Trayvon Martin Rally-0113-14-Jul-2013-Manhattan by The Eyes Of New York
Trayvon Martin Rally-0113-14-Jul-2013-Manhattan by The Eyes Of New York

More than a year afterward, the news is still filled with the story of young Black American Trayvon Martin, shot by an overly zealous white volunteer neighborhood law enforcer in Florida. The middle-of-the-night massacre of nine small Afghan children in their homes in US occupied Afghanistan by an white America soldier, that happened a few days before Trayon’s murder, remains of little interest.

The attractive Black American boy’s photo is again featured on network news programs and in news publications, because Trayvon’s white killer has been found innocent. The white American soldier, who murdered the nine Afghani children in the same week last year, also has made it back in the news (but just barely), for having escaped the death penalty, to the bitter anger and outrage of Afghans. The nine murdered Afghani children were never particularly newsworthy for Americans. The AP report of his killer’s trial was carried on the inside pages of a scant few newspapers, without human interest coverage of the children.

Perhaps nearly a billion people have seen the photo of young Trayvon Martin wearing his hoodie. The world has not seen photos of the nine Afghan children when they were alive in their colorful clothes, before being slaughtered by a drunken American in US Armed Forces occupied Afghanistan – only photos of blankets covering little bodies in the back of a truck. This writer remembers a photo of their alleged US Army killer and the wife of the alleged killer, who was interviewed out of compassion for her being distraught.

The world has learned of the agony felt by young Trayvon’s family and friends; learned of this wonderful well-liked boy’s character, his dreams, favorite enjoyments. Within non-white Majority Mankind there is compassionate interest to read as well of the agony of the parents, siblings, grandparents of each beloved, but dead, Afghani child; to see how these nine boys, girls and infants, unidentified by name, looked when alive; hear also of their individual one-of-a-kind personalities, whether a few were old enough to have aspired to be doctors, teachers, sport stars, or brave enough to fight the armies white invaders of their nation.

Majority Mankind is uncomfortably apprehensive watching US and European controlled international media, extoll undeclared American and NATO white man wars within its neo-colonized non-white nations. It has come to expect miserably undemocratic satellite media to highlight only one of the ten sorrowful deaths of other- than-white children in the early days of March 2012 at the hands of two white Americans.

It’s natural, it’s human nature, and fully expected, that Americans have greater interest when one of their own children is shot to death – even more so, when a racial hate crime is suspected. It is not so natural, and quite inhuman, when Americans show, by contrast, little or no interest in nine times as many children shot to death in their very homes by a drunken white American soldier in illegally and criminally occupied Afghanistan. White war-investor-owned media sees to it that Americans, especially Black Americans receive little or no information about the latter.

War-criminal investment banking owned media have blinded its audience from seeing an otherwise obvious link and inescapable historic connection between America’s murderous treatment of non-white people in countries already poor from centuries of plundering colonialism, and fearful racial profiling and continuing economic exploitation of Native Americans and Black Americans in the US. (Black Americans are descendants of innocent Africans kidnapped and murderously transported to labor as slaves for the enrichment of American colonialists in what in what became the United States of America, which these enslavers created. Africans today have been neo-colonized and Colonial Power weaponry is always at the ready. Remember Libya.)

However, within non-white Majority Mankind, those who have heard of the killing of Trayvon, have no difficulty in seeing very probable racist colonialist roots in the tragedy.

Obviously, in the face of the continued savage White solidarity of the world ruling Colonial Powers with their organs of cruel domination, G8, WTO, UN Security Council, IMF, World Bank, Bilderberg, NATO, etc., what is needed is international non-White solidarity; a solidarity that was felt by Black Americans in earlier history; a solidarity of victims of centuries of mindless automaton criminally usurious rule by commercial then industrial then supra financial speculative investment banking conspirators, a racially bonded conspiracy of awkward, socially uncomfortable descendants of fierce Viking and other primitive Germanic tribes.

