The writer has kept diaries on his experiences while living under Bromford Housing Association. What could only be described as a slow psychological hanging where each day he was subjected to harassment, which finally led to an arson attempt on his life and property by his white neighbour. His constant cries for help to Bromford were intentionally ignored. Eventually he was only free from this nightmare hell because his neighbour was put into prison for nearly four years after trying to set fire to his downstairs flat.

Kevin Watson thought his nightmare was over but it was only just beginning! Bromford had moved in racist neighbours above his flat who would continue this reign of terror but only this time slowly torturing Kevin to the point of hopelessness and thoughts of suicide! The story will show how premeditated the harassments were, and the sick pleasure that people get from it!

In the end what could only be described as provocative and racially motivated; Bromford created situations where they conspired with Kevin’s racist neighbours in which to drive him finally out of his home! In the end Kevin sandwiched between Bromford’s refusal to deal with the racist abuse, threats from his white neighbours; and denial from the Staffordshire police trying to deal with the case; would end up running from his home for his dear life!

His mental health rapidly declined as a result of institutional racism and its’ failure in which to want to tackle it. Once Kevin left his home he thought that the curse of Bromford was left behind not realising that Bromford wanted to destroy him even if it meant lying or even breaking the law! They wanted him silenced, and would stoop to any level to see that.

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3 thought on “‘They don’t want us here!’”
  1. I am reading this book at the moment and can relate to a lot of what Kevin experienced. I have never heard of Bromford Housing Association before but the tactics used by the second lot of neighbours who lived above Kevin were so very familiar to me. I am halfway through the book but take occasional short breaks from reading it before carrying on as it is bringing it all back which is eerie at times as there are a lot of similarities. I do feel so relieved to realise that I am not alone in my experience in the sense that I can relate to him but obviously I am upset that someone else has experienced this and there are no doubt people experiencing the same thing at this very moment somewhere in the country.

    I have tried to see if Kevin has any contact info but cannot find anything on Amazon or elsewhere. If you (the creator of this webpage) know any way that I can get in touch, that would be amazing. I am very happy for you to pass on my email address if you are able to.

  2. Hi Marie

    You can contact

    I am sure exchanging experiences, and doing something positive regarding this issue which is seldom dealt with; will be a good move.


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