French troops invade Mali to protect natural resources.
French troops invade Mali to steal natural resources.

When the mainstream media reported that French troops were involved in military conflict in Mali to support Malian government soldiers who are reported to be in a battle with Islamist rebels, kept out of the news was the real reason for the French and now British and American involvement in Mali, namely, the huge deposits of gold, uranium, diamonds, precious stones,  copper and much more.

According to the mainstream media the French government sent 2,500 troops in support of Malian government soldiers who are reported to be in a battle with Islamist rebels, the British and American governments followed shortly. While the mainstream corporate-controlled media have taken the line that this move is to tackle Islamist rebels, the truth is far more straightforward.

According to R Teichman, in his article, The War on Mali. What you Should Know: An Eldorado of Uranium, Gold, Petroleum, Strategic Minerals … (Global Research: January 15, 2013), Mali is Africa’s third largest gold producer. Over 5200 tonnes of uranium is said to be located in regions within Mali. Diamonds and precious stones have been found to be in abundance within Mali. 1.2 million tonnes of bauxite, which is an essential mineral in the production of aluminum metal is located in Mali.

Marble, copper, lead, zinc, lithium are just some of the precious minerals to be found in Mali. Teichman said, “With the increasing price of global oil and gas resources, Mali has stepped up its promotion and research for oil exploration, production and potential exports. Mali could also provide a strategic transport route for Sub-Saharan oil and gas exports through to the Western world and there is the possibility of connecting the Taoudeni basin to European market through Algeria.”

In his article, French attack on Mali is an imperialist venture, (Socialist Worker: 19 January, 2013) Ken Olende said:

In the past French governments have been happy to prop up dictators across the region, like Félix Houphouët-Boigny in the Ivory Coast.

It carried out a brutal colonial war to stop Algeria getting independence.

The French government supported Tunisian dictator Ben Ali until he was toppled by a popular revolution two years ago this week.”

The war for Africa’s resources did not end with European empire building, nor will it end any time soon as corporate giants set their sights on securing vital resources in another scramble for Africa.

US President Barack Obama is part of this new colonial order and does not represent any change or break from any other white president before him. Under his leadership AFRICOM, a US military plan to occupy Africa for its resources, is in full operation. (Read The empire strikes back: America plan Africa re-colonisation)

What is even more shameful and treacherous is the involvement of African troops in support of French, British and American terrorism. These puppets do not serve African people nor do they have the interests of their country at heart.

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