Non-white solidarity is not reverse-racism, merely a logical protective response to the invented- racism bonded solidarity of the Colonial Powers. The cannon and then Gatling gun toting merciless conquerors initially noticed their culture to be woefully undeveloped by comparison with the more refined and rich in the arts and sciences cultures of most of the non-white world they voraciously conquered with a brutally basic unthinking human drive inherent in their more primitive Northern European cultures. Perhaps they felt their white skin was what best distinguished themselves.(These descendants of Vikings and other hunter-gatherer German forestial tribes had furiously looted and raped and razed the cities towns and countryside of Europe for hundreds of years before the first Portuguese ships set sail with cannon in piratical commercial venture in Africa and Asia.)

Many white skinned people, like this writer, have long ago already defected from the rather stiff white run society of mindless materialism and genocidal imperialism. (Yours truly owes what peace of mind he enjoys to having lived and worked half his lifetime within happier, more intelligent and kind, non-white cultures of Majority Mankind. Work taken me to some sixty-seven or eight countries. Most of them bombed by Americans. The least industrialized breathed the most wisdom. In China where reading and writing took place three thousand years earlier than where my ancestors came from, good friends seem to appreciate my assuring them that I knew I was a barbarian. In New York City, I only feel happy in Chinatown and only feel relaxed in Harlem.

Conversely, and inevitably, some non-white people will feel constrained go over to the side of their frightening but wealthy and powerful white imperial persecutors. But, a general overall solidarity of the six billion non-white victims would lead more quickly to their being free from the noose made possible by the race based solidarity of the white colonial powers.

Black Americans looking fearfully at their children and seeing them as potential targets, would have a powerful six billion strong ally if they could be aware and outspoken in understanding their fears are part of a world wide phenomenon of billions fearing for their exploited non-white children. Worried African American parents would also be more likely to see through the parade of lame excuses for collateral murder of other-than-white children in a dozen US Muslim nations invaded and bombed today, as dozens of nations in South East Asia and Latin America experienced American genocide a generation or two earlier. These white media lame excuses for the slaughter of non-white children; such square-assed tricky lies, are sadly believed with indifferent childlike acceptance by a majority of citizens distracted by the onerous personal and family pressures of the desperate American way and in relief occupied with following its sporting events.

It would seem Token Obama appreciation has blinded Black America from seeing, recognizing, the inescapable historic connection between Trayvon’s murder, and the continuing murder of other-than-white kids throughout Majority Mankind constantly under attack by American firepower and covert operations for economic plunder. This hideous connection was Martin Luther King Jr.’ message, namely, Americans must stop their overseas crimes against humanity, which will allow economic and racial crimes against humanity at home to be stopped as well. [1]

For forty-five years, American genocide promoting mass media has made sure no mention of King’s linking overseas and domestic racism is ever heard. Nor his condemning America for atrocity wars and covert genocide on three continents and using Black boys discriminated at home to kill and maim and be killed and maimed. Even close friends and colleagues of Martin Luther King Jr., who held the dying King in their arms, have betrayed their leader, and made political careers in the government King dismissed as “the greatest purveyor of violence in the world,” serving an establishment hailing its wars of the American empire. At the dedication of the King Monument in Washington DC., their speeches contained not single word of King’s blistering condemnation of America’s war in Vietnam and elsewhere for and immoral and genocidal capitalism.[2]

However, a few prominent African Americans like eminent Prof. Cornel West, Black Agenda Report’s Glen Ford, Louis Farrakhan and Jeremiah Wright, who are true to the blistering anti-imperialist war and anti-capitalism teaching of Rev. Dr. King during his last year on Earth, are making a rising number of citizens realize how their minds have been conditioned to betray the most basic human instincts of compassion, fairness, cheering for the underdog and imagining oneself in the shoes of those murdered in the cradles of civilization by undereducated and brainwashed young men off the farms and from city ghettos of capitalist America, serving in ignorance the predatory investments of merciless wealthy bankers.

What happened to the international Black solidarity of the 1930s through the 1960s that faced off international White solidarity in its relentless exploitation of non-White in the days of Marcus Harvey, W.E.B. Debois, Langston Hughes, Paul Robeson, Black Panthers, Fred Hampton, Malcolm, Martin Luther King Jr. and others.

