Antiwar leaders do not call for the prosecution of US homicidal crimes against humanity ALREADY committed in Syria, nor of crimes committed in Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Yemen, Pakistan, Grenada, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Cuba, Lebanon, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Guatemala, Congo, Korea and Greece. Crimes committed without arrest, arraignment, indictment, punishment, imprisonment, or hanging.

Antiwar leaders protest, “Hands off Syria!”, but do NOT call for the prosecution of US homicidal crimes against humanity ALREADY committed in Syria by CIA, State Department, Congress, the Executive branch and investment bankers.

Likewise do Antiwar leaders NOT call for the prosecution of US homicidal crimes against humanity which have preceded the US crimes in Syria, the US mass homicidal crimes against humanity committed in Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Yemen, Pakistan, Grenada, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Cuba, Lebanon, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Guatemala, Congo, Korea and Greece. Yet, former US Att. Gen. Ramsey Clark, once the highest law officer in America, has long described US foreign policy after the last world war as the greatest crime against humanity and that he would welcome a chance to lead a prosecution.

To this peoples historian’s knowledge, Americans protesting with the now standard slogan “hands off ……. ,” have, as yet, never called for prosecution of ANY US crime against humanity under the Nuremberg Principles, Kellogg-Briant, US Constitution, conventional law, common law and laws in scriptures of every religion.

Your author asks in the name of all the millions mercilessly slaughtered and in the name of all that is Holy is calling for “Hands off Syria” meant to be anything but looking good, dissimulating compassion for Syrians?

Surely those experienced working in the peace industry could not possibly believe this protest “Hands Off Syria!” will do anything at all to protect any Syrians from being slaughtered by the current intention of the speculative investment banking community that rules the white Colonial Powers.

It is no secret that no US war has ever been prevented or ended by protest.

Are protesters pretending to be good and innocent of all America’s past crimes against humanity?

And just Who is putting their “hands” on Syria?

Who has had a hand in all these decades of mass homicidal US crimes that still go on?

These crimes were committed by America, by Americans who participated in them by the tens or hundreds of thousands at a time, who supported them in tens of millions, acquiesced to by some hundred million others, all while antiwar leaders went through the usual, now standard, protest to their very own elected and reelected government, as if the American government were something apart from the Americans protesting.

Peace demonstrators protest, but never call for humanity’s laws to be brought down on all those who willingly participate, willingly support the crimes, willingly propagandize them, willingly honor the crimes as achievements, while other Americans similarly ignore the suffering as they enjoy seeing the value of their stocks rise.

Rarely do the antiwar leaders call for more than prosecution of a few of the government officials they protest against, and almost never call for the prosecution of the wealthy investors in crime most all elected officials and all appointed ones serve.

In order not to alienate their progressive and liberal followers, antiwar leaders and many alternate media journalists carefully tread water when swimming in news that has been successfully falsified in mainstream media. But even sincere and well spoken leaders antiwar journalists avoid calling for the bloody logical prosecution of the crimes against humanity they make a living at reporting in gruesome detail, but as mistaken policies, made somehow, with less than criminal intentions.

This is a far more insidious a block to the citizenry awakening to action than the blatant propaganda from corporate media and the absurd cries of Tea Partyists, dedicated to empire and ‘just wars,’ actually bring a lot of the more discerning citizens over to side reason, compassion and mercy for the poor multitude facing US firepower.

As an entirely foreseen result of this absence of even a suggestion of possible future prosecution, those above mentioned Americans continue to act and think in defiance of the law and without mercy toward their victims.

They have no fear of arrest, arraignment, indictment, punishment, imprisonment, or hanging for the crimes against humanity they arrange and order in the name of all Americans; crimes committed in order to maintain profitable overseas unjust predatory investments.

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in Beyond Vietnam – a Time to Break Silence, proclaimed, “this is the role our nation has taken, refusing to give up the privileges and the pleasures that come from the immense profits of overseas investments.”

King pointed his finger at America, at Americans, even including himself. The professional antiwar leaders (with the exception of a few of exceptional clergy based peace organizations), point their fingers away from themselves and at the government, in direct opposition to King, denying King’s teaching of our being responsible and capable of making these atrocity wars and covert violence unacceptable and inoperable by non-participation, non-support, non-acquiescence and conscientious objection.

King would have prosecuted these crimes against humanity as he prosecuted successfully in the street, and court of public opinion, the racist crimes committed by Americans, with result that today racist crimes are tried in government courts.

King said not only morally should wars be stopped first before siphoning off energy to improving America society for Americans, but logically as well, ‘for the super enormous expenditure of human and financial resources to kill the poor overseas, make progress in racial and social justice at home impossible.’ King is ignored! The slogan “Hands off Syria!” will compete for space and time with every imaginable non war issue at conferences of UNAC. Your writer naively participated in one such conference and came away more angry than dismayed.

I suppose King might have understood that this ex-pat American is waiting for the American antiwar movement, indeed the antiwar movement in the European empires as well, to come to Jesus – something akin to waiting for Americans to believe in themselves, have self-respect and the human decency to put our victims ahead of ourselves, as King did.

Better to bring ourselves before the law, before our infinitely more numerous in number victims do. These overseas victims of US crimes against humanity in their very own beloved countries, previously made poor by imperial plunderering, will have many millions within America’s ethnic minorities standing with them, and a significant amount of Anglo-Saxon Americans who have never identified their person with America’s proud wars of aggression.

From the perspective of an expat American who has lived more than half his life among people bombed by America, there is a recognizable bit of ‘my country right or wrong’ in the posture of the American progressive and non-socialist left wherein protest is the right thing to do, but obviously no one has intention to stop their fellow citizens from mass murdering, either because they believe it impossible, or because it would make too much trouble for themselves and lot of neighbors and friends.

This eighty-two year old student of the history of Earthlings, assures both friends and critics that baring extinction of the species, the logic and reason and humanity that rules in the arts and sciences and in ordinary personal daily life, will arrive to function in contradiction to mass homicide in the interests of insane thievery of a very small segment of Mankind.

Jay janson, coordinator of the King Condemned US Wars International Awareness Campaign and web historian for the entirely educational Prosecute US Crimes Against Humanity Now Campaign, which features the pertinent laws, exhortations by Einstein, King and others, and a country by country history of US crimes. This site asks nothing at all from its viewers. 


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