‘civil war’ and funded, armed and funneled in thousands of foreign killers, while the UN information agencies go on trumpeting the same lies of war investors beholden Western politicians broadcasted by war investor owned media conglomerates, and the UN Secretary General parrots US slander of the government of Syria.

As the audience roared in approval of the swinging jazz compositions, death and destruction stalked the streets and countryside in once wealthy Libya, which had a quality of life index higher that nine European nations before the UN Security Council ordered it bombed by the US and Libya’s former murderous colonial masters Great Britain and France in order to permit a CIA created army of largely al Qaeda elements to destroy a nation with a popular Arab socialist government of real local democracy, fine free health care, universal education, and an apartment for anyone who wanted one. Gaddafi, the greatest enemy of neocolonial imperialism of Western bankers in Africa, who called the UN Security Council, “a council of terror,” long lies in his grave, murdered by the UN, if not in deed, then in essence, and everyone is made to forget what happened to the forty-four billion in gold that was held in revolutionary Libya’s State Bank.

As we marveled at the world’s best known artists’ ability to turn phrases in seemingly ever more heady complex jazz rhythms performing in front of the well-known light green marble wall of the UN’s main hall, impoverished Somalians in their own war-torn country continued to be occupied by a despised UN-US-NATO organized and overseen foreign army made up of African military of governments obedient to the governments of their former white racist masters whose descendents control the UN as well.

This in the ten-year long context of the US led bloody overthrow, through US air power backed military invasion by US client governments in Christian Ethiopia and Kenya, of an extremely popular and efficiently restorative conservative government made up of this Islamic nation’s courts and nearly a million Somalis having perished from starvation during the decade of strife between US backed warlords paralyzing the transportation of the modest aid offered by the UN.

More than a few genocidal examples, this short article cannot give a complete documented history of UN assisted crimes against humanity, but the UN’s first facilitating of two genocidal crimes almost immediately after its founding, deserves mention.

The UN, pressured by it colonial powers founders, knowingly torched British Empire occupied Palestine into perennial civil war, assisting a common Anglo-American colonial crime against humanity and against a captive subject population, in which the survivors of a Holocaust and world war facilitated by immense and super profitable American investment and joint-venturing in building the Nazi Wehrmacht up to world’s number one military in five short years, while Hitler made clear his malevolent plans for Jews and the communist Soviet Union and merciless Anti-Antisemitic American refusals of refuge for Jews trying to escape before the Holocaust, later for Jews fleeing during the Holocaust and to Holocaust survivors, even orphans, after the Holocaust, even as the UN began its existence.

Korea, once awarded to the Japanese Empire for over forty years in exchange for Japanese recognition of the Philippines as US territory, then invaded by the US after WWII ended, criminally divided in two, its democratic all Korea government overthrown, replaced first by US Military rule, soon afterward by a US imposed dictator, who even by recent South Korean documentation, had secret police and special army forces slaughter nearly 200,000 socialists, communists, unionists, farmer organizers, and citizens against the partition and overthrow of Korea’s all Korea government. Then, while the army of the North swept down with little opposition and unified the nation for first time in more than forty some years, the UN Secretary General, in subservient tandem with President Truman, called for all nations to ‘intervene,’ and as all Korea both north and south was bombed flat twice over, the UN flag was shown painted on every US warplane.

The choice of the UN to host the International Jazz Day, will help give continued credence to war criminal media continued condemnable and farcical praise for the UN as a defender of humanity from wars.

Your author, knowing personally a number the artists, who performed at the UN is sure that not a few had, at the very least, misgivings about directors of Jazz International Day choosing the UN as its venue. The intention was obviously, at bottom, to burnish the image of a UN that continues to aid the genocidal US-NATO foreign policy.

Celebrities, for their role model influence, have extra reason to feel responsible for criminal actions of their government. Martin Luther King held himself and all Americans responsible for his government’s crimes.

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Jay Janson is a regular contributor to Counter Currents, Kerala, India, and Minority Perspective Birmingham, UK; is coordinator of the Howard Zinn and Ramsey Clark founded, King Condemned US Wars International Awareness Campaign and historian of the Ramsey Clark co-founded Prosecute US Crimes Against Humanity Now, an educational and stimulus website featuring the laws pertaining and a country by country history of US crimes in nineteen countries.


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