The black community in America today seems of a mind to tough out this travesty of justice for Trayvon, in domestic confrontation, unaware of the immeasurable added strength and support that would spontaneously come from non-White Majority Mankind if Trayvon’s death could be made to bring down shame and disgrace on America for Trayvon being only one example of the deadly racism fomented for the economic gain of entrenched manipulators of society. (Your author has never found an example of racism or religious conflict that was not seeded for someone’s financial gain) There are hundreds of millions of Trayvons across the Southern half of the globe – shot, or starved or denied health care.

David Rockefeller, the demonic mastermind behind America’s genocidal neo-colonialist wars, [3] successfully blunted anti-US imperialism in Africa and anti-war feelings in the Black communities of America with the brilliant strategy of making a well-groomed-for-the-job, well-spoken, likable black man, president of white imperial America. (There was at one time a photo of a smiling David Rockefeller posing with an arm around the shoulders of a young Senator Obama on the Internet that truly said more than a thousand words.) But the simple, natural and hopeful reaction of Majority Mankind: “America can’t be as bad as we thought – it has a black man as president,’ has nearly run its course. Through Internet and social cell phone communication, awareness spreads that Obama is, as were previous US presidents, beholden to represent the interests of the world crucifying banking establishment that put him in office through their financial control of media and nomination processes; that Obama is, as were his predecessors, not his own man, but rather, as Cornel West has said,”a black mascot of Wall Street oligarchs and a black puppet of corporate plutocrats. And now he has become head of the American killing machine and is proud of it.” In other interviews Prof. West described Obama as a “Rockefeller Republican in blackface.” “He’s just too tied to Wall Street. And at this point he is a war criminal.” [4]

Unfortunately, Cornel West’s message given on Internet and in person, for being blocked in corporate major media, has left perhaps a majority of African Americans still hooked, as are most Americans, by a natural sense of raised hope for having a Black president, even if this brother has in effect signed away the lives of a thousands of other-than-white children by ordering bombings and invasions in African and Middle-East nations.

War criminal anchors and journalists have the average American mind by the throat. If, through media psyop, Black America can be made to further drop its wariness of majority America’s intentions and allow Black children to be vulnerable to TV commercial values encouraging a closed “I, me, mine,’ mentality (values opposed to Black America’s natural brother-sisterhood in enjoying life), Black America will be further drawn into accepting the continuing genocidal racist US foreign policy for profit that Rev. King said is root the cause of continuing racial injustice and human degradation at home. [1] [5]

A steady stream of weird and willing traitors, American empire collaborators with evil, for personal fame and gain, are constantly put forward as role models for the unwary: Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas; Secretary of State, Gen. Colin Powell; perhaps the most horrifically brazen criminal, Secretary of State, Condoleeza Rice; the unabashedly willing to lie to support murder, Susan Rice, Ambassador to the UN. They explain away collateral killing of children as human error, never mind the wars are illegal and crimes against humanity and crimes against peace that will most assuredly eventually cause these three Black Secretaries of State and Obama to be brought to trial, no differently than all the white Secretaries of State and presidents after Roosevelt, that Prof. Noam Chomsky says would [will?] be hanged if [when?] UN Nuremberg Principles are applied. [6] [7]

International solidarity of the Non-white billions would be protection for the US non-white minority. White America could not react with increased discrimination, economic exploitation and police harassment. The largely Anglo-Saxon and East European American core of the US establishment empire at war with the world for plunder, needs Black American support. Without it “America’ loses not not only credibility but its very soul and best loved character traits. The world associates “America’ with American Blacks invented and performed music, jazz, which has swept the world off its feet. The English language as “American’, constantly throws up new, novel, charming and perceptive expressions coined in perceptive humor Black America, that are now entries even in foreign language dictionaries and are the essence of American speech. As in jazz music, free spontaneity in the naturally adroit playful engaging movements of famed Black dancers have a inner gracefulness that makes imitation look calculated. The United States would not be number one in the Olympics without its Black athlete metal winners. Think of America, and America’s champions come to mind, Mohammed Ali, Joe Louis, Jack Johnson. Martin Luther King Jr., though assassinated by white America, his most important denunciation of American capitalism and genocide, buried in the ground with him, is still the only America with a three day holiday birthday.

