Everyone is glued to their television set as North Korea flexes her muscles showing dominance and defiance against America. North Korea obviously enjoys the attention from the West. But is North Korea the dark Devil that the West is trying to portray to us? There is a history to this flexing of this potent male hormone? We the West seem to have poor memories regarding the actions of the ruling Soviet Union and America and what we did after the Second World War when the Japanese lost control of her empire to us.

The dissection of this North Korea and South began by yet again another Western meddling interference for global control. North Korea remains on her own today and mistrusting of the West not only because of what happened in the past but what she has observed coming from America bullying Muslim and African countries for the want of their resources.

No one should forget their history; the Jews have their holocaust rubbed into our faces. We are forever reminded of the Wars of the Roses, the Battle of Dunkirk; the Irish potatoes famine, the greatness of Winston Churchill and so on… Interestingly whenever we the West has trod our feet creating bloodshed and division we quickly try and covers up our tracks. If these countries dare to voice their concerns or to step up their security for pre-emptive measures they are seen as aggressors or terrorists as in the case of North Korea.

Many people were brainwashed into going to war against Iraq as it was being spun that this country was a threat and had nuclear capabilities. But the nuclear capabilities were sold by Blair and Bush under their administration and were so weak as they made sure that its firing power was fit enough only to target their own people or region! The West was never in any threat and they knew it all along but the needed an excuse.

Now there are many angry Westerners online calling for North Korea to be wiped out! Many of them argue the mass destruction for bloodshed of North Korean children. How do they justify this child cruelty? They argue under the lying pretext that the Korean children are being ‘being brainwashed’ talking about the snow calling the snow man white’ This is nothing to do with saving children from a life of poverty another argument they used but simply white interest and monopoly.

Many faceless white people are calling on China to react against North Korea just like the Iraq people were told to stand up to their president. Whenever we the West find ourselves in any international deep waters we revert to conquer and divide strategy. What is interesting to note: I posted online arguing that it was my contention that China is too clever, and won’t respond to attacks against North Korea; as she knows that if she does: it will end up being be a war between the Asian regions only with the West making money from it as she always does out of non-white misery. No one challenged me at all! Which I found rather surprising to say the least. The West will not support her so-called non-white allies and China is aware of this fact.

The Chinese people’s addiction to opium today and their rival gangs which peddle in drugs: are as a result of the previous English Empire. No white English person today or American has ever suffered mentally as a result of a non-white wars or intervention anywhere in the world! So why should China do anything to help the West? If China thinks that the West really sees her as something special then why is she spied on so much? If China Human Right abuses are so bad then why does Britain still call her a friend? Does that not put China on equal par with North Korea?

China and Britain are not friends and they never will be. If China and Britain were allies America would not have deemed her to be a rival or a threat. China is just convenient as she is a growing economy and the West needs her slave labour as they do the back villages of India. It is all about Western strategy whether charity in Africa India or whatever we do for the third worlds…

If China had no nuclear arms America would have called her a terrorist nation, and created a war with her as soon as there were signs that she was going to be economically big. So China would be wise to leave North Korea alone or the dragon will be biting its own tail! White people calling North Korea a terrorist country are either playing a devilish dangerous game or they have not read. Either way there is no excuse for ignorance.

Many online are being ironic saying that: ‘this fat boy needs a good spanking’ As good as a few hundred of posted this quote online as if North Korea is a pushover!

The good news is! Our army can’t afford another war! They are too fat, over stretched, still recovering from both British and American government cutting back on their armoury. We are in a recession and lost our triple A rating!

If fighting baby Iraq could get the nation blurting, ‘bring back home our troops’ just because a few numbers of their silly sons volunteered to fight in an illegal war, imagine what this war have them doing? Will they begin meowing as wild cats or pulling each other’s hair out on the street corners?

I spoke to an English soldier just last week, suffering from psychotic symptoms and was on medication for: fits, and having visions yet he didn’t even lose a limb! And this was the result of him serving in Iraq watching civilians die never mind anything happening to him! This is how America and British army has become like wee girls needing to be pampered and told that their beautiful. Give them a drop of whiskey for Dutch courage for an easy fight against defenceless mother and children and a weak Iraq Army, a nice satin pyjamas at night so they can snuggle up… gentle guns so they are no friendly fires which seem to be the result of most of their casualties. Our forces don’t stand a chance!

The truth is we the West hates Korea for not being their bitch or bowing down to international pressures. The West does not object to killing wholesale Korean children as bait claiming that anyway they are starving and being ill-treated so better off being slaughter as cattle. And yet ironically the number of Iraq children that were deliberately bombed by American soldiers showed evil intentions and not love design. Many whites on Yahoo forum are already calling to have North Korea wiped off the map! What about the babes and suckling? What about women and children? What about the hospitals? Of course the West doesn’t care as it is all about white interest as already mentioned!

The new argument used by these modernise empire thinkers is: North Korean children are starving because there is no aid as it is being denied by a corrupt Korean leader. But this is nothing more than a weak pretext as when thousands of Iraq children died no one in the West bat an eyelid they got what they wanted control over Iraq. It is about time that the sleeping lion stirs from his sleep and challenge the likes of Britain and America who sell arms to warring countries while yet never ever calling themselves warmongers or profiteers of war. Our government can do it as they are that we all know it is for white interest and only a handful of radical whites will speak out!


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