A voice from neo-colonized majority Mankind adds to this inexpressibly wonderful article: leaders within the sick, suffering US materialist society of amoral, usurious, and homicidal speculative interest banking WILL one day soon be “locked away for life” or hung, and the names of those US leaders who will have died beforehand, will forever appear in history books as murderers owing for wrongful death, injury, destruction and theft.

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reviewer Jay Janson’s comments are interspersed in plain type within the very excellent original text in quotes from: US; The Real Global Terror Alert by Finian Cunningham, 8/7/2013, Information Clearing House http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article35784.htm

Sixty-eight years ago this week, the United States wiped out more than 200,000 people when it dropped two atomic bombs on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.” Tens of thousands more victims were to die over the ensuing years due to slow, painful deaths from cancers and birth defects“.

Reviewer Janson: Yes, this was a crime against humanity that will soon will be prosecuted by majority Mankind, the other-than-white-race victims of the savage colonial powers and history books will relegate the United States of America to the garbage heap of a primitive past.

Yet the US – the only state to have ever used atomic weapons – has never apologized or made any atonement for this singularly horrific crime. Officially, the US justifies it as a legitimate attack during war even though many historical sources show that there was absolutely no military necessity for the bombings.”

Reviewer Janson: Yes, and we within the invaded, plundered and now attacked neo-colonized Third World are most keenly aware of that normal human inclination to see a crime, especially a monstrous crime, punished.

Even former president and top military commander Dwight Eisenhower would later go on record as saying that the A-bomb attacks on Japan in August 1945 were completely unnecessary.”

Reviewer Janson: Yes, for General Eisenhower merely “unnecessary?” Ike’s matter-of-fact-ness statement showed the dry side of a President Eisenhower that would allow himself to sign orders for the crucifixion of Guatemala and the Congo and threaten with practice bomber runs to A-bomb the north of Korea. Ike’s words after Hiroshima were no solace for the survivors and the families of the mass murdered.

The unleashing of the atomic infernos on mostly civilian populations was simply this: an act of supreme terrorism. It was an act of barbarity callously calculated by the US planners to demonstrate their country’s demonic power to the rest of the world – and the Soviet Union in particular. This premeditated rationale makes it an undeniable crime of the highest order.”

Reviewer Janson: Yes, and the Japanese and all the other non-white vast majority population of planet Earth are well aware that if such a crime had happened to Americans, great punishment of the perpetrators would have been demanded and wild vengeance taken in unimaginably grand proportions. But victims of American genocide, who, as author Finian Cunningham notes, runs in the tens of millions, are expected to be understanding of American atrocities as some sort of miscalculation or mistake. Majority humanity’s time will come when the white colonial powers bankrupt themselves in more debilitating ways than just financially.

“Fast-forward sixty-eight years on, the US government has this week issued a global terror alert, closing down more than 20 diplomatic sites across the world and vacating staff from various countries. Following suit are the British and French governments who have shut their embassies in Yemen on the basis of an unspecified, secret terror alert issued by Washington.

The rest of the world is thus obliged to believe the word of Washington over this unverifiable warning.

Of course, it is a propaganda stunt, aimed at renewing the whole fraudulent ‘war on terror’ charade and distracting from recent politically embarrassing developments, such as the vast scope of illegal surveillance against US citizens and the rest of the world; or the increasing public awareness of the collusion between American and Western intelligence and regime-change terrorism in Syria.

This is the same American political establishment that launched wars on Afghanistan and Iraq on the back of spurious and outright mendacious claims over the alleged 9/11 terror attacks and weapons of mass destruction.”

Reviewer Janson: Yes, and by the Nuremberg Trial Principles Laws long imbedded in the US Constitution by its Article 6, they were Crimes Against Humanity and Crimes Against Peace, believed by an increasingly large number of scholars to be desperately needing trail for the sake of the survival of the Homo Sapiens specie.

This is the same government, along with Britain and France, that secretly claims the Syrian armed forces of President Bashar al-Assad used chemical weapons – when the hard evidence is that it is actually the US-backed foreign mercenaries who have launched these weapons to kill civilians.”

Reviewer Janson: …which is a Crime Against Humanity and specifically against the people of Syria, as defined in Nuremberg Principle Six.

This week, the US military killed more people in Yemen with its assassination drones under presidential executive orders, just as it has done every week over the past 10 years as it wages covert and overt criminal wars in several countries simultaneously.”

Reviewer Janson: By now the reader is of the understanding that Prof. Finian is reporting yet another punishable crime against humanity with implications of conviction, imprisonment and seizure of all assets to pay compensation for wrongful death, injury, destruction of property and theft of natural resources.

These US-led wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Pakistan, Somalia, Libya and Syria have caused as many as two million, mainly civilian, deaths.

Reviewer Janson: Since ‘one persons death is a tragedy, a million is a statistic without the possibility of feeling that severe pain one feels over one death.’ Finian well suggests that this is yet another American Holocaust.

And yet ludicrously, the US government is putting the world on alert against terrorism. Even more ludicrously, the Western news media are amplifying this warning from the world’s biggest terrorist state as if it is a benign service to international public safety.”

Reviewer Janson: Yes, intentionally distracting, fear creating, in an attempt at justifying all the ongoing US crimes against humanity and persecution of Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning for uncovering some of these crimes for the propagandized public.

In this awful anniversary week of Hiroshima and Nagasaki it is rather astounding that the perpetrator of that genocide is still strutting the globe as if it is God almighty. On a global terrorist offender list, the United States is the paramount offender without compare. YEs, but billions of normal and decent beleaguered human beings within the so-called Third World have already prosecuted the United States in their hearts and await their opportunity to see it happen in real-time.