How do good white people and fans of Rev. King put up with American economic and social persecution of African Americans, when Black Americans provide the tone and image of America all around around the world? They get away with it same as they get away with letting America’s genocide in the non-white Majority World go on, while looking innocent by protesting to their very own reelected politicians.

Malcolm said, “there can be no black-white unity until there is first some black unity.” [throughout the world?]. Martin Luther King Jr. cried out that “he could no longer work for rights for black people here while America was denying the poor overseas the very right to live.’ The pastor who performed Obama’s marriage and the baptism of his daughters was laughed at by white TV anchors for shouting, “God Damn America for her crimes against humanity,” in the sermon in which he chronicled the crimes portraying and emphasized the relationship between crimes against non-whites overseas and crimes against non-whites at home. “If I help the hungry in the world, they call me a saint. If I ask why are there hungry folks, they will call me a communist–if you help the homeless, they call you a saint; but if you ask why people are homeless, they call you a socialist. I am proud to be called a socialist, I want to know why!” “Why the poor are not seen as people, but rather as a liability for health care,” Why there is a 5 to 7% incarceration of black men in a country that has 2,225 juveniles serving life sentences without parole” [8]

There are six billion other-than-white persons on Earth, and the vast majority are being murdered and starved and cheated out of their heritage of natural resources. There are approximately one billion white persons mostly citizens in the nations of the Colonial Powers watching this perfidy, while enjoying their cut from it, even while protesting.

With instant personal world-wide cell phone communication and lighting speed home computers providing universal information at one’s fingertips, an ever more level playing field is being created between white First World oppressors and oppressed other-than-white Majority Mankind. The more than six times greater population of Majority Mankind will soon be in a position to be able to force punitive to white nation societies immense payments for wrongful death and maiming, destruction of property, theft of natural resources, enslavement, forced labor and human suffering caused by the Crimes Against Humanity and Crimes Against Peace committed for plunder that enriched Europe and its colonizer descendant nations during centuries of savage greed and barbaric and heartless use of the Chinese invention of gunpowder on fellow homo sapiens.

Prosecution, and the threat of imprisonment factor in ledger line calculations will put an end to the monstrous business, government, media, clergy, CIA and military controlling automaton, speculative-investment-banking self-perpetuating conspiracy, that on amoral business-is-business automatic pilot must continue to perform insane genocide for profit in nations unable to defend against it. (Nations perforce populated by human beings of every color but white) By just plain logic and intelligence, inexpressibly huge compensations from the colonial power nations will take place.

From this restitution in Mankind of logic and law, will come the freeing the world from wealthy, from ill gotten wealth, white piratical investor gangs, who had initially defended their lower education with the claim of racial superiority, then enforced this immensely profitable claim with racist laws for centuries, and who still use their own sense of whiteness to keep a world ruling solidarity intact.

Among normal humans, there’s no racism, no egoism, no greed, only a desire to live in peace. Our brothers and sisters in the First World, after paying up and becoming communities within a Humanity enjoyably eliminating hunger and disease, will be happier, will no longer suffer the desperateness inherent in commercial materialism, no longer be depressed, no longer be separated from each other in self-centered worry about money enough to live. They will learn by, dis-educating themselves, how to be relaxed and happy, more or less how people in much of Majority Mankind have always lived.

Without individual and community oppressing centralized governments owned by insidiously rich thieving and murdering investor gangs, Mankind will right itself to what it looks like in the playground of the public school below my window: kids of all color and race making a lot of joyful noise hanging around each others necks. There it is before my eyes, not a freaking dream, just ordinary pleasures of being alive in the morning, afternoon and evening, day after day. It is there inside all of us until it is educated out of us for the stupidly shortsighted financial gain of banksters.

Now everybody! Let’s get on with it! Yes, reader and myself. Behind all our, thoughts and actions, the immediate intention to stop Americans and Europeans from colonial genocide. Not hard at all. Just logically, lawfully, and while vicariously bleeding to death, or worst watching a child bleed to death from having gotten into harms way of one of your neighbors heavily armed sons, or CIA, intend with all your heart to do what is necessary, before doing anything else or while doing everything else you do, to bring about Americans refusing to pull triggers on their own non-white mothers and fathers and children and themselves.

Do it for Trayvon. From the glint in his eye seen in happy photos, he might well have come to have done so himself, in an eventual solidarity with all of us.



