This has been a journey where I have found that the equality laws are only subliminal in nature to give the illusion of justice.

I have done everything that the courts have required of me but have been blocked on every occasion.

This is also the reason why I made sure to run this parallel with Social media to get exposure. Many people are interested in this case.

The facts of the case speaks for itelf and are documented in the court bundle with 99% UPS literature.

I dont care how long it takes to get justice. I see it as my christian duty to expose this corruption in the court system and to educate the masses.

Unless we as a people take action, this institutional racist system will always destroy the lives of black people as it has done for centuries.

We have many examples to show inequality, i.e The Stephen Lawrence case is one. It took 18 years for The Lawrence family to get part justice; even with the same evidence!

The truth is like a lion. You don’t have to defend it. Let it loose. It will defend itself – St Augustine


One thought on “The European Court of Human Rights Closes case – Henry Vs United Kingdom”
  1. Ever since Clive contacted me about his case in September 2011, I have followed his case with great interest. Here was an individual who refused to give up and utilised the social media to educate and inform people about his predicament.

    It is inevitable that many cases like Clive Henry’s will fall through the justice net simply because the equality laws and distribution of these laws are mostly dominated by whites, so why are we surprised that so many black people are denied justice? We should not be if we look at the facts.

    Clive fought persistently but in the end the European Justice System closed ranks.

    I keep on mentioning in some of my articles that if black and minority ethnic communities are not in control of their own equality and justice then they will forever be in limbo.

    Clive’s case is one example of the predicament we now find ourselves in.

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