In a saner world, the US should be a pariah state, shunned and sanctioned, its government leaders past and present locked away for life.”

Reviewer Janson: The tenor of feelings out in the in the former colonial-military occupied now so-called ‘Developing and neo-colonized World would offer one singe correction for the wording here in this inexpressibly wonderful article from perhaps the most perceptive writer in the First World. From a Third World perspective, and even as protection for the people living in the First World, the leaders within the insane society of the speculative banking business in the United States will one day soon, indeed be “locked away for life,” and the names of those US leaders who will have died beforehand, will appear in history books stained in blood for the foreseeable future.

Perhaps, the world is finally beginning to wake up from the illusory spell that it has been kept under till now, to realize that humanity’s security is threatened not by states such as Iran or North Korea, but by the one whose president is a Nobel Peace laureate.”

Reviewer Janson: Yes, and maybe in time to stop the US led community of banksters of the wealthy planned and heavily invested in super horrific but mega profitable cataclysmic war against China and Russia.

The US terror state slaps sanctions on Iran, North Korea, Cuba, Syria, Zimbabwe and others, causing women and children to die from medial and other basic deprivations. But what we should realize is that this is not depraved double standards or hypocrisy. No, such criminality is simply consistent with the actions of American state terrorism.”

Reviewer Janson: Yes, a criminality that needs the law to be brought down upon it. Nothing will stop the extermination of beautiful men, women and children for profit until automaton usurious speculative war investment banking calculations are forced to include a factor of possible imprisonment and seizure of assets to pay compensation for wrongful death, injury, destruction of property and theft of natural resources.

Iran does not have any nuclear weapons, yet it is being strangled with illegal trade sanctions by the world’s number-one nuclear terrorist – the US – and its rogue partners, Britain, France and Israel.”

Reviewer Janson: Yes, and it is a crime described in the UN Charter and in the World Peace Act, an earlier US signed peace treaty made also part of the US Constitution. Sadly for Iran, these sanctions are but rarely called a crime even in independent and alternate Internet media.

Today, there are some 17,000 total nuclear weapons in the world. About half of them are possessed by the US. The other major holder of such weapons is Russia.”

Reviewer Janson: US is a provable merchant of death and perpetrator of Crimes Against Humanity and Peace by Nuremberg Principle of the United Nations Charter.

In Russia’s defense, it would most likely not have this atomic stockpile if it were not for the fact that the US embarked on the Cold War with its act of genocide at Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945.”

“Stalin knew that act of terror by US President Truman was aimed at Moscow by way of demarcating the post-war lines of global hegemony. By 1948, the Soviet Union had acquired the A-bomb and the world was then well on the road to mutually assured destruction – in direct consequence of the US original act of nuclear terrorism on Japan.

 Perhaps more frightening than the planet-destroying power of US-held nuclear weapons is the monstrous mentality of the American ruling class that wields them, including its mass media propaganda system.”

Reviewer Janson: Yes, an insidious ‘propaganda system,’ which is an enormous Crime Against Peace over many decades, as described in the Nuremberg Principles.

In the same week that the world should be mourning the dead of Hiroshima, Nagasaki and many other victims of US state terrorism, we are instead expected to pander to the “terror warnings” of American politicians and their media as if they should be taken seriously and virtuously.”

These American leaders should be in prison, not promulgating to the rest of the world.”

Reviewer Janson: The six billion strong population of the erstwhile colonial world and now still militarily attacked neo-colonialized world, thanks Prof. Finian Cunningham.

The truly appalling thing is that the world’s number-one terror state is still at large.”

Reviewer Janson: But not for long, as information and communication technology races ahead ever leveling the playing field between predator First World and preyed upon Third World, and as articles by Finian Cunningham keep blasting away at the wall of media deception and deceit that surrounds both.



Finian Cunningham, originally from Belfast, Ireland, was born in 1963. He is a prominent expert in international affairs. The author and media commentator was expelled from Bahrain in June 2011 for his critical journalism in which he highlighted human rights violations by the Western-backed regime. He is a Master’s graduate in Agricultural Chemistry and worked as a scientific editor for the Royal Society of Chemistry, Cambridge, England, before pursuing a career in journalism.
Reviewer jay janson alias Majoría Humanidad, 82, musician and peoples historian, has Korean and Vietnamese family and has lived half of his adult life in nations of the so called ‘developing world,’ all of which bombed at one point or another by Americans; has worked on all continents (some 67 countries); articles on media published in China, Italy, UK, India and the US; now resides in NYC; frequent contributor to Counter Currents, Kerala; India, Minority Perspective, UK; Dissident Voice; OpEdNews; Come Home America; Vermont Citizen News; Coordinator: King Condemned US Wars; website historian: Prosecute US Crimes Against Humanity Now






















































2 thought on “A 3rd World Review of Finian Cunningham’s US; The Real Global Terror Alert”
  1. A lawyers panel made up of legal experts from around the world said that both Bush and Blair deserved to serve at least one life sentence in jail for war crimes and genocide in Iraq. Bush responded to international law by withdrawing from the International Criminal Court (ICC) and refusing to accept its authority, also imposing exemptions for US soldiers and high ranking officers from prosecution.

    Tony Blair was on a speaking engagement in Malaysia organised by “Success Resources Company” as a keynote speaker of the National Achievers Conference in a three-day event; where members of the Malaysian anti-war organisations and members of the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission were waiting to serve him with an indictment for war crimes, but Malaysian and British security prevented them from doing so.

    My question to you Jay, and to all writers and protesters who believe in true democracy and genuine justice is, when will our thoughts and articles evolve into political action?

    It goes back to the real question, do we really have what it takes to start and finish a revolution against these bloodythirsty, murderous individuals who rule by violence in the service of the financial elite?

    I have my concerns.

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