Martin Luther King, Jr.

Beyond Vietnam — A Time to Break Silence

Delivered 4 April 1967, Riverside Church, New York City

Video and Text

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It’s hard to believe that Rev. Jesse Jackson, and Andrew Young, who had held the dying King in their arms and went on to high political office within the establishment, did not have to grit their teeth to be able to hold themselves back from speaking of King’s condemnation of US wars at the unveiling of the King Monument last year.

Sincere antiwar scholars have long accepted that clergy adheres to a strictly conformist role in a society ruled covertly and overtly by the investment community consensus on Wall Street and the military-industrial complex through their control of all three branches of the government, of all important sources of information with power to disinform, of the Pentagon and of the vast secret functions of the CIA.

The sudden tempestuous 1967 King caused problems for religious leaders, implicating them in complicity for having never challenged pathetic lies justifying mass murder that King was exposing. Ensconced in the national body politic, they have stonewalled on. Even today, to our knowledge, not a single congregation in the nation endorses King’s condemnation of US wars.

King’s betrayers also betray those millions of innocents, who, in their own beloved countries, fall in harms way of heavily armed Americans and remain undefended by a US clergy busy praising and expressing love and gratitude for what King did for them, while it blackballs the King who worked to do the same for his equally loved brothers and sisters in countries under US attack.

Do all these many thousands of clergy imagine that no one significant will ever notice these betrayals? Do any of the elderly ministers, who knew King personally, not feel some bites of conscience?

King Who Condemned US Wars Again Betrayed by War-Supporting Clergy’s Praise

by Jay Janson / January 21st, 2012 Dissident Voice

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OpEdNews Op Eds 10/17/2011

Unveiling The Monument But NOT King’s Condemnation Of U.S. Wars for Wall St.

By Jay Janson Headlined to H4 10/17/11,

How do the vibrant with emotion eulogies of King’s daughter, sister, son, and two men who held the dying King in their arms (and went on to successful political careers), sound to the demonstrators of Occupy Wall St., when all mention of King’s condemnation of U.S. wars and the “unjust predatory investments they meant to maintain” is calculatedly omitted. “Silence is betrayal!” cried out King at Riverside Church in 1967.

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3 “-Demonic David Rockefeller Fiends Dulles Kissinger Brzezinski – Investor Wars Korea thru Syria”-History of David Rockefeller led global arrangements of financial-political control thru public information management culminating in “The International Community’ (formerly, “The Free World’, earlier The Colonial Powers), arraying covert agencies and military of US-NATO-UN, Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, in war on Syria and Iran. China and Russia’s pathetic resistance after having acquiesced to the destruction of Libya.

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Cornel West, professor of African American Studies at Princeton and of Religious Philosophy and Christian Studies at the Union Theological Seminary in New York, the most outspoken anti-imperialist lecturer and writer, the most well known defender of Black and minority civil rights since Martin Luther King Jr. and prominent member of the Democratic Socialists of America, has been for years a severe critic of the Obama administration. This week he came to say flat out that the president is a war criminal.

West had criticized President Obama when Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009, saying that it “would be difficult for Obama to be a war president with a peace prize.”

Turned out that it was not difficult at all for Obama be “a war president with a peace prize.”

So then in April of 2011, as Obama had a bombing going that would result in the successful destruction of a small oil wealthy nation with a UN certified higher standard of living for its citizens than nine European countries, Prof. West further retracted his support for Obama, stating in an interview that Obama was “a black mascot of Wall Street oligarchs and a black puppet of corporate plutocrats. And now he has become head of the American killing machine and is proud of it.”

By November, 2012, with the third world hero, liberator, builder of his country and dangerous promoter of an Africa united against continuing European plundering, now long permanently silenced and Obama seeing now to hired and armed thugs creating the same war of faked civil war against Syria, West said in another interview that he considered Obama a “Rockefeller Republican in blackface.”

Yours truly thought that appropriate. There is somewhere on the Internet a photo David Rockefeller, whose confidants Dulles, Kissinger and Brzezinski have overseen the US undeclared wars from Korea through Syria and Africa, with his arm around the shoulders of a young Senator Obama.

