The tragic news of the death of 39-year-old, Leon Briggs, who lost his life just hours after he was taken to Luton Police Station and detained under the Mental Health Act on this Monday caused widespread alarm at the way people from the community in need of mental health care continue to be treated.

On Monday 4 November, Bedfordshire Police officers attended the junction of Marsh Road and Willow Way after responding to reports from members of the public who had reported their concerns relating to Briggs behaviour in Marsh Road, Luton earlier in the afternoon.

Mr Briggs was restrained by officers, detained under Section 136 of the Mental Health Act and taken to Luton police station and pronounced dead in hospital, later the same day. While details of how many officers were involved in the restraint or how long the 39-year-old was held down for have not come to light, the IPCC has confirmed that following a review of the evidence they have gathered this week that there will be a criminal investigation into this case.

This news comes just a week after human rights campaigns group Black Mental Health UK launched a national campaign against black deaths in custody in a move to bring about the much needed change in the way in which vulnerable people from the community are subject to often lethal levels of force by both the police and mental health service when in need of mental health care.

Matilda MacAttram director of Black Mental Health UK said:

This tragic case confirms the worst fears of too many people from the UK’s African Caribbean communities who continue to be over represent amongst those detained under the Mental Health Act who end up in police custody, and also sadly among those who lose their lives in these settings. This is an injustice that has gone on for far too long.’

We send our condolences to Leon Briggs family at this very difficult time. If the changes that BMH UK and many other campaigns groups have been calling for a very long time this incident may well not have happened.’

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One thought on “Shock at another service user from community’s death in police custody this week”
  1. Could the death of PC John Henry in Luton in 2007 have led to over zealous policing in the arrest and detention of Leon Briggs. The local and national police federation made some outrageous comments at time about those of us with mental health problems as did our local MP. Could the 2007 perception of black men with mental health issues have been an issue in the arrest, detention and death of Leon Briggs. The facts are all to be found with the click of a button. Will the IPCC click that button !!!!

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