Susan Horton was sacked for racism but the council still hired her as a community safety officer and she even wrote a paper on race hate.

A racist nurse who was stuck off for referring to a junior nurse as a ‘gorilla’, making monkey noises whilst discussing a black doctor, referring to black colleagues as ‘niggers’ as well as saying that they looked like apes, and joking about saving bananas for a black doctor, was shockingly hired by the council as a community safety officer, where she even wrote a policy on race hate and delivered a speech to 300 employees at the council.

Susan Horton, who worked at St Mary’s Hospital in Kettering, Northamptonshire, was sacked along with her colleague Sarah Cullum after they subjected black colleagues to two years of racist abuse.

The Daily Mail report (Nurse sacked for mocking black colleagues by attaching a golliwog to her uniform and making monkey noises was then ‘hired by council to draft race-relations policy’: By Chris Greenwood: 4 July), states that Horton pinned a golliwog to her uniform to provoke and mock her black colleagues.

She also referred to a junior nurse as a ‘gorilla’ whilst she was runing a hospital ward, made jokes about saving bananas for a black doctor, referred to black colleagues as niggers and said that they looked like apes.

Her colleague, Sarah Cullum referred to a ward as the ‘United Nations‘ because in her own words, “there was not a single white face”.

Both women racially taunted and mocked their black colleagues and abused patients, including kicking a 70-year-old man.

They were found guilty of more than 60 offences between 2006 and 2007, yet despite this Horton was hired by Wellingborough Council as a community safety officer and even wrote a paper on race hate and delivered a speech on race hate to 300 council employees.

Richard Williams, of the Nursing and Midwifery Council, told the Daily Mail, ‘There was physical abuse of patients and use of inappropriate language when referring to patients both in front of them and behind their backs.’

Horton and Cullum mocked two nurses from Guyana because they spoke in their own native language referring to it as ‘jabbering away in their gobbledegook‘.

Horton also referred to a black doctor as ‘Scary Mary‘ whilst making monkey noises and said that she ‘shouldn’t be allowed to breed‘.

Racism in the NHS underreported

It is shocking and outrageous that Wellingborough Council hired a racist as a community safety officer, where she wrote a paper on race hate and delivered a speech on the same matter to council employees. It shows that when it comes to race issues, Wellingborough council simply did not care; and this indifference to race is placing black and minority ethnic lives at risk in the NHS.

Back in June  2010, I wrote an article about Rosie Purves, a black nurse who had fought against racism in the NHS for years, and sadly lost her battle to ovarian cancer. (Read Black nurse who fought against racism in the NHS dies of cancer) In the same article I mentioned another nurse, Milton Hanson who was sacked from his job for exposing the racist degrading practices on black people at a sexual health clinic in South London in 2003 after 35 years of service. Sadly, Milton too passed away in 2005 after being told that he would never be allowed to work in the NHS again.

It shows the contempt that some individuals in the NHS and councils have towards race when a black male nurse is struck off straight away and banned for life for exposing degrading racist practices, yet Susan Horton, who racially abuses staff and patients for two years was re-hired as a community health officer and even wrote a paper on race hate. Milton was looking out for the safety of his community and patients whilst Horton abused them, yet Horton got another role whilst Milton was banned for life. Does this make sense? It would make no sense unless racist practices in the NHS is widespread, and this seems to be the case.

I wrote an article on September 13, 2011, about the deaths of mothers and babies at Furness General Hospital, Cumbria, where police found a disturbing link between the deaths and race. (Read Disturbing link to race in detective investigation at Cumbria hospital maternity ward)

The police force have long been under scrutiny for institutional racism, yet the NHS continues to remain under-reported in regards to racism, with cases as serious if not more serious than ones involving the police. When it comes to our health lives are in the balance and there should be a zero tolerance policy towards staff working in the NHS who show contempt for the lives of any racial group.

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  1. Shocking story! I am bewildered that this blatant racism continued unchallenged and so boldly too! She knew when it comes to racism you can get away with it.

    This marvellous website should have a blog link to it so that globally your news will be seen and read! Forget England… go for the world and beyond… it can be done look up blog on you tube and how it works


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