All legal doors have been closed regarding my case. So now it’s time to bring this case to the public domain.

Please can you sign my petition to raise awareness? We need 100, 000 signatures to bring this to the attention of the UK Parliament.

The UK judicial system has failed to give justice in a blatant race discrimination case involving logistics company UPS.

For background information behind this case, you can either see Facebook group: Racism Is Very Real, Instagram: Racismisreal or Google search: Clive Henry UPS.

Overturn court judgments where documented evidence proves that a person has suffered discrimination of a racial nature, and a biased decision has been made by a Tribunal judge; resulting in a miscarriage of justice.

Link for the petition: or Google: epetition equality does not exist.






One thought on “Clive Henry Petition: Equality Does Not Exist”
  1. Hello Mark,

    I hope you are well? Here is the latest and final to do with my UPS case.

    Newsflash: Since August, 2013 I have been in contact with the Nottingham Police Department. I raised the UPS case as a Hate Crime, but the Police had other ideas. From promises to scan the documented evidence onto the Police system, and not doing this, until I raised complaints, and meetings with other senior officers, that refused to take this racism case seriously. The result below is what was expected. However, this is the kind of information I need to help people wake up and make changes for the future generations. I would like to thank you all so much for your continual support over the years. I’m glad these last 7 years have been documented for all to see. My journey will still continue, through the groups and people that I have bonded with worldwide, to bring awareness and help where I can.

    “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.” Martin Luther King Jr.

    Letter from: Nottinghamshire Police – Professional Standards Directorate

    Dear Mr Henry

    Our ref: HQ(PSD)WC/CO/00749/13

    Thank you for your letter of 29 January 2015 to the Chief Constable, which has been passed to me to respond.

    Following the completion of your appeal as Not Upheld on 24 September 2014 against how we tried to resolve your complaint, the matter is now closed. The police complaints procedure is governed by regulations, which provide no further right of appeal in this case, including to the IPCC. Therefore it will not be possible to meet the Chief Constable in person.

    I am sorry that you felt the need to complain on this occasion, and hope that we can provide you with the level of service that you expect in future.

    Best wishes

    Nottinghamshire Police
    Professional Standards Directorate

    Best regards,

    Clive Henry

    Tel: +447962804164

    Skype: clivehenry2

    Twitter: @clivehenry1 #RacismIsReal

    Facebook: Racism Is Very Real

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