Cornel West: Obama ‘Is a War Criminal’ May 12, 2013, Guardian, UK

In an interview with the Guardian, renowned Prof. Cornel West, a prolific critic of the “military-industrial-complex” and rampant “plutocracy” in the U.S. and around the world, explained his views on the state of America today and his fall from grace, by design, with President Barack Obama: “He’s just too tied to Wall Street. And at this point he is a war criminal.”

If Our Re-elected Prez is WarCriminal, What Are We? King would have asked!

Cornel West, most outspoken anti-imperialist and defender of Black and minority civil rights since Martin Luther King now says Obama is a war criminal, a black puppet of corporate plutocrats, head of the US killing machine. Will West tell us that King said America, Americans, are responsible for the atrocity wars, being capable of making them unacceptable and inoperable through non-participation and conscientious objection

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NRA says War Promoting TV is Teaching Kids the Glory of Killing!

Parents watch the same war promoting and hero death glorifying entertainment and newscasts their children are exposed to, rarely demanding otherwise from corporations who lease the public airwaves – five Nazi media celebrities convicted at Nuremberg forgotten. No gun control in US militarily occupied nations, reelected politicians ordering liberal use of guns are protected from criticism or possible indictment.

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If Our Re-elected Prez is WarCriminal, What Are We? King would have asked!”- Cornel West, most outspoken anti-imperialist and defender of Black and minority civil rights since Martin Luther King now says Obama is a war criminal, a black puppet of corporate plutocrats, head of the US killing machine. Will West tell us that King said America, Americans, are responsible for the atrocity wars, being capable of making them unacceptable and inoperable through non-participation and conscientious objection? click here

Obama War Criminal? What About Investors, CNN, Clergy, Soldiers, You & I?

Endorsers of the King Condemned US Wars International Awareness Campaign, wrote recently: US Presidents Should Be Prosecuted for War Crimes and Military Aggressions” Readers in nations bombed, invaded and murderously occupied by America and Americans will sense or suspect a “fall guy’ trick to absolve everyone else.

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Michael! Call For US Crimes Prosecution End Our Being Accessories After the Fact!

Michael Moore, If we know Wall St. runs “the biggest criminal operation this country has ever seen, and not one of them has gone to prison, we invade countries, send drones to kill civilians, five wars going on right now where our soldiers are killing people,” yet do not call for the prosecution of these crimes, are we not acting as Accessories After the Fact, in “hindering the felons apprehension, trial, or punishment?

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In “If the Nuremberg Laws were Applied” Noam Chomsky chronicles the crimes of the various presidents starting with Truman.—-.htm


OEN published articles documenting Barack Obama, as President of the United State of America and Commander-in Chief of the US Armed Forces, initiating, ordering and/or participating in Crimes Against Humanity and Crimes Against Peace as clearly stipulated in the laws of the United Nations Charter Nuremberg Principles and in the The General Treaty for the Renunciation of War, the World Peace Act, both of which are an integral part of the US Constitution for having been ratified treaties by the US Senate according to Article Six of that US Constitution:

Obama/Petraeus/Panetta/Gates Blowing Children Into Body Parts

It is the mind set of a grasping self-centered infant that makes it impossible for Americans to understand that parents of children U.S. warplanes are blowing into eternity love their dear children just as much if not more than American investors love their children when not absorbed in calculating the accumulation of capital that results from the continual but “necessary’ mass murder of those children of “others.

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Obama Calls Shooting People “Evil Senseless” Righteously Continues to Order Thousands Shot

Astoundingly Obama, speaking of the Colorado movie house massacre said”We may never understand what leads anybody to terrorize their fellow human beings like this. Such violence, such evil is senseless. It’s beyond reason.” By these words Obama shows that he is not insane and can recognize right from wrong and is prosecutable for crimes against humanity.

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Obama Omits History of US Nuclear Terrorism While Threatening Iran, North Korea

In “To Win a Nuclear War: The Pentagon’s Secret War,” 1987, Prof. Michio Kaku, chronicles 12 acts of US nuclear terrorism since it terrorized Japan by A-bombling Hiroshima and Nagasaki. A stream of new revelations about U.S. nuclear planning provides a picture of what North Korea calls “the increasing nuclear threat of the US,” which it cites as the reason it developed its own atomic program — as a deterrent.

