The Paris terrorists were known to French and American intelligence for years. Were they allowed to carry out these attacks as part of Western policy objectives?

By now everyone with a television, access to the internet or a newspaper will have heard of the terrorist attacks in France at the headquarters of the French satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo. While the mainstream media have referred to this attack, as an attack on freedom of speech, the mass marches that followed in Europe’s capitals by people holding up the media’s favourite slogan, “Je Suis Charlie”, translated “I am Charlie”, demonstrated how the Western media’s lies has deeply penetrated the minds of the masses.

The attack carried out at the Charlie Hebdo headquarters in Paris was horrific. Twelve members of staff were killed by Muslim gunmen who took great offence to the magazine’s published pictures of the Prophet Mohammad.

The mainstream media portrayed these attacks as an attack on the freedom of speech. Many people from all of Europe’s main cities gathered in solidarity against the terrorists with slogans saying “Je Suis Charlie”, which means “I am Charlie”.

The mainstream media were not defending the freedom of speech that is supposed to educate the public about abuses of power in government. The freedom of speech that is supposed to challenge individuals to be critical of government policies and educate them about events shaping the world.

According to Larry Chin, in his article “Je Suis CIA”, published on the Global Research website (January 17, 2015):

The Kouachi brothers and Amedy Coulibaly were not only well known by French authorities, French intelligence and the CIA. The Kouachis were tracked and monitored—guided—over the course of many years, arrested many times, yet were allowed to continue training and plotting with fellow Al-Qaeda in Iraq, Yemen, Syria, etc. These are telltale signs of a guided military-intelligence operation. A blatantly obvious terror cell, known to authorities, “drops out of sight”, and then set loose at an appropriate moment. And then executed.”

Chin is indicating that this points to what is called a ‘false Flag’ operation.  This is a covert operation used deceptively to give the impression that an enemy has attacked when in fact it is an inside job.

Does this sound far-fetched to you? Read the article False flag, on Wikipedia and you will find ample examples throughout history were governments have planned to use False Flag operations to further their goals. The most notable example is Operation Northwoods, planned in 1962 by the U.S. Department of Defence, to carry out attacks on its own people by shooting down a passenger plane or sinking a U.S. ship and blame it on Cuba as a pretext to invade the country under the leadership of Fidel Castro. The operation was never carried out but it shows the mentality of leaders who shape world events.

Read my article The global terrorist network and its links to western intelligence, and you will find substantial evidence that wars and conflict in the Middle East and indeed around the world have been meticulously planned by America and its allies for decades to further their aims of global dominance.

Read ISIS: Trained by America, armed by America and now public enemy number one, and discover that the very terrorists the Western media and governments are saying poses a threat to democracy and freedom of speech were trained by them, aided by them and continue to be aided by them in Syria, Russia and Iran to further US goals to weaken their competitors and challengers to their plans for global dominance.

With this in mind, the mass marches across Europe and the world in solidarity to the those that were killed and Charlie Hebdo magazine is nothing more than lip service to the warmongers and financial elites that pulls the strings behind much what is wrong with our world.

Many people must be really taken in by the mass media’s propaganda if they believe they captured the spirit of real rebellion against the terrorists, when in fact they were in solidarity to war criminals and politicians who justify war for resources. Anyone who has watched the 1960 film Spartacus, starring Kirk Douglas, about the leader of a slave rebellion against the Roman empire, will have recognised the inspiration behind the phrase “I am Charlie”. There is a point in that film were Spartacus and his followers are captured, and the Roman leader offers to spare anyone who identifies Spartacus. One by one, each of the slaves stand up and defiantly says, “I am Spartacus”, identifying with the rebellion against the Roman empire that Spartacus inspired, thereby condemning themselves to death by crucifixion.

Protestors across Europe and the world could safely come out and say “I am Charlie”, knowing that they have the full protection of the world’s leading military powers. They could safely return home and play on the X-Box or Playstation afterwards or Watch Celebrity Big Brother. This is not defiance or rebellion, it mocks the true meaning of these words.

As for defending freedom of speech. The media did not say a word when British Prime Minister David Cameron called for any criticism of government policy, in particularly foreign policy, to be labelled as terrorism, in a speech to the United Nations a few months ago. (Read Criticising Western foreign policy is terrorism, says British Prime Minister David Cameron). Where were the protestors fighting for free speech then?

Did Charlie Hebdo publish satirical pictures of David Cameron as a dictator? No. Whilst publishing pictures of Mohammad in 2006, distancing himself from Muslim fundamentalists, did journalists at Charlie Hebdo ever consider publishing pictures of Jesus condemning Western leaders and European Christians for equating war for resources and empire building as ‘Christian values’? No. The journalists and Charlie Hebdo are not as brave as they would like us to believe. What they published did not make people question the status quo.

In this age of technological advances, where at the click of a mouse or the tap of buttons on a keyboard you can have access to tons of information, it is hard to believe that many people still find the mainstream media credible.

Yes, what happened at Charlie Hebdo was horrific, and yes we should condemn the killings, but we should also condemn the killings of innocent Muslims who have died as a result of Western foreign policy. All the nameless Muslim victims of Western state terrorism in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya etc., who stands up for them?

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  1. A very intelligent article and I am glad to have read it. Charlie Hebdo sacked one of their cartoonists in 2009 for producing something that was allegedly ‘anti-semitic’.

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