British PM David Cameron has asked for British values to be taught in school.

British Prime Minister David Cameron has called for British values to be taught in schools believing that this will combat the rise of extremism amongst young Muslims, however what exactly are British values?

David Cameron told the Mail On Sunday that all young people should be taught about the Magna Carta, and wider British values such as, “a belief in freedom, tolerance of others, accepting personal and social responsibility, respecting and upholding the rule of law“. (Read Cameron champions ‘British values’: Press Association: 15 June, 2014)

Cameron went on to say that British history should be proudly promoted without shame. Whether he was referring to the era of the British empire is debatable as the Magna Carta (Read Magna Carta: Wikipedia) as far as I am aware has never been an era in British history for them to be ashamed. The brutality of the British empire in regards to how human beings treated each other on the other hand is another matter.

Cameron’s views comes follows the news regarding Muslim extremists allegedly infiltrating schools in Birmingham. The so-called ‘Trojan Horse’ plot.  It is important to note however, that OFSTED found no evidence of this when they inspected 21 schools. (Read Witch hunt against Muslims in Birmingham – Get racist Tories out of schools: By Sadie Robinson: Socialist Worker: Tuesday, 10th June, 2014)

What are British values though, is the emphasis of this article. Cameron refers to it as the rule of law, a belief in freedom, tolerance and accepting personal and social responsibility.

If you read the following articles, Dizzee Rascal would be bonkers to play Bond, The global terrorist network and its links to western intelligence, Amnesty International report exposes the corrupt arms trade of major UN powers, Britain’s terrorism abroad comes home brutally on the streets of London, you will find ample evidence of the British government’s crimes against other nations, including the assassinations of democratically elected leaders in order to control the resources of countries, funding allies and fuelling wars in conflict regions for again, economic interests. When you unveil the rhetoric you will find that successive British governments have never respected the rule of law when it comes to pursuing their economic interests abroad. In fact, successive British governments have been key players in denying freedom to millions of Muslims abroad by supporting dictators in these resource-rich countries.

So when the British media and politicians discuss British values, the Magna Carta never comes to my mind, the rule of law never appears in my mind, nor tolerance. What comes to my mind is the consistent lies that successive British governments have told decade after decade since the rise of the British empire to justify Britain’s continued plunder of resources overseas.


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