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Merchant of Death Obama Sells $Billions in Weapons – Dooms India’s Starving

“The Real Reason For Obama’s Trip To India: The Sixth Biggest Arms Deal In U.S History.” With this sales trip Obama tacitly underwrites the continuing death of millions from starvation and malnutrition caused disease annually. PM Singh accommodates Obama, buys expensive weapons of mass destruction while millions of his countrymen die of hunger. President Obama has made himself a partner in this crime against humanity!

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No US President Hanged Under Nuremberg Principles Obama Bellicose Bombs On Tempts Fate

Obama is playing out his front man role in the world political economy of America’s wild capitalist imperialism. That we, with all the wonderful ordinary Americans around us follow a fool is lamentable. Those who accept his leadership and encourage his homicidal foolishness are even more pathetic than Obama. If he ever stands trial for crimes against humanity, in the eyes of the world, we will be in the dock alongside him.

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Many Are Dying For Our Having Hoped Obama Would Not Practice Imperialism

Obama putting lives of kids in poor 3rd World nations above the interests of Wall St. war profits would have no precedent. Extremist fighters for justice hold those who only hoped Obama would end the wars least as responsible as the US government. Hope and fear are two sides of the same coin. Fear of retribution beyond that of 9/11 is obviously more prevalent than hope that the killing will cease. Hope&Fear substitute action.

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Someday: A President Who Is Not 1st an Imperialist, 2nd a Capitalist, and only 3rd an American

Obama’s State of the Union Address is examined as a shameful defense of imperial capitalism from both American and world viewpoints. More Americans realizing that Obama is another president of a country that doesn’t belong to them. A world wide American Empire has replaced a nation of people.

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Obama Is Responsible For Slaughtered Afghanis. No Afghani Attacked US

On Harry Truman’s desk a sign read “The buck stops here!” Truman accepted responsibility for even his vilest acts, “Bush mass-murderer!” cried the US peace movement which imperialist media has now anesthetized. Whose fault these massacres? US airmen? Afghani fighters defending against invasion as they always have done? Jimmy Carter for suckering in Russia? Ronald Reagan for supporting Taliban? Bush for invading? Obama for eight years of genocidal occupation war?

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How Many More Lives Will Obama Take to ‘Protect’ Us From What Jimmy Carter Began?”- While we are ‘being protected’ from what President Jimmy Carter created in Afghanistan in 1979 – by Obama sending additional troops to war and bombings in Pakistan, – let’s remember Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’ counsel, that today’s occupation wars should be seen in context of imperialism and predatory capitalism. And not forget! It started in 1945 not on 9/11/2001.

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Obama Calls on U.N. to Punish North Korea Over Rocket, but WHO PUNISHES THE U.S.?

Commercial media feeding frenzy on the space missile launch by North Korea at the same time whipping up fear of Iran. Obama has threatening words for North Korea, as earlier for Afghanistan, Pakistan, Venezuela and Iran, which received a kind invite to talk mixed in with such severe public criticism as to make the invitation unacceptable. This are indisputably prosecutable crimes against peace that will not be forgotten in history. click here

Mr. President, They Did Not Die For Us When Killing Vietnamese in Khe Sahn, Vietnam

Dear President Obama, In your inaugural address you said, “For us, they fought and died in places like … Khe Sahn” If the US is to change, don’t Americans have to be honest about their past.They did not die for us while they were killing Vietnamese in Khe Sahn, They were shaming their country. King called it an atrocity war. Afterward, most veterans felt angry and deceived. What kind of message are you sending to Vietnam, America and the world?

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[8] (with French subtitles) for further reading see:

“God Damn America for Her Crimes Against Humanity” Rev. Jeremiah Wright 2008

by jay janson, OpEdNews

Non-white majority Mankind, mostly descendants of the planet”s earliest humans educated in the arts and sciences, long plundered by savage descendants of ferocious Vikings and other primitive Germanic tribes, will soon force America, and the white Colonial Powers it leads, to pay compensation for wrongful death, injury, stolen property and natural resources as condemned by Jeremiah Wright in sermon. Video


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